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  1. Basketball n Football are nothing but a bunch of money hungry pre-madonna pussies. All liberals too. Hockey is the only major sport where men have to earn their keep for pennies on the dollar compared to said sports. Also, Rick is 100% correct that Wayne Fucking Gretzky is #1 of all time. No one in the history of sports has dominated their profession as he did.
  2. Da inDiaNz doE. God u are a fkn mental midget libtard robot lmao
  3. So we can watch the olympics every 2 years n gaze upon USA dominance.
  4. How does open borders, 60% tax rate and anti american rhetoric sound fantastic?
  5. All I see here are circumstances that happen to be a part of our Lords’ plan. Being obese with beetus is not thy will of God... it is nothing more than sinful gluttony. Who are we as human beings to interfere with our modern medicines and practices?
  6. https://www.politico.com/news/2019/10/02/sanders-has-heart-stent-surgery-after-chest-discomfort-000164 Getting very close to becoming a 'good commie'.
  7. I'd imagine Bernie's going to have a hard time coming up w/ that 14-28 trillion.
  8. reaching across the aisle to the republican side and stealing all our money. two steps ahead of you.
  9. Space force has nothing to do with war on earth and everything to do w protecting the United States / every human on our planet from space aliens (just as he is protecting us from illegal aliens). Use ur fkn brain. This should easily be the most important political issue of the 2020 debates.
  10. Can you please stop pretending that 5 billion is alot of money ($15 / person per year) when you are voting for a 28 trillion dollar spending plan. Also, space force is fucking cool... how can you not support weaponized astronauts and space ships shooting fkn laser beams at each other.
  11. Just a side note, not related to the amazon fires but.... Forest fires (on a certain level) are actually great for our eco-system. They are very natural after-all. Out here in the west, forest fire prevention (to protect urban sprawl and developments) has contributed to the decimation our forests and wildlife habitats in certain areas by allowing pine beetles to thrive n wipe out massive sects of forests.
  12. lmao. What a bunch of fkn manlets. Legend n gfh were def givin each other hand jobs in the back row.
  13. United States isn't even in the top 10 importers of Brazilian beef. Russia, hong kong, venezuela, egypt, chile and iran are the top 6. McDonalds, Burger King etc source roughly 3.7% - 6.25% of their beef from Keystone / marfrig group. 92.5% is sourced from ireland, england and australia. Since 2007, brazilian beef exports to the US have dropped 2.5-4.8% per year due to environmentalist pressures locally and current exports are specifically sourced from local ranchers that do not practice clear cutting / slash n burn. I don’t have a source as its all classified info but this is all common knowledge in the beef industry

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