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  1. Because 343 is out of touch and reufuses to a give us want we want, or even acknowledge what we want. Absolutely no reason doubles shouldnt be a permanent playlist, and the fact that they have the "Data decide" which playlists stay screams at me how incompetent they are. Mainly cuz their shitty launch fucked the numbers indefinitely and they lied about ranks and game ugh,.... but i digress 343 if your listening add all the playlists! we will fill them.. Its like that waynes world movie with jim morrison and the naked indian and the dream.. book them they will come. Hate you 343... love the community
  2. Everything seems to be working well.. But my first two games just randomly ended after 2 minutes, no one quit, just ended... they were both 4v4's tho
  3. Thanks for making this dude, something thats been needed to be said for a while now
  4. My lack of ambition to play, for the first time ever, is the only thing that properly expresses my disappointment.. I hate you 343
  5. The cynic in me says itl never get fixed...but i hope for... summer =(
  6. Thats what I was really hoping for. Would have liked to have grenade moved to rb or at least the option. its not classic boxer but it def makes more sense in terms of controller mapping. just my opinion
  7. As a boxer player since h2, still cant figure out what "change" they made to it... now its starting to bother me
  8. Omg this! Why isn't this being brought up more. Extremely unacceptable and a continued slap in our face. Over a month out and the game still doesn't work properly or even have everything in it was supposed to. Now this bitch is gonna come out and promise us compensation for the game they STILL HAVE YET TO FIX. All I want is ranks and dedi's like we were fuckin promised. Just infuriating, can't help but feel sick about it all...
  9. http://www.gdcvault.com/play/1014345/I-Shot-You-First-Networking provides some cool insight to networking in light of all these awful matchmaking issues
  10. I thought it was pretty clear from Bonnie's tweet that they would potentially be updating us on the update today... Kinda surprised to see it on the front of beyond actually... maybe I'm wrong =)
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