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  1. yeah man clans are fun and a great way to meet people. i like the competitive aspect myself, but everyone has their own preference.
  2. Ksi has died off frim what ive and heard tho. People just dont care as much anymore.
  3. DHG and other btb clans are jokes. Competitive (8 lobbies, 4v4 v2 sets, etc etc) clans are they way to go. Thats what i run.
  4. I agree. We played and beat DSB. They are legit. We have some legit players. I know SoTF and LN are still strong. DHG and KSI are dying. My group, HoW is more quality based. But yeah theres legit clans still out there full of good players.
  5. KSI is no good. lol all anyone does anymore is talk crap on them.
  6. hey guys, i run a competitive clan called HoW. I say competitive because we deal in only pro settings, and participate in all things competitive: tournaments, Clan v Clan matches, 8 lobbies, etc etc. We dont do practice times, that is at the descretion of our members. We are a skilled group and prefer skilled players to join. we are 44-4 at this moment in time. Check out our website, www.harbingersofwar.enjin.com to join message me: Necrocyde on XBL.
  7. Team: Harbingers of War GT1: Killas 07 GT2: Necrocyde Good luck to everyone!!!!
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