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  1. Pistola Roy Snipedown StrongSide I don think Lunchbox is gonna come back, but if that team happens holy hell.
  2. MLG Columbus 27th-29th That optic roster kinda reminds me of the Instinct roster..
  3. I never really tried to go competitively ive always watched but i think this time around i'm gonna see what happens for fun..I need a team. HIt me up GT: DAMMMAGE
  4. I was kinda hoping Roy would go to StK but thats not happening now lol
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahcnbMdrltI
  6. Optic Halo, Carbon, Final Bosss.. things bout to get hyped.
  7. Fuck yes. Who's fucking HYPED? - trailer - online gameplay #1 We should do a teambeyond MK tournament. Ill get a wiiu next week..
  8. Lol Halo never had THIS much drama. Like team changes were a rare concurrences, in CoD its totally the opposite. Every event there is a team changes. I remember waiting every like three months or so for a "storm" to happen. Now its like every day.
  9. Wow the new MLG Season 3 really hurts the AM players, don't you think? So many people are quitting too.. I hope 343 really forms there own league for Halo.
  10. A hyped crowd makes CoD alot more enjoyable to watch.
  11. I've tried to download Xbox Connect through chrome but it keeps saying XBCINST_512(1).exe malicious and chrome has blocked it
  12. http://kotaku.com/the-best-luigi-death-stare-videos-1585952171 omg
  13. People are hyped for Watch Dogs and i'm just here sitting hyped for MARIO KART. After work gonna play all night long.
  14. 4.7k retweets. Can't tell if thats good or bad?

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