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  1. Still felt iffy about the whole ODST team slayer bull. Lol Did they even play these games. I doubt it. Besides that I left my honest feedback with that Survey.
  2. AW is a lot more smoother than Halo 5 hahaha God I feel bad saying that but oh well.
  3. Love the virtual on reference hahah Would pay money if it was anything close to that.
  4. Well I tried it. Can't hold my attention or my friends for very long All my friends list is back on the destiny train.
  5. Who ever said 343I removed sprint in 2012 is wrong, We removed it in reach, because we always had the option to, due to it being an AA. The only credit they get is removing bloom from the game.
  6. Hope to god, the game is not fully ranked. There are days I want to chill and not try super hardcore...
  7. My little quick thoughts on this game's beta It's fun when I have a party with communication Though with random's its pretty bad, I mean all halo's are bad with randoms but I feel its more frustrating in this game for some reason :l
  8. I guess, Still bullshit that I can't get it because it keeps telling me to buy halo, when clearly I did haha.
  9. Sucks I won't be getting the nightfall Amour due to it not playing on my channel. Still stoked for the beta.
  10. Noticed this as well. I usually play a 4 sens on halo 3 but with how it aims on the MCC i had to go down to 1. The only game that has that issue for me.
  11. I can not lie, that was hype as fuck to me.
  12. Well that's a non issue for me. Sucks though for players out side of the states :/
  13. Well might as well attack them on all fronts right?
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