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  1. I had to resort to making a new account :/ Finding games really quick now.
  2. I can't find a single game in Team Hardcore right now. So upset
  3. I think a remake of Guardian from H3 would be nice Kinda links in with the title of the game too hue hue
  4. Is CTF 'First one to cap wins' or something? BECAUSE EVERYONE SEEMS TO QUIT OUT AFTER GOING A CAP DOWN :) :) Whether it's my team or the opposition, it just ruins the game *Sigh* I'm also getting put into 3 v 4 games.. :')
  5. Hey guys I'm taking bets on what 343 have broken with this new patch! All markets available!
  6. I wonder how many people will still be on MCC after Halo 5 comes out. I don't see myself getting H5, mainly because there isn't splitscreen Multiplayer. Just wouldn't feel the same playing without my brother.
  7. https://gyazo.com/9d33433def43c6e4070f02ff6a1ac931 Probably one of the most ignorant things I've ever read... Wow.
  8. I love Team Hardcore! - Look at the score xboxdvr.com/I+am+Beeee/1d121e00-0a27-4e75-84a9-b547688d7906
  9. My No Scope game was strong here.. But not strong enough for the Overkill :'( https://youtu.be/aiEOKZPsjQg EDIT: Idk how to embed it as a video on here lol
  10. Hi. Your Overkill on HC Slayer on Narrows was very nice.
  11. Since H3 has been added into Hardcore Playlist, I've had so much fun on MCC! I've come across a few AFK people tho which sux. Still having fun tho
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