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  1. I’m comparing far more closely to Halo 2/3 which showed Multiplayer only and we’re the last examples of the golden trinity of Halo mechanics. Halo 4 didn't just fail to retain population, it failed catastrophically.
  2. "Bro trust me adding sprint, loadouts, auto starts, and armor abilities will be fine for the game" - some Microsoft exec to 343 in 2011
  3. If history tells us anything at all, it's that 343 will make zero effort to accommodate anyone that doesnt want to play their grotesque interpretation of Halo. Their track record delivering pretty much anything at all is embarrassing, it's worth setting your expectations to 0. Focus will be on milking the game for revenue for Microsoft and 100% more effort will go into plushie toys or new cortana figures over creating any kind of classic game mode.
  4. Literally the reason these forums were created in the first place. A vindictive and hostile crusade against 343 and to escape the soy boy mega blocks sprint kids on waypoint who wank themselves into a coma everytime a new cosmetic item is released.
  5. You misunderstand me - I have zero issue you also being rude and critical back, at all.
  6. Please don't let yourself get your hopes up bro. This reminds me when 343 released "competitive" settings for Halo 4, which in reality made almost zero difference whatsoever in any capacity.
  7. Literally no one you're trying to offend gives a single fuck about your opinion, sorry to break it to you. Was your first Halo game Halo 4? I feel for you, because clearly you didn't experience what prime Halo was like. You can try and pretend like Halo's decline is due to, pretty much whatever you want, but it won't be valid. The severe and trackable decline of Halo as a popular game, both casual and competitive is it's watered down and bland gameplay totally alien to what the original Halo formula was. Blah blah blah "tHe sAnDboX mUst eVoLvE" yeah well it did and now Skyrim has more viewers than Halo.
  8. Joined 2014.... makes sense. The irony of your attempted burn is it's really not hard to expect a billion dollar franchise, handled by a studio created by Microsoft SPECIFICALLY to handle Halo, to be able to deliver a Halo game that learns from the mistakes of their catastrophic failure 9 years ago and actually plays like Halo. So, yeah, you'd probably still get people whining. "We hired people that hated Halo" - Frank O'Connor Not hard to see how we've ended up where we are now.
  9. I would love to have been a fly on the wall when they sat down and decided the direction for this game. It honestly baffles me a studio can look at the previous two games and think "yeah, we're going in the right direction" and commit further. How do these weird, psychotic echo chambers still get created? Get on Twitter, read the circle jerking self righteous 343 staff members "literally crying" at the "positive" reaction to Infinite, ignoring entirely the valid criticism off the back of the previous two games where, surprise surprise, they ignored all criticism. Enjoy the mega blocks and watered down, generic and bland mainstream gameplay the same as every other game on the market.
  10. Checking in 9 years later. Oh, still no real Halo game? Nice.
  11. At this stage I'm genuinely surprised anyone actually didn't see something like this coming. 343 have failed their "own" franchise and have fumbled at every single given opportunity. They've always been given the benefit of the doubt or that they'll improve, but it's just not going to fucking happen.
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