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  1. You care enough to mention it. That's something.
  2. " 343, if you kill master chief, I will end you.. *Pulls out katana*" - Guy from Chile..
  3. Bro! I became a dad. So I disappeared for a very long time. H5 is bringing me back to the dark side. Hit me up when the game comes out.
  4. I'm as skeptical as anyone when it comes to Halo 5. But, admittedly, I'm giddy as a school girl. The package looks fantastic. Crossing my fingers that there is a smooth launch.
  5. The box art would suggest that the man sitting isn't wearing an exo suit. Of course, it's hard to tell and that picture alone wouldn't rule it out. I have no doubt that it'll be a fun game, but I really hope they are going to be different and not go full, Advanced Black Ops Warfare 3 on us.
  6. Waited 2 mins, got 8 players, the game dropped 2 and matched 3v3. We picked the map, and the game got stuck on the" Connecting to Dedicated Server" image. Shame shame shame.
  7. Good to know that content won't be lacking after the story missions have been completed.
  8. I think it's a decent size. After all, they've on occasion that it isn't MMO. I think it's so similar to one, that people believe it should be as big as one.
  9. Did he help make the maps for H4? Because those seemed far away from his style of design.
  10. H2 was way ahead of its time in both gameplay and map design. Max Hoberman was a genius. There were some good maps in H3, but not to the extent of H2, IMO.
  11. Wouldn't be a viable tactic in competitive modes. Just my opinion.
  12. Ground pound likely wouldn't be used competitively, but I could see it being useful. Get to a high enough level, jump down, press whatever corresponding button, and pound the ground. The downfall? Someone sees you, shoots you and you're unable to perform ground pound. That's the vulnerability that it would need to make it balanced. Well, imo of course.
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