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  1. "343 gets it" - 2013 A decade later................................
  2. I hate myself for it, but I'm loving watching Infinite burn and die. Fuck you 343, you spineless halfwits.
  3. Quinn leaving is a relief. I said this back in 2012 during the whole H4 debacle, but the fact remains that 343 has been run, and still is to an extent, by Microsoft appointed BUSINESS leaders. Quinn et al's obnoxious "this is what everyone else is doing, you WILL enjoy playing it" is a total oxymoron compared to Bungie games where they "built a game we wanted to play". I think that's what the weird undescribable clunkyness that I feel in Infinite comes from, it feels like a game built to satisfy the market rather than actually being an enjoyable and satisfying FPS.
  4. Gameplay looks more satisfying than infinite not even joking
  5. It might be 100% personal preferance, but this game plays like total ass. Why does combat feel so unrewarding? I can't tell if the kill times are too high or too low, or the shield recharge rate is fucked(?) but it seems like everything is a trade/kill for one kill. The BR also doesn't have enough ammo for a double kill in a single clip? Unsatisfying as fuck. 3/10
  6. I’m comparing far more closely to Halo 2/3 which showed Multiplayer only and we’re the last examples of the golden trinity of Halo mechanics. Halo 4 didn't just fail to retain population, it failed catastrophically.
  7. "Bro trust me adding sprint, loadouts, auto starts, and armor abilities will be fine for the game" - some Microsoft exec to 343 in 2011
  8. If history tells us anything at all, it's that 343 will make zero effort to accommodate anyone that doesnt want to play their grotesque interpretation of Halo. Their track record delivering pretty much anything at all is embarrassing, it's worth setting your expectations to 0. Focus will be on milking the game for revenue for Microsoft and 100% more effort will go into plushie toys or new cortana figures over creating any kind of classic game mode.
  9. Literally the reason these forums were created in the first place. A vindictive and hostile crusade against 343 and to escape the soy boy mega blocks sprint kids on waypoint who wank themselves into a coma everytime a new cosmetic item is released.
  10. You misunderstand me - I have zero issue you also being rude and critical back, at all.
  11. Please don't let yourself get your hopes up bro. This reminds me when 343 released "competitive" settings for Halo 4, which in reality made almost zero difference whatsoever in any capacity.
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