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  1. Ya... i wouldnt' look into that post too hard lol. I fucking hate socialism.
  2. Im anti government interferring in my life. How am i supporting the shutdown?
  3. Its most definitely a theory, as it applies to the United States. I dont give a shit if its worked in some homogeneous, miniature society in the mountains of Norway.
  4. “You’re uneducated if you’re not a communist. “ - Niku 2019
  5. Its a great theory, I’ll admit. Theory.
  6. Lemon is an internet intellectual warrior. He is above such establishments.
  7. This entire shutdown just highlights the need to quadruple the size of our government and vote for socialism.
  8. No, i dont. Wtf is a waypoint warrior n why are u defending someone online like your a homosexual couple?
  9. Id prob wager that ramirez is by far the most butthurt serious basement dweller in the thread. Love it.
  10. Ya dont say!!!! where in my post did i say a wall would stop it? You’re a ‘cyyintist’ right?
  11. It would be a non issue but democrats are scared Trump will gain momentum in 2020 if the ‘wall’ gets built. Its a very political issue. Honestly, it’s hurting the dems by being stingy with the funding. If I was them, Id let him build it and wait for it to fail. Common power tools have already been proven to penetrate the design.
  12. Frankly, I’m surprised I wasn’t labeled a Nazi. You’re slipping dude
  13. Trying to prevent illegals and drugs from entering country = dictatorship you are literally a leftist communist meme lmao 😂

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