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  1. That's partial to do with it. I think it was more that Halo, at the time, had a very mainstream tournament scene that was unmatched by Smash around the Halo 3 era. This caused all the pros to move from H2 (comparable to Melee) to H3 (comparable to Brawl) because that was where the money was and without the top talent competing and without MLG there was just no hype. Not to mention, to a casual viewer Melee is far more accessible than something like Halo CE in my opinion.
  2. It's just a muscle memory thing. Right now your shot is going to suffer until you get enough repetition that it comes natural. I've always had success with things like changing controls/style if I try to integrate them into the game slowly as I play it. You're gonna fuck up a lot at first, but slowly it will become more and more a part of your game to the point where you don't even think about it.
  3. It's probably very preference based, I would just try to slowly incorporate it into your gameplay until it feels natural. I learned to claw with Halo CE so I really only find myself needing to use for reloading and weapon switching in Halo 5 (I play on Bumper Jumper). Controller paddles don't exist on the regular version of the Xbox controller.
  4. I've played Halo CE at a pretty high level, its my favorite Halo game, and I really enjoy Halo 5. I wasn't expecting gameplay similar to the other Halo's, everyone who played the Beta and followed the game should've known that. And what standard of Halo are you referring to? Halo has been on the decline since Halo Reach was released and even before then, I hated Halo 3's gameplay.
  5. I'm a pretty damn critical Halo player, I recognize the game has flaws but I'm having fun playing it, that's what matters the most.
  6. I still really like the game, I appear to be in the minority however.
  7. Hmm, I would argue Halo 5 to be the best sandbox we've seen since Halo 2. The starting weapon feels useful, I quite enjoy the pistol but understand folks who want it buffed or whatnot. Even in Halo CE though the AR/PR were often much better than the pistol up close.
  8. Curious about your thoughts on this game as I generally share the same opinion as you that every Halo is generally terrible besides Halo CE. I'm largely enjoying Halo 5, especially when I get to play with a team of four but it seems like everything I read is just people talking about how bad/unfinished the game is and it's dwindling population. Outside of radar, what are your thoughts?
  9. I would argue that you definitely do. While it is easy to understand that bloom will add an element of randomness to the game you can't say the same for abilities like sprint/thruster pack. Honestly, I find myself not sprinting very often. You'll be fighting a losing battle my friend. I think the default settings are pretty fun and competitive. I'd argue for disabling radar but after only playing about 15 games that's all I would argue for at this point. Give the meta some time to develop and see what the game turns into. If 343 is as committed to Esports as they say they'll patch the game if need be.
  10. I went like 5-5 in my placements and finished at Diamond 1 no idea how.
  11. You're making some insanely rash judgements barely 12 hours after release. If this was 2007, I'd agree with you. But given the state competitive Halo is in currently one of the most important thing for this game to be successful at all competitively is for the settings in Matchmaking to match those in HCS. If you look at games like LoL and Dota the game any player plays is the EXACT same game the professionals play. So any player from casual to semi-pro can watch the games on Twitch and recognize the maps, gametypes, weapon placements, etc. At this point in Halo's lifespan, it's a good thing, it's a very good thing.
  12. Yeah I've only ever really gone to one LAN in Albany, definitely interested in going to more though. Will do! We don't have many local players but I think a fair amount in the area.
  13. A little video I put together from a small handful of LANs we've had in the Buffalo area. All footage recorded on OG Boxes. Players: Joey Hitokiri Muzzy Poonmaster Hope you enjoy!
  14. It's not bad cause we don't like it. It's bad because it's bad. /logic
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