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  1. lol The Blame should go to the Art Team for making Forge look like that
  2. Lore and I have seen more angry and more concern in running away from Firefights in Halo 4 and Reach than in Halo 5
  3. I'm down for a 4 year cycle but this Console generation is gonna end at 2018 so... The Fix for Halo 6 right now is for 343 industries be fully competent for atleast ONCE
  4. People on twitch watches the streams more not because of the games a lot of the times but because of the people that are playing. On it\s first days it had big stream numbers that's because the biggest streamers are playing it, but then they eventually moved on so as everyone else.tw
  5. Why do I feel like Halo 5 already have Halo 4 Population
  6. This BTB maps looks hot to me Honestly and I fully expected the BTB maps are all just gonna be forge maps WarZone and 4v4 maps are where 343 gonna focus at EDIT: Stole the Pic from Neogaf
  7. Cars are forge pieces now das cool so cool
  8. Everything made sense all of a sudden
  9. Fucking Waypoint dude, I'm not even mad shit's fucking hilarious over there
  10. Damn if the community was large enough that could be awesome
  11. Better get use to it if you wanna stay honestly The Negativity in here is not gonna stop until 343 creates the Perfect Halo game
  12. I knew Spartans were powerful Didn't know they were Superman levels of Powerful
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