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  1. Hrm I played four games already and it says i havent played anything
  2. Where do you track your Global Championship prorgress
  3. Okay, maybe 20k was a bit of a reach. 15k is possible lol
  4. I don't see how its too late for Halo 4 though. Halo 3 ran for 3 seasons(?), and Halo 4 has at least two more season to go before we get to Halo 5 which wont come out till November of next year.. Also to say that smash will bring in more viewers, I don't buy that. Smash competitively is right now dead. SSBB wasn't that big competitively. The UMG event peaked with 5k, and AGL can do 6k-8k viewers. Imagine a company like MLG backing halo, we could probably do 20k.
  5. Well guess am waiing for Jul15th. Godo thing Ramadan is starting nex week, i know what I'll be doing.
  6. DAMMMAGE is my gamertag, and i mostly play Black Ops 2, and a ocassionaly Halo 4. Need some people to play League with. Hate going solo.
  7. I need 4 for league play placement matches tonight. GT: DAMMMAGE Lately I've been getting quitters when I go by myself and its just annoying.. Also need four for the PGL $15,000 challenge.
  8. Yeah I know, I just want to see them back :/. At the moment I don't really have a favorite team. Closest is Warirors.
  9. The team that can beat Ambush? Roy Pistola Lunchbox OG2 :gandhi:
  10. I like the production already better than AGL tbh
  11. Im not signed up for GB. Just scrims would be cool.
  12. Invite me for some custom games.
  13. Invite me for some 4v4 league play action. Hate getting quitters on my team.
  14. Whatsup people. I've been in the competitive scene since 08, not very loudly invovled, but I've been here and their online watching events. Glad to see Beyond Entertainment finally launched. See ya on the forums.
  15. Gahndi is defiantly one of my favorite YouTubers. Great to see him here.
  16. Rooting for Warriors but liking Ambush's chances.
  17. The most fun I have had with a CoD game is defiantly Black Ops 2 thus far

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