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  1. I think you can see my tax bracket on the picture above and i’ve already told you how much i pay for healthcare a page or 2 back. That is based on exactly what my wife and I make and how much we pay for healthcare currently. In reality, Id imagine its prob much much worse than that too because its based on bernie bro math and about 9000 things need to run perfectly (with government run programs mind you) for that to even happen. Also, are you honestly that dense where you believe a politicians policies benefit every single citizen in our country?
  2. Pretty sure you’re more obsessed w trump than trump supporters
  3. This is why we should be teaching money management in public HS.
  4. Overhead costs, such as healthcare, are integrated into my firms design fees, so no my employer is not screwing me over. my max out of pocket / deductible is I think around $5,500 per year. Ive met that once in the past 13 years for an ACL surgery. my co-pay for primary care is $35 and for a specialist, it’s $35. It’s easy to be a bernie supporter when you’re not the one getting buttfucked financially.
  5. I pay $1200 / year for healthcare. So under Bernie, I'd be paying $18,500 for $1,200 worth of coverage when you factor in my new tax bracket right? Why would I vote for that?
  6. 80 billion is couch coins compared to the 60-97 trillion bern dawg is proposing. Obviously there's a slight difference here. Shit, we've spent 6 trillion in the M.E. since 2001 (I agree its a waste but still peanuts in comparison). There's really nothing relatable in modern day politics to what Bernie wants to spend, so obviously people are going to ask the question "how do you intend to pay for it".
  7. If that chart is accurate (not sure the source on this), that's another 20k / year I'll be shelling out to the .gov for shit I'll never even use.
  8. I’d love to see a bar graph showing the correlation between bernie supporters and living in your moms basement.
  9. Wake me up when I can ice skate on glass from western Egypt to eastern Afghanistan
  10. Windmills are apparently a pretty hot topic in Iowa after drinking 20 beers lol

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