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  1. I never sign in on here, but this is one of the best videos I've seen in years.
  2. Are the ranks getting reset? Trying to figure out whether I should keep playing or just give up once Destiny drops haha
  3. YOU'RE THE MAN! Gonna give this a shot, I did move the destination a while back. I'll let you know what happens.
  4. Anyone else having trouble opening the H2Launcher file? I ran the .NET Framework and the Visual C++ Redistributable Update 4 and installed those successfully. When I try to run H2Launcher.exe nothing happens. The icon shows up on my task bar, but when I hover over it it disappears.
  5. Yay for having to deal with xbl profiles for a LAN...
  6. Not sure if it's like this for anyone else, but I don't get a 10 second countdown on the iOS version. I get 50, 40, 30, and 20, but those are the only notifications.
  7. The indicators and the massive screen shaking are my two biggest complaints right now. I know the medals will be fixed and hopefully the kill feed repeating almost every line will be fixed as well.
  8. Those questions made me cringe. I really wish they would show some h2 classic and h1 multiplayer gameplay.
  9. I'm pretty sure the problem is Xbox Ones still don't support system link play, so even if the game is finished they don't have a way to illustrate that.
  10. I enjoyed hearing the backstory of h2's development more than I did about any of the new info on h2a. Crazy to think we got so many arena maps simply because they fucked up and couldn't deliver on their Halo Warfare for 32 players.
  11. What's up with the control schemes? That's the only part I missed unfortunately.
  12. I didn't even know this thread existed... rip ga
  13. "...so Halo 2 Anniversary will contain the original Halo 2 multiplayer exactly as it shipped 10 years ago." Hopefully this doesn't mean pre-patch.
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