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  1. I really think Halo Infinite is coming out in 2020 and I'm very okay with that. 343i needs to take all the time they need to make an incredible game. I have some predictions after watching the announcement trailer and reading a bit on the new 343 industries website. Some of these predictions are also just my assumptions and speculation. Halo Infinite is going to be a soft reboot similar to Star Wars The Force Awakens. The story will continue the saga of The Master Chief but it will tell a very similar story to Halo CE. The Infinity will be fleeing Cortana by slipspace and eventually ends up at Installation 07 aka Zeta Halo. Cortana corners the Infinity and the ship crash lands on Zeta Halo. Just like Halo CE, the story will be about Chief fighting an overwhelming force while exploring the alien world and the mystery surrounding it. The gameplay of the story mode will be open world and the whole ring will be the map. I think 343 wants to capture that feeling of the second mission in CE "Halo" with Infinite's campaign. I also think 343i saw what Nintendo did with Zelda Breath of the Wild and they want to do the same thing for Halo.
  2. They're trying to turn Optic into a PC gaming org and they're failing hard
  3. Even when we get decent momentum for Halo there's always people that try to bring us down.
  4. MLG Orlando was my first event and I loved every second of it.
  5. I'm heading to the venue in an hour. HYPE IS THROUGH THE ROOF.
  6. They probably can't announce a new partnership with MLG while in a current partnership with ESL. Today was a great day for Halo esports news.
  7. What the fuck is wrong with that guy? Was his goal to make MoneyMatches look even worse?
  8. People need to stop saying Halo and Gears are "dead". Shit is getting childish
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