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  1. Any positive changes to the game mechanics since the release?
  2. I have not been keeping up with Halo new/settings...Can someone explain why the pros are playing with Radar?
  3. Any1 from 343 said why you have to press a button to activate power ups?
  4. Halo at e3 was disappointing. Matter of fact Microsoft whole press conference was meh.
  5. Look like Im buying this game for the story.
  6. Wait people STILL trying to defend sprint and think of reason why Halo 5 won't be a total disaster with it? I thought y'all would of realized any chance of Halo 5 being a good competitive shooter no wait a good game with longevity period is out the window. It's ok to give up and move on guys. You can still be a Halo fan without continuously believing and eating 343 shit. It's over guys. Witcher and FF15 coming soon
  7. I didn't even bother taking the survey because I already saw the Jig.
  8. They think people care about Halo after that shit of a beta? How cute.
  9. Auto Aim kicking in is not the same as your gun literally becoming more accurate.
  10. Huh? Scoping in never made your shots more accurate.
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