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  1. Is blackbeard as obnoxious in person as he appears on screen? Or is he a good, passionate dude?
  2. What is with the volume. Sometimes they're quiet, next sentence they're loud as shit. Some of them are like whispering.
  3. Never really been a huge smash fan but theres actually a weekly local that ive been going to. Been liking sheik, cloud and kirby but theres so many i havent tried lol But its chill and a good time.
  4. Aye you can refresh pages on mobile and it doesn't super zoom in anymore. Noice. Happy holidays beyond peeps. Hope everyones doin well. New forum seems good on mobile.
  5. Happy holidays beyond peeps. Hope all is well with everyone.
  6. Its "artificial" hype due to 2cp spawns on 2nd and relies on snowballing. Otherwise you're getting a 5min fight on 2nd. No comp ow player likes 2cp. Its the breakout of ow. Its pretty universally hated, but blizz refuses to do anything about it/remove it. Jayne has been doing customs with a ban system recently of high lv ladder players and pros. Guess what gametype has been banned in every custom.
  7. Yeah, but 343 ended up releasing info about h2a and hcs (and how h2a had to be played to get dev support). Everyone quit caring and pushing about running multi game tournys and only cared for h2a "cuz dev support". In the end it didnt matter cuz mcc released and was mcc. But i dont recall many others other than myself pushing to run all games. I can be misremebering but i recall ppl being really only for h2a because thats what 343 wanted.
  8. I recall most ppl not caring about multi game tournys because they were salivating over nonexistent dev support of h2a and hcs.
  9. They definitely put far too much weight in past season rankings.
  10. Pretty sure my browser is set to auto delete on exit/not accept 3rd party cookies. Seems to work if i sign in with "remember me" checked. Legit never used remember me before. So idk
  11. Definitely disagree with reachs banshee being durable. It was paper.

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