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  1. You just went into tinfoil hat territory. Your anti-american bias that bleeds into every word you post is why I’ll never take you serious in anything you say. It’s kinda a shame because I think you’re a pretty smart guy.
  2. Good thing we have the ability to vote for a new leader every 4 years.
  3. The punchline was you biting. Thanks for the laugh. Cypress: 1. Niku: 0
  4. He was a nationalist very early in his life before embracing leninism-marxism. Thats when the real ultra violence started
  5. It’s common knowledge he was a flaming closet republican.
  6. Communism is the only logical solution to save mankind.
  7. And they’re all liberals. Crazyness.
  8. The written scripture is thy word of God, my son.
  9. Not only are they gay but they are also mixed race. Double negative. I will pray for them tonight. The entire family will rot in hell for eternity. Don't believe me? Pick up the Holy Book and do some reading. This 'Parenting' magazine is doing nothing but spreading the world of the Devil.
  10. Speaking of homosexuals... this showed up in my PO box on friday. This is new normie policy for libtards Super healthy for the kids imo
  11. Watch a real sport like hockey and quit being a libtard homosexual problem solved.
  12. Cypress

    Film Discussion

    Speaking of Gyllenhall movies... The kid in Wildlife was fkn fantastic. Anyone else see the movie?
  13. This guy definitely needs to check his toxic masculinity: Fkn hero. Dude canoed 3 terrorists solo. I'd love to post the aftermath photos but it's too violent for the ladyboys in here.
  14. Ya... i wouldnt' look into that post too hard lol. I fucking hate socialism.

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