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  1. @eSportsNation 2m Believe The Hype is up 5-0 in SnD and one round away from taking the series 2-0. Another strong map from Ogre2. OGRE2 waking up.
  2. @eSportsNation 51s Believe the Hype (Heinz, Ogre 2, Unrated, Goofy) take Domination over InsPire Gaming after Ogre 2 goes 14-0 on the second side. GOAT IS HERE.
  3. Hope to see TP comeback from the LB. Primal to go even further in the WB.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahcnbMdrltI lets goooo
  5. So far not really impressed with Competitive Ghosts.
  6. Really hoping a Halo documentary actually comes through - watching the melee one just makes me sad i wasn't part of those days
  7. DAMMMAGE I haven't played MLG H3 customs in forever so please hellp me unrust
  8. First time playing Halo 3 in years good god it feels so good yet so weird
  9. ‏@TomRyanOGRE2 2m @theRoyBorg @mlgLunchbox so h3 AGL? #nopractice #godsquad?! Lehgo
  10. ‏@TomRyanOGRE2 2m @theRoyBorg @mlgLunchbox so h3 AGL? #nopractice #godsquad?! Yes please
  11. I want ot see the return ofthe GODSQUAD Roy - Pistola - OGRE 2 - Lunchbox
  12. Isn't there a tournament on the 13th too? Might go that one. don't have a partner for that. NM just a FFA
  13. I never cared for Str8 Rippin as a team - though there montage was pretty sick.
  14. Couple months ago i predicted 25k with a support from Dev but wow if this is accurate prediction.

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