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  1. It’s like talking to a wall.
  2. “Room to improve” lmao It’s pretty amusing that you actually think this is a gun issue tbh. NZ has lower gun crime than its neighbor Australia despite much, much more stringent gun laws. This psycho wrote specifically is his manifesto that he had the means and options to commit his crimes with a multitude of other alternatives such as bombs, trucks etc. he specifically choose guns just to feed the anti freedom idiots like you in our country in hopes that it would create a culture war.
  3. Great idea. Lets let shitcago, LA n NYC decide whos prez from now on.
  4. Says the dumbtard that applauds stricter gun control in one of the safest countries on earth.
  5. Elizabeth Warren wants to make black votes worthless in Mississippi: https://nypost.com/2019/03/18/elizabeth-warren-wants-to-abolish-the-electoral-college/ In exchange for more free shit: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-election-warren/senator-elizabeth-warren-backs-reparations-for-black-americans-idUSKCN1QA2WF Black people cheer!
  6. What problem areas are you talking about?
  7. Cypress

    Film Discussion

    Love, Death, Robots on Netflix is amazing. Do yourself a favor and watch it.
  8. There are alot of lessons to learn from it, honestly.
  9. His comment about idolizing a black woman (as a neo-nazi) should be a dead giveaway for anyone with an IQ above room temperature. Btw, has anyone watched the helmet cam video? Cursed Lemon is correct that this guy is a fkn troll.
  10. Thx. Spent alot of difficult years in Hitler Jugend. Hoping Im chosen for officer in Waffen-Schutzstaffle soon.
  11. Ya, walk it back dude. Mind boggling that anyone wouldn’t immediately reject the idea of illegals voting... in ANY election, regardless of how minuscule its implications might be.
  12. Illegal aliens should be allowed to vote - Cursed Lemon 2019
  13. You’re arguing for illegals to vote. Might be the dumbest shit ive ever read on this website. All time tardation. You have literally dumped your internal logic for partisan politics. Good job
  14. Imo, local voting / elections are 10x more important than whos president. Way to downplay it. My kid goes to a hispanic run school of 75 students n i am one of 3 people that pays full price

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