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  1. I certainly am But especially in important places like here!
  2. Hey guys, I'm Abstyler. First of all let me say great job on the website. The guys from Beyond took their time to really create an awesome page. Great Job! Now onto me: I'm Abstyler and I do commentaries and videos such as Montages, Clips and more on youtube. I mainly focus around Forge content and Montage content. On my channels I bring you guys a lot of map remakes for Halo 4 and you can also submit your maps there. I have three channels so you can subscribe just to what you are really interested in seeing from me. My channels are: - http://www.youtube.com/AbstylerRemakes - Here I present Forge remakes and other maps of my own and of other people. Anybody can submit maps (Here's how http://youtu.be/C3PZJp4wRRo) - http://www.youtube.com/AbstylerVideos - Here I post Montages, Highlight Videos, Clips and soon some behind the scenes footage about myself - http://www.youtube.com/AbstylerPerfections - I upload plain Perfection and high spree gameplays from Reach and Halo 4. If you're interested check it out. I hope to see you guys on youtube and subscribe to my channels if you are interested. I always put a lot of effort in my videos and listen to all your feedback to improve! Take Care
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