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  1. iOwnly4Shot Trying to run customs now add me US Midwest
  2. I would also enter into a reach ffa. I miss bic flex 4 ffas
  3. I would definitely enter the halo reach 2v2 as long as I could find a decent partner and be able to put sum practice in
  4. add me GT : iOwnly4Shot. I like to play comp. gametypes but ill play whatever. HMU :P
  5. So i can see that this thread is pretty dead but ADD ME GT: iOwnly4Shot
  6. Thank you very much sir. I added u as well :P
  7. Hey all my Wisconsinites. From West Bend, near Milwaukee. Add my Gt: iOwnly4Shot. It would be nice to get a group of local guys together for sum LANS.
  8. I cant add you because your list is full please send me a FR :P @ aKR3ZZ
  9. I will definitely add you. Thanks for the warm welcome!
  10. I will definitely add you. You should add me as well GT: iOwnly4Shot
  11. Hey guys brand new to Beyond Entertainment but am excited to have found a halo community. My GT: iOwnly4Shot Please add me immediately. I prefer running 4v4 competitive games but will play almost anything. Please add me. Been playing for awhile i have a mic and i use it. Team Player. Add iOwnly4Shot. You can also follow my twitter @TravTDK. :P
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