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  1. after reading the article it doesn't sound like a sell but a take over. i wonder if Adam had any info on this.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=To24iIoU8BU this one is still up
  3. i just hope we don't get the carrot and stick like we did with Sundance, saw it many times.
  4. like you said I also got Titanfall feel from it. the stuff thats coming out for hunt the truth is getting me super excited last weeks ep was awesome.
  5. is it really that bad for all of you? I was playing earlier with a full party with no problems
  6. lol none taken. it doesn't help that i don't have my glass it's all a blur. all i can say is that i'm excited for H5 I haven't like cod since BLOPS1
  7. i thought this was Halo5 thread not cod are is this what it will look like every time there is cod info there is a lot of bashing Halo and praising cod hear.
  8. to me it seems like more than ever it will be who sees who first not gun skill and be in bad a position and shoot get out with no consequences. in past cod you couldn't sprint and shoot at same time it makes for better gameplay and i guess at at the end i just don't like it look i can't tell for sure that it will be op I haven't played the game like i said i'm fine with hip fire but not ADS. H1-H3 then why not just give the ability to shoot and melee at he same time or through grenades.
  9. by the looks of it you can ADS and still do all though things seem a little op that there is no trade off i think hip fire is fine but not ADS. In H5 i would like it if could shot and thrust at the same time, i was in the survey and that was one of thing i said they should add. nether game is out things can still change.
  10. that sounds like a bad idea and does that include sprinting on the ground.
  11. does the ps4 support any kind of lan setup?
  12. it gave me deus-ex vibe over anything else.
  13. that bright purple would start to hurt my eyes and it looks like a blob, the bloom and lens glare is what bothered me in the final
  14. can't wait loved the first season of the sprint.
  15. are those things acutely original to cod
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