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  1. Since we very well may get confirmation that sprint will never get removed, we should talk about ways to nerf sprint even more. Have we talked about perhaps encouraging 343 to to implement stopping power? Meaning getting shot while sprinting will slow you down, perhaps to a speed even slower than normal walk speed
  2. I cannot wait for THC + hit registration updates to h2... CE has gotten a lot of updates (which have been awesome) but H2 blows off host right now
  3. I don't think the update has become available for me... I never got a black download screen. I did get downloading latest matchmaking data yesterday but that's pretty much it.
  4. Play Melee dude, I picked it up after H4 and the game is incredible. My scene rules as well
  5. same thing has happened to me several times. not sure if it's every time or not
  6. I think of it this way -- you now will have a visible rank clearly depicting your skill. Even if your stats are not that great, people will know you are good if you have a high skill rank. My Halo 3 k/d is like a 1.3 or something but I still had a 50 in MLG basically just enjoy the game. don't worry about stats, worry about rank (when the game is functional)
  7. From a custom last night. Good to be back https://gfycat.com/AthleticBiodegradableAfricanhornbill
  8. Team Slayer playlist is working normally right now. I'm amazed
  9. Check out my combo video. Just put it out today
  10. Seeing shots ping off of people. I have only played h1 on split screen/LAN so I have a general idea of how much to lead. Online feels so inconsistent and shoddy. I very well could just blow penis but to me the game on MCC doesn't feel good at all
  11. Really disappointed with CE so far. One of the things I was really excited for was to truly learn competitive CE but the netcode at the moment is worse than 360 H3. Cannot wait for a patch to possibly fix the CE online experience but there is just SO much that needs patching
  12. I took 3 days straight off work. I know I'm not the only one in this boat but it still makes it all even worse #ragrets
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