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  1. I predict OG to be.. Karma Scump Formal Crimsix or Enable Scump Formal Crimsix
  2. Nadeshot is taking a break!!
  3. Someone wanna fill me in? Between this and Kendrick's album happened last night after I went to sleep..
  4. Someone wanna fill me in? I thought Pistola could come back to EG any time after his injuries were healed?
  5. If you have eye problems...BUY THIS. lmao
  6. is the MLG app on Xbox One not loading for anyone else? Rather annoying.
  7. So like theres a team called High Society and Believe The Hype in the open bracket lol
  8. https://twitter.com/enable_/status/535917120149024768/photo/1 Enable posted this on his twitter.. hrm.
  9. "Instinct or EG. Doesn't matter. Roybox is back baby! Fanboy initiated." Merk from EnVy on twitter.
  10. Optic Enable w/ Assault Can they already announce the team already?!
  11. I'm going to make a prediction... Warriors. Ryanoob, and Goofy to return

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