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  1. Cool I'm going to add you guys on my main tag. I'm down to either play 2's customs or play matchmaking, I also sometimes play BTB H1 customs. I mostly only use game/party chat because most of the people that I play with don't use discord or Skype. 


    I have a softmodded OG Xbox that has NHE and Halo 1.5 on it but I don't lan, play X link, or even play on GMYF 2v2 servers because I need to get some new controllers and I need to get a new PC to game on so I only play on the MCC.


    Halo PC can run on a toaster lol what are you specs

  2. I wish the main menu hack that was used in Halo 1.5 had made it into Halo 1 Final. That way we'd have all the maps.


    By the way, for the few people that are daring enough to try and play new maps seriously, I've got some new ones in the works. Insidi0us has been working on updating Hotbox and Redshift as well, and they play better than the originals.


    It's unfortunate that many players refuse to play on the new maps, because of a perceived lack of depth, especially because the lack of depth is directly due to the fact that they aren't played -_- They're better-tailored for 2v2 than 99% of the custom maps that the Halo PC community has put out, and a few of them can certainly hold a candle to the original maps (mainly the ones included in Halo 1 Final, but the outliers are slowly growing on me as well - Doubletake comes to mind).

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  3. Would be cool to test, maybe using a 128mb ram box would end up covering the extra performance needed. Maybe a 4th both could be designated as a camera box! Just thinking out loud.


    I also then wonder if you could do some things to help performance on the host box like enable wireframe, disable video rendering, etc.


    These are questions for the Xbox modding channel in the Discord, those guys might know what to do. The wireframe idea is a good one, but it's a devmode cheat and I don't think it can be enabled/disabled using a map script.

  4. Idea for NHE: If there is a way to script in mp maps, script the host player to switch into dev/spectator/scripted cam that provides a top down view of the map, or switches between a few views in key parts of the map. Would put the host box to good use and add some cool cameras angles that could be spliced in with the game film to make things more spectator friendly.


    This would impact performance. Ex: when the host suffers a frame drop, the off-host boxes also suffer the same drop. This is much more apparent when a 2-box is hosting, but it also occurs when a 1-box is hosting (think Xlink).


    That being said, it's theoretically 100% possible to script in even fancier stuff like flythroughs of the maps, and call in a sequence of scripts at the beginning of a match that cycles through the camera tracks.

  5. Yeah keep 'em coming, good stuff @@Missingno

    Let me add to this and say that it's great to have in-depth explanations of the new maps. I think the main reason they aren't played quite as much as the vanilla maps is that there's this impression that the new maps don't have the same level of depth. Understandable, but the perceived lack of depth is not due to poor map design, but rather because there's less information about them. So every video that shows map tricks, including nade tricks and player spawn stuff, is encouraging. Exhibit, Imminent, Downrush & Decidia play very well, and I hope people start exploring and finding new tricks on these maps and share them with other players.

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  6. UPDATE 06/07/2016:


    Believe it or not the Halo 1.5 PC project is coming to a close and I will be releasing all the map ports as well as the server configuration files to the public. Within the next few weeks, we will be putting together a promotional video which will include some snazzy flythroughs of the new maps as well as some in-game footage.


    This is not to be confused with the Halo PC Final project (ex: Xbox versions of the default maps), which is also coming to a close but will be released after the Halo 1.5 map ports.


    We are accepting capture gameplay footage from all members of this group. Here are the minimum requirements for submissions:

    • Clips recorded must be from gameplay that takes place in one of the Good Maps Ya Fucks servers.
    • Footage must be recorded in 1920x1080 and maintain a minimum of 30 FPS (video will be capped at 30 FPS).
    • FOV must be between 90-105. Use the HAC2 console command "fov #"
    • Controller & Mouse/keyboard footage will be accepted. Your control scheme will be identified in the final video with a small message in the bottom corner of the screen.
    • NO config.txt file modifications. No DART. Turn it off if you want to get in the video.
    • Gameplay should be recorded on the new maps. They include Crossway, Madhouse, Exhibit, Redshift, Hotbox, Decidia, Levee, Downrush, Doubletake, Imminent, Outbound, Zerohour & Uplift. Yes I know some of these aren't in the mapcycle yet, but they soon will be Beyond%20Smiley.png
    • Gameplay clips should NOT use Youtube-level compression. Upload your files to dropbox or something. We will not be accepting streaming links unless the clip can be downloaded and isn't too lossy.
    If you have clips that are recorded on the Xbox versions of default maps, hold onto them! We'll be doing the same deal when we promote the Halo PC Final project's release.


    Here are some guidelines that will improve your chances of making the final cut:

    • All settings on HIGH.
    • Controller gameplay.
    • No laggy/warpy/questionable network-related situations.
    • HAC2's Custom Chat ON.
    Your in-game name will be displayed alongside your control scheme at the bottom of the clip. This will be handled during editing.


    PM your submissions to me directly (in Discord), and ask your questions in the #halo_pc_general channel (or in this thread).

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  7. I thought of this at the lan. If you 2box with hostman, hostman will spawn up and you'll just spawn as regular host on xlink. However, the advantage here is that you'll get splitscreen FOV. 



    Doesn't that also give you host if you're on the same box as hostman?


    @ smoking the good stuff

  8. We used an unmanaged gigabit switch at each station.


    Good that's what I was going to recommend.


    Random thought: Has anyone thought about using NHE over xlink? Wouldn't it be cool to have an xbox behind a fiber connection running host over xlink? If you could automate the controls on the host box it would be a defacto dedicated server, and both parties would be connecting to one really good connection instead of each other.


    Thought about it. Thing is, you'll need at least one 2-box since you can only have 4 boxes in system link. And even if you can get a 2-box, you're either going to need one dedicated guy to host up and start matches even though he won't be playing, or you'll end up with the hostbox on the same network as one of the player-boxes, so there would still be a significant advantage there, albeit the discrepancy won't be quite as bad as normal XLink onhost/offhost.

  9. I probably played at least 6 series of NHE this weekend for the first time with 4 grenades.



    It is more fair

    Series are shorter, don't have to get rekt for a full 10-14 game series or focus for so long. 




    It is laggier than crossover, bullets are definitely shooting sideways up close. Also makes it harder to kill people than just regular off-host.

    You don't get that crisp smooth host feeling. Amazing plays are harder to make, or nigh impossible. 

    Some boxes lag more than others so one box can still be at a disadvantage. 


    Well of course ideally it would be cool if both boxes could have host-like performance, but that's out of the question. I wouldn't list "one team can't get great performance anymore" as a con, really. 


    I played 3 series on it this weekend and it felt great. I kind of like the shot lead required, and I have peace of mind knowing that the other team has to shoot the same way.


    Out of curiosity, were you guys using a router, switch or hub at Devilman's?

  10. Whats NHE?



    Played my first Halo 1 lan ever last weekend on the NHE. Got to play the 4 new maps, hotbox, red shift, and I forget the names of the other two.


    Is NHE a big deal? The thought of getting rid of host advantage is pretty exciting even for someone who has lanned a single time and still isn't familiar with how much better host is compared to off host.


    Can confirm NHE is solid. I love the feeling of on-host shooting, but the fact that there's an even playing field just makes the games so much tighter. Really, really recommend the use of NHE for anyone that hosts LANs, even in its beta version.


    I lanned all afternoon yesterday, lots of close games. Seems to me performance is more stable too - in traditional host/off-host matches, the off-host boxes suffer the frame drops of the host box. Since the host is now single-screen and generally looking at a wall, frame-drops are much less-frequent from what I can tell.

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  11.  overclocking the CPU improve performance


    See Cujjer's response in regards to RAM/Network, but I don't think it's possible to overclock the CPU. If it were possible, though, that's likely where you'd see the biggest performance increase.

  12. From my small amount of time with it it felt pretty good. I need to play more to be able to tell for sure whether or not it's better than normal off-host. I'm thinking "yes" because the off-host box isn't going to suffer the same framerate drops as the on-host box, with NHE.

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  13. Player spawns and map sizes/layouts don't lend themselves well to it either. If the right custom maps were built with better spawning it could work.


    Exactly. Any map design-related issues can be fixed. And I'm not sure I'd put Oddball physics down as a main reason that objective gametypes aren't played. It's more of a minor gripe. The biggest issues I think are the player spawning system and the maps.

  14. This is mostly because a lot of the objective gametypes in CE are kind of broken. 


    If you seamlessly moved all the objective characteristics from H2 into H1, it would be beautiful. 


    You've mentioned this before I believe. Is there anything comes to mind besides auto-flag-pickup and the fact that players can drive with the flag? Theoretically both these problems can be addressed on the PC version via server scripts.

  15. I would say the biggest problem in CE is all anyone plays is 2v2 slayer. There's only a few maps that work for 4v4 objectives like derelict koth and hang em High ctf.


    The biggest problem with CE is its accessibility. Once you get people to play 2v2 slayer, they understand why it's got so much replay value. That's not to say that some maps specifically-tailored for 4v4 wouldn't be more than welcome.

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