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  1. 2k tweets. Someone get Nadeshot to retweet the tweet.
  2. I'm gonna jam to this all night now.
  3. 1600 retweets. Wonder whats the goal
  4. Damn wish I had a 360 right now! Good luck to all
  5. I personally want to see Optic pick up Snakebite, Ace and Snipedown!
  6. OR Faze Black becomes Optic Nation :troll:
  7. I wonder how Scump feels about this? Optic Nation should also pick up ACE
  8. Or reunite Primal please. Hoping Optic can pull this win out!
  9. So Snipedown left Final Boss? And Ace is looking for a team Ugh.
  10. The only time I see CoD Crowds get hyped is when someone gets a 3 piece/snipe kill thats pretty much it.
  11. Why is the crowd always so dead? Halo crowds were so much better :/
  12. Damn wanted FB to make it to COD Champs so badly :/
  13. LISTEN IN >>> CASTING Listen in is so much more intense than casting for CoD.
  14. If FB beats Faze that'd be nice!
  15. Yeah this series is done Hopign they can comeback in the losers bracket

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