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  1. I was a huge fan of it until they increased the rate of getting req points. Then it was decent until they added all the cheaper vehicles. Seemed like everyone was just spawning ghosts way too fast every game without needing to put in any effort. Edit: Talking about warzone assault specifically. Normal warzone sucked dicks.
  2. XSV Shot is BXR, RRX, then repeat. It's a way to double shoot without a secondary but will kill your hands trying to pull off over and over in FFAs. It can also be done as BXR, R, RRX, which I prefer because it feels easier on the hands and has a better rhythm imo. Something to note about the last few updates with classic H2 is that occasionally you won't auto-reload after BXRs off host. Not sure what causes it, but it happens every once in a while.
  3. You can't use absolute numbers (totalities) to compare data. That leads to a lot of biases and relationships appear that aren't really there. Whenever you're making a comparison, you should be using a rate of some kind, like a percentage.
  4. Jumping out of containment with the bomb on neutral assault to keep the game going indefinitely was some of the most fun back in the day
  5. Oh wow. Same K/D and their Damage/Death is only off by .2. Pretty interesting.
  6. My foster brother was on the #1 ranked battle field 4 team. It's always pretty dope to watch him play even though I don't know much about the game. Although he also tells me that BF1 has nothing that can be considered competitive, so idk what Ghost will be doing. Edit: He just texted me saying he's in the closed alpha for the new game mode. Apparently it's not close to ready for competitive.
  7. Ya there's a solid group of people who only search hardcore in teams of 4 and dashboard every time H2 gets voted for. Then of course talk shit to my group for voting H2. When H3 is backwards compatible that playlist will be interesting. Might get H2 every game or maybe no games at all.
  8. Ya it does use them occasionally. Was searching hardcore, H2 came up and everyone quit out but me and I didn't have host. Felt about the same as a laggy east coast host but at least it was nice to see dedicated servers actually exist.
  9. I found this a bit funny. Their discussion thread is sitting at 4 real comments and 1 bot comment. Oh well.
  10. So this guy is implying H5 sold more than double what Reach sold but still maintained a higher player retention? So Reach sold ~7 Mil in its first year and had maybe around 150k daily users in that time frame? That's like 2% of the people who bought the game. So this guy would be saying that there would need to be on average more than 350k daily users on H5 to match up with 343's other article about H5 having the best player retention since H3. I don't buy it.
  11. He also said the other night that his CWL contract doesn't allow him to compete in the tournament. The stated rules don't explicitly say players can't be in other leagues, so I'm guessing there's some info about it that the general public isn't privy to or just a general schedule conflict.
  12. I knew this class and book would be useful one day http://i.imgur.com/YE75nwW.jpg
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