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  1. GB Nades are nades that try hards practice and that hit you from crazy angles you didnt even know where there
  2. No fall damamge for sure. I love jumps sliding from heights that to me is halo.
  3. V3N0mZ h3lp m3 get a 50 in H3 plzzZ??????
  4. To me its eaither someone who started playing Halo in Halo Reach or someone who only became semi-pro or pro during reach or just even good at all when reach was out.
  5. Dude its the internet I care about engrish when im in ingrish class bruh. I got an 85% in that class man spelling is there for then. dont be a grammer guy
  6. Its 343 what do you expect? We can only hope a miracle will occur.
  7. Honestly who cares. If you still play Halo 4 in 2014 you need to do some serious self healing therapy and ask your self why are you playing Halo 4 in 2014 it is a waste of time. I stopped playing halo 4 like may 2013 lmao kids that still play h4 are so cool. i remember kids used to try there asses of to get good stats like im talkining top 100+ kids in halo charts playlists. People who put in time to this game still are champions, They are Jesus. How could you waste that much time to this day playing h4 smh smoke some dmt kid
  8. I remember I was 11 when It came out and my dad bought it because he thought it would be so good becuase halo 3 was great then he played it and was like wtf is this shit cuz it was 3rd person and he never played it again. Ive beaten the game but that was 5 years ago never boughtered to play it since
  9. Thanks god! With this and Pit Halo 4 is going to be so much better!
  10. If anyone wants to run LP let me know. Im not ranked yet because I dont want my rank influenced by random teamates but im really good. All my freinds play halo and Ive become very good at COD so id like to try some LP. Gt Leegeennd
  11. Most likely a Halo 5 Trailer like the E3 one for Halo 4.
  12. Any good players from Canada? Let's run some games. I'm from Ontario. GT: Leegeennd https://live.xbox.com/en-CA/Profile
  13. Cod 4 Had amazing maps. Gameplay was so good too.
  14. I really hope to see something about Halo 5 for E3. Hopefully a trailer like Halo 2 E3.
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