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  1. Who is the "Our" in "Our Demands"? Why is this person speaking for me or any other person in this community? How do Mikwen's comments allude to a "serious strike/non playing protest"? Did Mikwen not clarify a few posts later that he'd be playing? Where else is this person getting information on this "looming" strike? Am I taking crazy pills? Also, while all of his grand ideas for a perfect Halo League sound dandy, where is the consideration for the contracts and structures already in place? I know close to nothing of how HCS proceeds behind the scenes, but one can't assume organizational switches are a press of a button. Where is the grammar, to top it off? IMO these uninformed manifestos serve the community poorly.
  2. If we're going to be inundated with a mind-numbing loop of slow-mo clips, can we at least see the score of the previous series? Flash of a bracket? The timer has no meaning. Edit: And just like that the timer found meaning. Thanks, ESA. :bman:
  3. Watching SnakeBite die on those last rockets was painful.. One misstep and the tides turned against them for the Game 2 loss. This is a Game 5 series, for sure.
  4. That's exactly why I enjoy the outlines, as someone that isn't as Halo savvy. The plays happening for map control are understandable when commentary has the support of a full visual. It's also intriguing to see players looking at spots where outlined players are about to appear - something that makes their skills palpable to casual viewers. Ultimately, minimap is the solution, but that's a Halo 6 Content Update.
  5. The video shows a little gameplay, but it looks like Oddball with a ball resetting on the map every minute or so - regardless of possession. Uplink combined with Hardpoint, in CoD terms.
  6. While it probably won't happen, ALG's color scheme could make for some eye-catching skins .
  7. Sought this thread to see if this wasn't already posted, good on you Bus. I'm so excited for Atrocity Exhibition. Danny Brown is one of the better writers in the game right now and he has enough traction to work with anybody - this song represents that in spades. In an interview with Zane Lowe, Danny said Kendrick basically made the song happen by writing the hook and 24 bars then giving it back to Danny. Love how stuff like this comes together in the modern age.
  8. Tonight was even better than last night! Hope to see this trend continue. Great commentary, (relatively) rapid transition between games, no lag-outs. Ninja clutching the second reverse sweep of the day:
  9. I've read so many pages today that my eyes literally hurt. My stomach hurts as well - luckily from laughter. While I've contributed words to Beyond for a short time, I've never spent a significant amount of time on the forums. Days like today make me regret ignoring such a hilarious, insightful, and passionate group of people. The start of this Fall Season takes my excitement for Halo and its participants (in every capacity) to unprecedented heights. As an encompassing response to the discussion of content in the Halo community, I'd like to thank everyone dedicating their precious time to this beloved title. They've already received proper mention in recent pages from people far more knowledgeable of their accomplishments. It's amazing to see the talent and passion applied to a franchise so many readily cast aside as dad. These people keep it very alive, and deep down others posting here appreciate it - one way or another. For now I'll lurk; stealing your gifs, memes, and knowledge of a game that's consistently captured my imagination. Suckers.
  10. All I have to say is glad that I was looking forward to playing the campaigns and getting a ridiculous amount of achievements. Will multiplayer be sorted out soonish?
  11. Gamertag: iyiurph Customs/MM: Both Region: Midwest US
  12. Gamertag: iyiurph Customs/MM: Both Region: Midwest US
  13. I would assume you need the game installed on your system for it to recognize the need for an update. But I hope somebody answers that knows for sure.
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