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  1. Bungie patched Halo PC after years of zero-support. The game is easily pirate-able and the master server doesn't even authenticate CD keys anymore. Zero profit. I'm not saying it's possible that 343 will follow suit. In fact I fully expect them not to. But this modern practice of dropping support for games that still have a playerbase is disgusting. I'm sure you're just playing devil's advocate though. Their decision to drop support for the game and cut their losses makes sense financially, but they'll never win back the respect of the longtime hardcore fans unless they make good on at least some of their promises.
  2. I really don't think population is as big a problem as most people think. Search times have been consistently OK for me. When it takes long, it's usually because the search bugs out. For example, if you have to wait for more than two minutes to find a match, chances are the search is bugged out (fixable by simply restarting the search). Mixed playlists are NOT a solution for dwindling population. In fact I'd bet they're one of the contributing factors for the low population. I know I certainly wouldn't be playing the game if I was being forced to play a title I don't want to. 343 are hacks, plain and simple. They don't know how to design a good matchmaking/online platform and they certainly don't know how to make one adaptable for the varying player counts in each playlist.
  3. What's the point of a pick-your-partner tournament if there's going to be exceptions? P & L should be able to team. That was the whole point of having two tournaments... Hell I'll take it a step farther and say they should be able to keep their winnings too.
  4. Pretty much this. While it's not a huge difference (like on XBC/XLink, for example), there is still enough of a discrepancy to justify playing a series twice (each team plays on-host/off-host) so as to rule out the host advantage.
  5. The PC pistol is certainly different than OG, but it's at least consistent. On MCC the registration varies from match to match it seems, not to mention the broken bullet magnetism (bullets don't properly get pulled inwards towards your target). http://www.halobugs.com/#?b=124
  6. Why do they keep widening the search range? I never had problems finding a match in the CE playlist (unless the search bugged out) even before they widened the range a few months ago. All of the sudden I'm finding matches equally as fast but I'm matching 40+ players as often as I'm matching 1's. Rarely get close games, even less than before...
  7. I can't say for certain but McDick was pretty adamant about all stations being NHE
  8. I find CE 1v1's slow and fluke-y due mainly to map design and cascading powerups. Fluke-y because spawns are always random, slow because when someone gets rockets they pretty much get a guaranteed 4 kills so the other player starts playing really gay. I think that 1v1 *could* possibly be made to work well for CE with new maps designed specifically for 1v1, and possibly with some mods applied to the pickups (ex: rockets only spawn with max ammo of 2, maybe introduce a new powerup or something). In its current state I don't think there's enough room for meta growth when compared to 2v2. I also don't think that the the fact that 2v2 is the norm is a turn-off for anyone. The main problems with accessibility for the game are due to the fact that you need to get locals to LAN with you for the best experience, the equipment requirements, spoiled kids needing next-gen graphics in order to enjoy a game, no easy way to play the game online if you want to practice on weeknights, etc.
  9. Yeah the MCC section isn't exactly bumping. What ever happened to that stuff that was announced at E3 about game arenas or groups or whatever on XBL to help community-building?
  10. If you're looking for more MCC CE players I've got some in my Discord as well (it's CE-focused with rooms for PC/MCC/Xbox). I wouldn't mind playing some custom CE this weekend :P Add me (GT: stunt man GMYF)
  11. Clarification: I'm not bashing Windows 10. I'm bashing the DRM system used for Windows 10 exclusive apps. I'll admit that I don't know all the details but I've heard that games purchased through the Windows store are pretty locked-down in terms of moddability. Do you know more about this?
  12. This talk of MCC being ported to PC. lol No thanks. It will be a Win 10 exclusive, which is basically a glorified version of Games for Windows Live. For those that weren't around when Halo 2 Vista came out, this is what you have to look forward to: bugs, little-to-no moddability, closed multiplayer server list and matchmaking system, servers with keyboard/mouse and controllers playing together. And I strongly doubt any effort will be made to make this anything other than a straight port (which, incidentally, is already a port of a port). Lol do you think they'll give it away for free on Win 10? Even for people that own it on Xbox? I wouldn't count on it.
  13. It doesn't play exactly like Xbox if that's what you're asking. Depends how picky you are. Yes it works quite well with custom XBCD drivers and XPadder. No. XBC/XLink Pros: splitscreen no warping original version of the game means no changes to bullet magnetism and stuff XBC/XLink Cons:major host advantage latency is handled via input delay and shot lead optimal connection only possible if all players are in same general area HPC Final Pros:guaranteed dedicated servers mean no host advantage bad connections never favor the player Magnetism works choice of regional servers (Montreal, Dallas, LA, Amsterdam - with more coming) for optimal connections automatic download of custom maps mean players don't need to all have the same version of a mod. I host some new maps before they're released on Xbox too maps are xbox versions, so the lip is on the trench in hangem, you can jump through the window in creek, etc on-screen time elapsed counter semi-open-ended nature of the game in terms of moddability means that I can always go back and update server settings, maps, etc You can be in a game within 10 seconds of launching it from your desktop. The Discord group is great for getting matches going and you can tag controllers-only players too. HPC Final Cons:outdated netcode means players warp under certain circumstances (walking into another player, or getting blown off a ledge by a nade) shot lead is fairly static, doesn't vary. Just means the shooting feels a little bit different in mid-strafe even with the fixes, controller movement (left stick) is not quite the same as on xbox, but it's manageable and not game-breaking no splitscreen we're really pushing the enveloppe with a lot of the fixes and this is still a work-in-progress. servers crash occasionally but they come back on after a minute. this sort of thing will get ironed out once everything's finalized. MCC Pros:no warping/rubberbanding (unless the player's connection is bad) controls feel pretty good split screen MCC Cons:a bad connection favors the player, making them harder to hit and skewing the whole ranking system. Game-breaker. uses altered versions of the maps we'll probably never see another update ugly HUD and bad sound effects frequent matchmaking instability and crashes No. But 1) the game is old and can run on almost any PC 2) don't need to set up CRT's 3) dedicated servers can be hosted locally for use on LAN No but I am researching how to implement it. The way it's implemented on Xbox doesn't synchronize on the PC version so we're looking into unorthodox methods to get it in. In the meantime, there's an on-screen timer that shows time elapsed, and I queue up the mp3 of cT's timer and start it at the beginning of a match. Short answer: yes. Long answer: NHE isn't even necessary on PC, because rather than hosting games P2P-style (like in MCC), games can be hosted on legit dedicated servers. So there's no hostman in his cage in the sky. It's just a separate machine that all the players connect to. I'm not going to sugarcoat it, it's no replacement for the Xbox version. But I prefer it over MCC. It depends how important it is to you that it feels exactly the same. I personally can't stand MCC because of the broken bullet magnetism and the fact that it's very rarely an even playing field in terms of connection quality. The goal of this project was never to replace the Xbox version of the game. It serves as an alternative to MCC at worst, and at best it offers up some of the best Halo outside of Xbox LAN. But it depends what you consider important: if you can stand some minor differences in terms of control input and the way the shot reg works, and appreciate the even playing field, and the wealth of features and open-endedness of the PC platform, then you'll enjoy it. But for folks that will only tolerate the game if it plays exactly like on LAN should stick to LAN. The difference is that I can get games easily and quickly on weeknights if I want to get my fix, which isn't the case for LANning on Xbox. I tend to play PC during the week and LAN on weekends, whenever I can gather together enough players. I play MCC less and less because it takes too long to get into a game and the quality of match is shit more times than not.
  14. If a map is tuned for competitive 2v2 play I will consider it for the map cycle. As of now, the only custom maps that meet this criteria are the Halo 1.5 maps. 4v4 maps will be considered for a new "pilot" server
  15. Whoa let's not get crazy 343 can't even figure out party restrictions
  16. I thought you only got a temporary ban if you quit continuously?
  17. I think I'll try to make it next year. Will I be the first Canadian on the beach?
  18. If you copied the files over to the E drive already, just turn on the console and go into the File Explorer and navigate to where you dropped it. Launch the default.xbe of the mod you want to play Also let's Xlink this week sometime
  19. Well that goes without saying - of course a game needs to offer a solid-enough experience to engage its first group of competitive players. But that's not a problem for most modern games. The problem is keeping those competitive players, and that's where all the below-the-surface depth pays off. I'm pretty sure we're arguing the same thing here, forgive me I haven't read through this whole debate.
  20. CE was designed as a party game and is proof that it is possible to deliver a game that caters to competitive players as well as casual players looking to just mess around. Below-the-surface elements of the meta (player spawn manipulation, weapon timing, nade tricks, etc) may never be discovered by the casual player, but their existence has allowed the meta to evolve continuously over more than a decade. All the following entries in the series removed or obfuscated many of the predictable/exploitable elements that Halo's core gameplay was built around and effectively narrowed the metagame by doing so.
  21. And the world goes on. None of this is a big deal for them. And to fix it would be to admit that it was broken in the first place, which is reopening a can of worms that was eventually closed this year by ignoring the community's pleas consistently. Microsoft doesn't even remember the Gearbox deal
  22. I didn't say that the game is bad, I said that you shouldn't be surprised that competitive Halo don't enjoy that type of gameplay. And then I made an observation about a genre that I don't care for. You're entitled to your opinion but saying that I'm going out of my way to dislike Overwatch is like saying I'm going out of my way to dislike a golf sports game or x other genre I don't care for.
  23. Well to be fair it's a trend that isn't particularly popular among players of classic arena-style shooters, who value gameplay where everyone starts on an even playing field and the only determining factors in terms of winning/losing come down to map movement and manipulating exploitable elements of a deep meta. To me it seems a little too convenient that the class-based shooter genre just so happens to cater to a huge demographic. It's almost as if it's a genre that was engineered to appeal to a vast audience of players who require constant validation and a progression-based XP system rather than a skill-based ranking system.
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