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  1. https://livehealthonline.com/psychiatry/
  2. The only positive I personally see in a proletarian revolution is having a target rich environment close to home.
  3. This is actually pretty accurate for me.
  4. pls tell me you did not just read that tweet and then go waste 20 minutes googling curt schilling, digging for something to be outraged at.
  5. Jesus dude. it's all just temporary market shifts based on what the president said / anticipated consumer reactions. Absolute nothing burger.
  6. Watch his interview w/ Joe Rogan. The guy is a certified psychopath. I thought it was common knowledge that only window lickers listened to his show.
  7. People just panic buying... That shit happens after every mass shooting, when the president hints at anything related to gun control. Not a big deal at all
  8. .22lr behind the ear and dumped in a garbage can. I'd entertain the idea of torture too.
  9. Talk about missing the point by 1000% lmao
  10. “I weely hoOpe my dowNzz syndrome haz had shum influence on lurkerz in a GaYming forum. ive rekt kidz onLinE in hur soo much gaiz” god, funniest shit ive read all day. Lmaooooooooo
  11. So yeah, investing in automation is a great idea and increasing minimum wage does nothing other than make automation / inflation progress even faster. Thx for your reply.
  12. “Economic plan” (lol) that will bankrupt our country for the next 20 years based on FSA guarantees. Where do i sign up?
  13. Let's make it 100 / hour and invest everything we have into automation manufacturers.
  14. Legend always reminds me of the old quote “the loudest one in the room is the weakest one in the room” The absolute epitome of a mouth breathing internet idiot.
  15. The fuck r u even talking about? lmao also, are u capable of starting a sentence w/o the word ‘imagine’?
  16. Don’t worry bro. Open borders and socialism will fix it. 👍 Although, I don't really chalk u up in the socialist / libtard catagory.
  17. The libtards aren't even trying to hide their hatred for our country anymore. Such a pathetic, feeble bunch of pussies.
  18. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/soccer/news/a-dallas-fc-under-15-boys-squad-beat-the-u-s-womens-national-team-in-a-scrimmage/amp/ 14 yr olds dude
  19. Anyone against a good ol’ fashioned military parade on the 4th of July that families (and especially kids) love to watch are the biggest fucking vaginas on the planet... and most definitely pencil neck libfaggots
  20. Liberals and demoncrats hate our country. Fact.
  21. Can you make sure your mom gets this? https://www.helpguide.org/articles/autism-learning-disabilities/helping-your-child-with-autism-thrive.htm
  22. God I fucking hate democrats
  23. Lmao. When you’re so dumb that the communists wont even accept you.
  24. It’s going to be ok my child. Ramirez will be along shortly to fix your rep, my sweet prince.

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