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  1. Overhead costs, such as healthcare, are integrated into my firms design fees, so no my employer is not screwing me over. my max out of pocket / deductible is I think around $5,500 per year. Ive met that once in the past 13 years for an ACL surgery. my co-pay for primary care is $35 and for a specialist, it’s $35. It’s easy to be a bernie supporter when you’re not the one getting buttfucked financially.
  2. I pay $1200 / year for healthcare. So under Bernie, I'd be paying $18,500 for $1,200 worth of coverage when you factor in my new tax bracket right? Why would I vote for that?
  3. 80 billion is couch coins compared to the 60-97 trillion bern dawg is proposing. Obviously there's a slight difference here. Shit, we've spent 6 trillion in the M.E. since 2001 (I agree its a waste but still peanuts in comparison). There's really nothing relatable in modern day politics to what Bernie wants to spend, so obviously people are going to ask the question "how do you intend to pay for it".
  4. If that chart is accurate (not sure the source on this), that's another 20k / year I'll be shelling out to the .gov for shit I'll never even use.
  5. I’d love to see a bar graph showing the correlation between bernie supporters and living in your moms basement.
  6. Wake me up when I can ice skate on glass from western Egypt to eastern Afghanistan
  7. Windmills are apparently a pretty hot topic in Iowa after drinking 20 beers lol
  8. Anyone wanna talk about Mid America Energy windmills?
  9. It’s an indisputable fact that 97.4% of pedos vote democrat.
  10. Libtards are the only ones who hold up signs saying its normal to fuck little boys
  11. I honestly don’t know which is more hilarious... We have a basement dweller broke 20 something communist confidently speaking like he knows, without a doubt, everything within the universe and then we have the mute ra tard that has been repping along political lines for literally YEARS on a gaming website for absolutely no reason at all. this website is a goldmine for dumbfucks lmao
  12. Yes, communism is the devil of politics. ‘Read a history book’.
  13. Liberals are actually the ones that pass gun laws in african american areas but good effort.
  14. Ironic that it's always the people who desire only government possessing guns, more government control over every aspect of our lives, government telling us what we can and can't do, that bring up the fucking Native Americans and genocide. Also ironic that it's always the commies in this thread that bring up things like 'It'Z imPORtant to learnZ from hisTORY gaiS".
  15. Basketball n Football are nothing but a bunch of money hungry pre-madonna pussies. All liberals too. Hockey is the only major sport where men have to earn their keep for pennies on the dollar compared to said sports. Also, Rick is 100% correct that Wayne Fucking Gretzky is #1 of all time. No one in the history of sports has dominated their profession as he did.
  16. Da inDiaNz doE. God u are a fkn mental midget libtard robot lmao
  17. So we can watch the olympics every 2 years n gaze upon USA dominance.
  18. How does open borders, 60% tax rate and anti american rhetoric sound fantastic?
  19. All I see here are circumstances that happen to be a part of our Lords’ plan. Being obese with beetus is not thy will of God... it is nothing more than sinful gluttony. Who are we as human beings to interfere with our modern medicines and practices?
  20. https://www.politico.com/news/2019/10/02/sanders-has-heart-stent-surgery-after-chest-discomfort-000164 Getting very close to becoming a 'good commie'.
  21. I'd imagine Bernie's going to have a hard time coming up w/ that 14-28 trillion.

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