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  1. Made a quick little montage. Check it out y'all! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-rz5D2gCXA
  2. Gamertag: JR2 Evades Customs/MM: Both. HCS Customs and Scrims. Region: United States, East Coast, New England. Youtube: JR2 FPS GOD
  3. What's up guys nothing much to say here. I have been playing halo for a long time and I am actually pretty talented. If you ask me quite underrated. People hate on me because I pickup a snipe and they get butthurt as hell when they charge me and i just noscope away. I competed at AGL nashville and plan on competing when #WeBack because honestly i think MCC will bring us good things. Anywho, I made a montage. Edited it myself. Check dat shiiit out :gandhi:
  4. Team Name: 08' Kids Players GTs: POLISGUYYY - JR2 Evades If we stream we will be found on this twitch account. www.twitch.tv/legend_jr2
  5. Team Name: Team Justice Gamertag1: JR2 Evades Gamertag2: Got NATED Goodluck to everyone in the tournament! Thank you BeyondEntertainment for running this! This is great! - JR2
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