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  1. If they lose to coL and take a few wins than that would be great. They can beat sB, and Denial East.
  2. Lets go Final Boss!!!! Credit to whoever made it
  3. I think hes on CurseNY or LV
  4. Hopefully they win against CurseLV
  5. lol I knew it wouldn' lastwhen Ricky andParasite were arguing on stream a few days ago about blitz. Ricky has also left.
  6. look's like i'm starting a team Looking for 3s.
  7. I hope he joins Ace/Enable. Bring back Primal.
  8. Halo never had this much drama lol.
  9. ‏@OpTicGaming 13m We would like to officially welcome OpTic Clayster to the team, who will be joining NaDeShoT and Ricky for the 2014 Season.
  10. Snip3down, Royal 2, OGRE2, Snakebite. They made top32 which ispretty solid for there first event.
  11. All the halo players have been eliminated there is now no reason to watch this event for me. All the Halo players made top 32 is pretty solid though. Give them a few more months and theyll be hopefully placing top 16 I'll probably still watch but it's no fun without a team to support.
  12. Celeste ♔ Anderson ‏@itsBiiTTERSWEET 9m FB moves onto LBR5! SnD 6-2 @Snakebite_ dominating with 14-4
  13. Who's in Primal? Enable&Ace butwho else
  14. Looks like Faze dropped Ace & Enable..
  15. Halo on my laptop. Superbowl on the big screen
  16. obvs Primal > Optic Gaming, EnvyUs, RIGHT? right? lol.
  17. What about for MLG? The CoD crowd seems pretty bored.
  18. When the next CoD tournament? March?

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