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  1. At this stage I'm genuinely surprised anyone actually didn't see something like this coming. 343 have failed their "own" franchise and have fumbled at every single given opportunity. They've always been given the benefit of the doubt or that they'll improve, but it's just not going to fucking happen.
  2. I wish you had been right bro, I really do. We all keep getting duped over and over again.
  3. This is HELLA awkward. What did you hear exactly that meant you didnt' want to get sued. Ayyyy lmao
  4. You are smoking the finest illegal substances if you think I'm getting a new console, let alone even buying the game before seeing it in action for a month minimum. I really don't think they're going to garner of big as an audience of new players or even returning players as they think. I showed the trailer to three of my nephews and there was fkn zero interest.
  5. If you dig through old through the old Halo 4 forums you'll find streams of explanations. Annoying that 8 years later, we're in the same position.
  6. This is actually MINDBLOWING. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. You can't help but laugh. 343 murdered my dreams, set them on fire and scattered the ashes back in 2012. MCC is all we have now.
  7. Yearly check in to see if anything has changed, not sure what I was expecting..... I don't know how MS looked at that reveal and thought "Damn yeah we've done a great job here". Any live odds on how many days after launch we're down below 100k concurrent players?
  8. On what settings? No matter how I jig it around there is still insane mud-drag when switching sides horizontally or diagonally.
  9. https://www.twitch.tv/bubudubu_ This geezer is streaming with Baker and Demon D
  10. Seriously what is up with this modern aiming stuff. Cannot dial the settings into anything close to good.
  11. We said the exact same thing in 2013. “Don’t worry, 343 gets it”.
  12. This is why we need MLG. I’m sure they’ll fix it, but fucking hell, that was poor.
  13. Man. First time in YEARS I’ve actually enjoyed watching Halo. I set an alarm for 04:00am Euro time to watch the last couple of games, outrageous behaviour. Will 343 give a 4v4 tournament a chance? It’s a bit of a shame so many players couldn’t compete in this because of H5/not wanting to travel for 2v2. With decent money on the line and as high quality promotion that HCS has seen recently, that could be an absolute spectacle. I’d probably fly to the States just to spectate that if it was a 64 team open bracket over 2 days. What needs to be done to make it happen Tashi?
  14. Where do people find teammates for searching these days?
  15. I've been gone for a while. What is this X system?
  16. Think it's been over 2 years since I've been here properly and it pains me to see that there is still so little progress. I almost didn't believe what I saw on Twitter. You lot are some brave fuckers to be continuing to try and make this work. Edit: Wow. "343 Gets It" - 2013. I hate to say I told you so. lol
  17. I'm neutral since I haven't played H5 yet. Cliffs on population, skill gap etc?
  18. Cliffs of the last year and a half of Halo?
  19. Probably been asked 100 times but I didn't get my ODST code. Da fuk
  20. I haven't been here in ages because I have sort of given up on Halo 5. Glad to see people are still active here. I don't even want to go into all the detail of what I think about this because other people have already said it all and I don't want to rant. That being said... The wider issue here is the denigration of consumers and the attitude of game developers. The "You take what we give you and be happy with it" attitude. It's been happening for the last 3-4 years. Look at Battlefont. It has 1/5th of the content of Battlefront 2, double the price and most of the content will come as DLC. It is literally selling 1/5th of the game at launch and selling the other 4/5th's when they decide to finish it and RAPE OUR WALLETS for it. That's EA for you. Stand up for yourself. Do not just sit idly and take this shit that devs are giving out. MCC was and technically is a broken fucking mess, I don't care about ODST + Relic, that isn't the point. They KNEW it was broken and sold it to us anyway. They showed zero respect to us as a community when this happened and pretended like they didn't know. I'm going to go against what I said at the beginning but..... FUCK 343. On top of all this, they go even further in the direction of Halo 4 for Halo 5. but that's another story. They should've delayed the utter pile of cunt that is Halo 5 in order to fix this shit ASAP. It's been 6 months and we still don't have ranks in most playlists. I've already gone into a bit of a rant which is what I was hoping to avoid. I just hope people realise they don't need to stand for this shit. Also, @@Hard Way sorry I missed your game invite the other day bro, I'd just finished playing when you sent it.
  21. I have no issues finding games any time of the day even in the UK.
  22. It's so fucking late, like, horrendously late.... but it works. Holy shit, I'm finding games in less than 30 seconds, stability has improved... I still wish you didn't have to back out and research every time but I'll take it for what it is. Late work, but great work 343.
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