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  1. Sprint and thruster pack is the reason why Halo 5 plays so bad. Every time you get first shot on someone you already know what their first reaction is going to be (thruster and sprint away into cover). It's an awful game mechanic and I'm sick and tired of watching my opponent just thrust away when I shoot them.
  2. http://gyazo.com/7a7394dc2b4fd2eac5a66114473089c9 I already found players who are cheating the system. Smh.
  3. I doubt you will have to play 50's for a 50. From what I've seen so far in MCC, you can be a level 1 and match a 17. Just like in Halo 3 you could match players 10 ranks above you and players 10 ranks below you. Basically if you're a 40 in Halo 3 you can match up to as high as a 50 and low as a 30. I'm sure in MCC people who get into the 40's will just dashboard when they match 50's.
  4. Why do I say this? Well, you can dashboard in the pre-game lobby (voting screen) and save your rank/win rate, etc. This is the same problem 343i had with Halo 4 where you could just back out of the pre-game lobby or dashboard. Now when you search ranked in MCC and see the enemy team has a chance of beating you, simply dashboard and the game won't register you playing in that match. Were now going to have players getting 50's in ranked because they can avoid any potential competition. Simply press the guide button and hit quit on the game and you're good to go! Just thought I'd like to share this with you all because we clearly aren't back. What is the point of bringing back 1-50 ranking system when anyone can simply dashboard when they feel that they might not win? I'm personally disappointed about this because I have matched people I know and they just dashboard against me and avoid playing the game/receiving a loss. Thoughts?
  5. Utterly disappointed at this Halo 5 reveal. I thought I was watching Titan Fall + Advanced Warfare + Halo in an all in one package.
  6. Will there be social and ranked playlists in MCC or should we expect an integrated playlist system like Halo 4? Also, will there be EXP per playlist to award players who grind certain playlists?
  7. Team name: Toggle Crouch GT 1: ASAP Enigma GT 2: JusT so Tiny
  8. If Reach 2v2 gets more votes than Halo 3 2v2's, I'm seriously going to be disappointed.
  9. Team Name: Average gamers Winner: Relentless breath Round Number: Round 3 Score: 2 - 0 (Best of 3 games) Halo Waypoint Link: https://app.halowaypoint.com/en-us/Halo4/LonesomeCow040/wargamescustom/match-b8a384f5f2d31ed5 - Haven https://app.halowaypoint.com/en-us/Halo4/LonesomeCow040/wargamescustom/match-4963de8f802893cd - Salem II
  10. Team Name: Average gamers Winner: Average gamers Round Number: Round 2 Score: 2 - 0 (Best of 3 games) Halo Waypoint Link: https://app.halowaypoint.com/en-us/Halo4/LonesomeCow040/wargamescustom/match-40e7005bb3cf9868 - Haven https://app.halowaypoint.com/en-us/Halo4/LonesomeCow040/wargamescustom/match-f84f9d10e3f11845 - Salem II
  11. Team Name: Average gamers Winner: Average gamers Round Number: Round 1 Score: 2 - 0 (Best of 3 games) Halo Waypoint Link: https://app.halowaypoint.com/en-us/Halo4/LonesomeCow040/wargamescustom/match-755514b26a4c573b - Haven https://app.halowaypoint.com/en-us/Halo4/LonesomeCow040/wargamescustom/match-1a35deffd9cc81a9 - Salem II
  12. Team name: Average gamers Gamertag 1: Announcers Gamertag 2: Lonesomecow040
  13. Team name: Coming out of Retirement Gamertag 1: Lonesomecow040 Gamertag 2: Announcers Glad to see some life in Halo 4 and we're ready to support this tourney. Good luck to everyone!
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