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  1. Why do I have this feeling OpTic won't make the pro league? I really hope I am wrong.
  2. I don't think FS would step down as a player but yes I would want that squad alot more.
  3. OG - Flamesword Maniac Naded Pistola OG - Flamesword Manic Naded APG Either lineups would be deadly. Brett ''Naded'' liked your Tweet 8m: Optic Naded @Naded @OpTicMaNiaC @OpTicGaming
  4. Looking to start a team; ready to grind. GT DAMMMAGE. ---- Also for the lan center; you guys should check out The Cave in Fairfax, VA. They had a Halo tournament last month; I couldn't go cause of work other wise I would've gone. Maybe next time If I can get a set team.
  5. #WeBack Can we get Euee to perform this at the World Championships?
  6. Starting getting back into Melee from last semester since my community college is really into it. Our local scene in northern virginia is starting to grow. We have a decent setup at school with at least 5 CRTs and we're setting up streaming for weeklies/monthlies tournaments. I'm learning alot of stuff just by playing every day at school. I used to be a Roy main back in the day but now i'm a Sheik main.

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