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  1. Since it has H2s Multiplayer I believe it certainly can compete with a declining COD.
  2. Yeah I think they said that at the conference, expect me to only do Halo 2
  3. I support 4v4s on H2 could care less for CE Competitive
  4. Speaking of Competitve, we should to a online tourney for Halo 2 Anniversary
  5. Its probably gonna be the reason for getting an Xbox One for me
  6. Im gonna pick up a Xbox One as soon as this launches.
  7. 1. Halo 2 Anniversary 2. Halo 5: ODST (This was the game shown last year with the trailer)
  8. Yeah those guys on teh gamespot forums.......... The Two Forums seem to disagree on if last years Halo Reveal was Halo 5 Guardians or not.
  9. Top 10 Anticipated 1. Halo 2 Anniversary 2. Guerrilla Games New IP 3. Super Smash Bros. for 3DS 4. The Sims 4 5. The Division 6. Halo 5 Guardians 7. Sunset Overdrive 8. Uncharted 4 9. DriveClub 10.NBA Live 15
  10. But Gamespot users claim they are the same game.
  11. I wonder if they will add any "Special Stuff" Like scrapped Missions or a third mode in edition to campaign and multiplayer
  12. I am recruiting 7 People to Pubstomp in H2A and H5,I plan on getting an Xbox One as soon as H2A is released but things could change,We would mostly play Slayer and Capture the Flag,we would also occasionally go into Private Matches against other Clans,If interested message me, I am also planning a website for it
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