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  1. With this being said, we need to differentiate between "meta" "depth" and "competitive merit". They certainly aren't mutually-exclusive. Maybe "meta" has been the wrong term for the depth that's present in CE's gameplay. If "meta" refers strictly to how well players can use the tools at their disposal to their advantage in order to get an edge on their opponents, then no I suppose the meta between titles isn't very different. Like you said, it's about getting power items and keeping map control. If all titles have roughly the same metagame, then we should measure each title's "competitive merit" by how much "depth" can be found in any element of a title's "meta." If we use your example of getting the power items and holding beneficial map positions, it could be argued that the predictability of power item spawns in CE allows for more depth when it comes to map control, since all players are aware of exactly when a given power item will spawn. Power positions shift depending on what's coming up and players are sometimes forced to leave the spot they're holding in order to grab a power item. Similarly, the manipulation of the player spawn system allows otherwise disadvantaged players to take back a power position in some circumstances. The constant risk/reward loop that is made possible by the predictable/exploitable elements of the game isn't present to the same degree in the other titles (as far as I know). This is what I've been calling meta but maybe "depth" or "replayability" is a better term.
  2. I think if we're going to do threads like these, we need to establish how to quantify competitive merit and measure meta. When everyone's got a different definition of what gives a game depth it's not surprise that we're debating in circles.
  3. I was agreeing with most of what you are saying here, but map design is not subjective. I don't think it's fair to say that the Pistol being overpowered is an objective fact. I think it's a good debate to have, whether or not having a strong utility weapon is competitively viable in an arena shooter. I think the game's longevity and lasting skill gap is evidence that CE's sandbox can stand the test of time with meta still evolving after 15+ years. EDIT: Yes, it's an objective fact that the pistol is more useful than most other guns in the sandbox. Does this make the sandbox unbalanced? Not necessarily. I think a lot of people think balance means that if one gun does more damage, it needs less accuracy, and vice versa. In a setting where all players start with the pistol, I think that argument goes out the window because only under rare circumstances will a player not have a pistol at his disposal anyway. And in that case the player should be punished, especially when it comes to swapping out your pistol in favor of a gun that allows you to quick-camo. It's an element of the meta that involves taking a risk and being punished if you made the wrong decision. I'll take metagame depth of a perfectly boring balanced sandbox any day.
  4. I suppose. The reason there isn't much demand is probably because CRT TV's that support 480p aren't very common.
  5. Possible. But it would make it very hard to see at lower resolutions. You can't change it on a per-resolution basis.
  6. People have reported that the radius for sound effects is increased. For example, you can hear someone reload from farther away. Not sure if this is true though. Also if you're playing at 480p camo is very easy to see compared to 480i and below. If you're going to LAN with 360's competitively, everyone should be using one or the playing field won't be quite even.
  7. The magnetism is fucked in MCC no matter how you play. But at least on LAN everyone's on the same connection so it's not laggy.
  8. Same here bro not sure why people have the impression that CE isn't played competitively? Anyway thanks for the kind words, would have been cool to have you come LAN with us. There's something about bringing people together and playing in the same room and talking shit that keeps me going with this old game lol. If you change your mind, my doors open. We LAN every weekend at my place.
  9. Best to worst: OG box with H1Final or NHE mod > 360 CE > MCC I've "lanned" MCC a few times and the biggest struggle is swapping teams or logging new players on. Everyone needs to create a profile and MCC shits the bed quite often unless you tread lightly when dealing with player profiles.
  10. I don't think it's outside the realm of possibility to see some growth in the CE scene. Sure it requires old tech but that stuff is readily available and dirt cheap. As far as practice goes, there's Halo PC and MCC for those that don't have the ideal CRT/OG box setup. I think the main hurdle is accessibility - your Youtube channel is a great place to learn about the metagame, and there are other great resources (like halospawns.com, halonades.com, etc) ,but they are all spread out over the internet. There's also no place for players to get together and set up matches (LAN or otherwise - trying to change that with my Discord channel, but even that isn't easy to find unless you browse here and some other boards). I've got some people in my group that are interested in consolidating a lot of these learning resources and developing some other nifty web-based stuff to make the game and scene more accessible but I don't have anything worth reporting just yet. If anyone has web development skills and wants to contribute, join the Discord group in my sig.
  11. I really don't think that any aspect of a game should be changed to make it more intuitive for new players. A major part of my enjoyment with CE came from learning how to exploit all the predictable elements like the spawn system, weapon/powerup timing etc. As soon as you start thinking about your game's reach and accessibility, and that makes its way into the design process, then you've become part of the cancer that is plaguing modern FPS. And I think the problem with Hang 'Em High is that a) there are just too many randoms compared to the other maps and b) too many spawns in shitty areas ex: red Then again, I'm of the opinion that CE's gameplay is perfect. The only thing I would change/add is features like a theater mode, proper ranking/matchmaking system based on something like ELO and more maps that are built around elements of the meta that were established post-launch (ex: someone was talking about how there aren't enough maps with trick jumps, also placing randoms in bad spots to give players an exit, etc), not to mention proper online netcode. I wouldn't be against a different spawn system for 4v4, but I also think that's something that can be fixed through proper map design. Unlike other arena shooters, Halo's maps are all tailored for all the gametypes. Maps should instead be built with a specific gametype in mind, ex: 2v2, 4v4, FFA, etc. I know at least 4 different people that all want to make a successor to CE. If you guys just all worked together you might have something there.
  12. Let me put it like this. Bungie made the perfect steak. When Gearbox tried to make the same Bungie-style steak, it was severely overcooked. But they included a ton of great side-dishes that weren't included with Bungie's steak. The main course is still fucked. Of course, some plebs like their steaks charred to a crisp so they kept going back to the Gearbox steakhouse. Others tried it once and never came back. Then 343 opened a steakhouse across the street selling scraps they picked out of Gearbox's dumpster.
  13. Actually there is a large community of competitive PC players, but: Pretty much this, though I think there's a better way to articulate it. The meta is certainly different because of a few major factors. Time-to-kill is greatly reduced when all players are using kb/m, which fundamentally alters the flow of most maps. In many situations, players aren't punished as severely for making stupid moves, since it's easier to recover from such a situation with the freedom of aiming that only a mouse can provide. The fact that the pickups don't spawn on time took the emphasis off weapon/powerup timing, and the spawn system hadn't quite been figured out yet when the PC community established its competitive settings. So 4v4 became popular and the predictive elements of CE that we all love took a back seat because the meta simply hadn't developed in parallel with the Xbox community. Personally I don't judge the PC competitive community, nor am I surprised about the way the meta developed. I think most Xbox players will downright shun PC competitive players simply because of the fact that their version of the game is flawed. But these players have been playing almost just as long as some of the hardcore Xbox players, and in their mind their version of the game is as real as it gets. Remember that this port was released in a time before Youtube and before much of our beloved CE metagame was even established. The only reason that the PC metagame is so strange is because Xbox players veered away from it due to all the bugs - for which only Gearbox/Microsoft can be blamed. So the metagame certainly isn't the same as on Xbox, but there certainly is metagame, though perhaps arguably not enough to sustain a healthy competitive population despite the fact that it's by far the most accessible version of the game. The original vision of this project was to make the Xbox metagame possible on PC. I've succeeded, although there are still netcode imperfections that are out of my control. The goal here was never to get Xbox players or even MCC players on to PC, but to give a chance to PC players to experience what they've been missing all these years.
  14. I raise issue with the fact that you think Gearbox did a great job porting this. This project is evidence of the piss-poor job they did porting. That being said, they did a fantastic job adding features and making it feel like a PC game. But as far as porting the original gameplay goes, it could have been much much better. These are relatively minor issues compared to pickups not spawning on time, empty weapons not despawning, lack of proper controller support, terrible netcode optimization, starting grenade count, etc. Core gameplay elements like these should have been preserved 100% and not ignored/de-prioritized.
  15. Is anyone remotely near Montreal, Canada? I host LAN's every weekend on OG Xbox, trying to build up a group but the "Players in Canada" thread is full of Halo 5 kids.
  16. Nah I'll pass up on the flavor of the week ty
  17. So it plays just like Halo 3? I haven't really been following its development, I just remember seeing a clip of someone sprinting around on Guardian. Does it play well with a controller?
  18. Lol how's Halo 3 with Halo 4 mechanics treating you?
  19. Why? We don't play the same game. Unless you want to start playing CE?
  20. I highly doubt Microsoft designed the Windows 10 exclusive app platform to allow for modding. We'll never see a Halo title with as much moddability as Gearbox's port of CE, if that's what you had in mind. Don't get me wrong I think it would be great if we could immediately get to work on fixing the problems that 343 couldn't. I'm just not going to hold my breath. Microsoft's last in-house Halo PC port was Halo 2 Vista and the modding tools were so locked down that all you could do was make maps with existing assets.
  21. Pretty sure it's Devilman's LAN. And I agree the more streaming, the better when it comes to exposure and getting new players interested. Personally I was hooked on last year's stream.
  22. I can confirm that the projectile tags for the pistol on PC and Xbox are identical, so the variable leading based on player/target direction is not a tag-based change. There don't appear to be any other differences between of the pistol's other tags either.
  23. Yeah but that mod is representative of how the game is played on LAN. If I don't know but I wouldn't put it past them. Remember the people that are going to chase after you for breaking the rules aren't the guys like Hardy and Jason Jones, they're finance people that don't care about community-building and fanservice.
  24. I'm genuinely not following you here. The animations are identical to the Xbox version... Are you thinking about warping or something related? For example, a 1st person reload animations on PC and on Xbox look identical, and even use the exact same tag files. I mean, 3rd person animations look weird on mouse players because they're looking around very quickly. Care to elaborate on this? For the record, I haven't made any changes to the core gameplay - only fixes. There's some server features that aren't available on Xbox, like the on-screen timer, weapon pickup notifications and teammate spawn notifications, but I wouldn't consider those as huge changes to the core game (the notifications are present on split screen anyway). I won't be changing the pistol spread. My pleasure. This project was originally geared towards bringing Xbox LAN-style gameplay to the PC community for the first time, but when we started figuring out how to make the controller feel better we started getting more Xbox players in the group. I agree about streamlining the installation process, but I'm not sure how far I could go with that without breaking the law (ex: repackaging the game's installer to include some of this stuff).
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