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  1. Haven't been involved with Halo for a long time now, is there a consensus on Infinite? Does it look promising for competitive players? Are the sprint nerfs enough?
  2. I like how it's completely acceptable to call 343 incompetent, clueless and liars 99% of the time and that no one would have given even the slightest fuck about my (granted, not the brightest, but still pretty harmless) comment if it weren't for the presence of a 343 employee. Then it's apparently appropriate to ban me, insult me, neg me that rick and logfish would get jealous, delete posts of other people stating a similar opinion and overall declare me the offspring of satan and hitler. Keep it up, guys. P.S: Won't reply to any responses to not derail the thread again. Just wanted to clarify because people have wondered why I went "silent".
  3. What the hell is the "HaloFollower scandal"? The fact that this whole thing even exists?
  4. The Halo 4 AR was a second SAW after they buffed it (and I don't even know what to call the SAW after its buff).
  5. The plasma rifle was shit in every game except H1. I will never understand why they changed it.
  6. Not even that, he was apparently offended by my signature and lemon just responded to that. Frankie was just seeking after playing the role of the victim from the beginning. For whatever reason.
  7. To make clear he's a supreme edgelord who's even more elitist than Halo 1 elitists.
  8. How is that even a reason? I could go mad about this quote everytime I see it. They could just as good have said "It wasn't a shitty rip off from other popular games shoehorned into a Halo game, so we scrapped it".
  9. First good thing 343 has done to Halo since no bloom in Reach. (no dick-smileys on beyond? I'm disappoint, son)
  10. I'm rather surprised that anyone would expect such a fix from 343.
  11. It sucks everywhere to be a Halo fan these days.
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