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  1. Articles like this just make me sad. I can understand if the guy who wrote it provided solid points but nothing in what he wrote was backed up what so ever.
  2. AGL just pulled the greatest troll of the year
  3. I honestly feel like v7 Reach was more fun then H3 but thats just my opinion
  4. Can we drop a Slayer and put in a CTF? Preferably Vertigo TS for Pitfall CTF.
  5. How long did it take before he realized that he could actually make a living from streaming?
  6. Really happy about all these map changes but is there a specific reason that Pifall CTF wasn't chosen? I don't think it plays that bad in this game personally
  7. I also think Requiem is looking to be the type of squad that wins through better teamwork and communication rather than over all slaying power
  8. I was hoping for Neighbor but Snakebite is also a very good choice. He seems to have the dedication and he seems to have good chemistry with Dersky
  9. I don't even know what to say Legit is one of my favorite pros and now he's teaming with Ambush. Good move for him but I find it hilariously ironic how everyone on Ambush tweeted that they would work their problems out as a team and told off everyone saying Heinz would get dropped. #Kappa
  10. This is really general and he avoids some questions but I like his statements about spectator mode and working together with competitive players
  11. Its a good read and telling on how a realist like Coachmayyne can show tentative hope for Halo 5 after one meeting with 343 members. Good job Coachmayyne
  12. Because the intensity you get from playing Halo competitively has yet to be matched in any other game imo
  13. That face needs to be an emoticon in AGL's stream WWDD (What Would Dersky Do)
  14. A lot of people probably don't realize how far Halo 4 has come since launch. Appreciate everything you do for the community Ghost keep up the good work man
  15. How about an emoticon with a snipe medal when you type Blainer?
  16. My list would consist of: Onyx TS Pitfall TS Onyx CTF Station 9 EXT I would love Vertigo or Abandon EXT to work out but I don't see it doing so. Vertigo from, what I saw, seems a bit to big for 4v4. Also Onyx CTF seems to play better than Simplex CTF from my experience with the two.
  17. APG and Bestman are good players depressed that the majority of people let appearance get in the way of facts :\
  18. Also can't wait to see Classic vs Ambush tomorrow in the Losers Bracket
  19. Completely agree from what I've seen Legit is coming back into his old H2/H3 form, for this tournament
  20. Can't wait to see who they pick up I would say Neighbor if he is still competing
  21. I like the fast switching a lot because we wouldn't have seen sick plays like the triple on Haven TS Legendary got with the slow switching.
  22. I honestly think Warriors will still do well. I mean look at Nashville, everyone was hyping Faded just because they won online scrims and look what happened to them.

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