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  1. Man imagine these graphics the whoole weekend? Would've been great. Maybe next tourny. Hopefully the numbers are good.
  2. The production IS INSANE. Imagine for this whole weekend?
  3. Sorry to ask this in here but which pros are switching to CoD?
  4. Ahhh thank you. Downloaded this game a few months back and it was deleted from my memory, and forgot the name
  5. #dmv STAND UP. WHATUP! GT DAMMMAGE Any LAN centers for CoD/Halo in NOVA??
  6. @TomRyanOGRE2 2m @theRoyBorg @scandhi Yea, I'm not going
  7. Welp, I sure ate my words about smash. I still believe Halo could do it with 20k viewers though. 6k with AGL right now and maybe with little promotion. If promoted right it could easily do it. If H5 is good enough we could see a surge in viewers and hopefully compete with CoD. Me personally I find halo 4 alot more interesting to watch than Black Ops 2 especially during Knoxville was more engaged with the matches than the Anaheim for CoD

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