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  1. Now we're talking. Good find. The CRT's that I've seen used by the majority of the community are likely "Flat late-era CRT TV's" which are listed as having "heavy lag". However, there are models such as the Sony Trinitron (certain generations/models #'s) as well as some Samsung's that have been reported to "feel" better than others. Again, anecdotal evidence, but when multiple people are reporting the same discrepancy between models it's worth considering. Again, as far as the testing method goes, I stand by my point that measuring button presses might not be relevant to CE. No one's missing double-melee's because of screen delay, it's just not that type of game. A different testing method ought to be used to measure responsiveness in right-stick movement, if it's even possible. EDIT: I'm not hard to convince but the rest of the LAN community will be. It might seem like I'm nitpicking but I find it hard to swallow that people's apprehensions about LCD's have been unfounded all this time. Granted, a typical "lag-less" LCD setup is pretty specific and may only have a niche-sized userbase. I'm not going to be investing in any further experiments but I'd be interested in seeing some top players do a side-by-side comparison of the ideal setups. As anecdotal as it may be, it's those players that need to be convinced.
  2. Or you could split the component signal before the VGA converter/connector and use a normal component cap card.
  3. Fair enough, but my main point is more about how accessible & inexpensive an analog/CRT setup is compared to the equivalent LCD setup, with only a minor loss in visual quality (480i vs 480p). Still need to consider the fact that Halo and Smash are two different games. Yes, Smash requires frame-perfect precision to pull off combos, but Halo requires a different kind of precision. I don't know how to put it mathematically, but is it not possible that the "feel" of the right stick's input (aiming) might be influenced by the "negligible" lag the the test results show from that article? It should be noted that I'm mostly playing devil's advocate here. I'm not claiming that the research is wrong or anything like that, but from what I've seen from the articles you posted and from my own findings, negligible lag is present in setups involving an LCD. What's up for debate is whether or not this negligible lag can actually be perceived by the player. To be fair, the article you just referred to doesn't contain any data, just reported player endorsements about the setup. The first article you posted is far more relevant. It'd be the equivalent of McDick saying that Legend and Patch both played on an LCD setup and said it feels OK. On a sidenote, a few posts down there's a reply about a Neoya Wii2hdmi converter. That's the same company that used to make the X2VGA. Shame they discontinued it. The only scientific evidence I see is that there is negligible lag compared to a CRT setup. Again, the question remains: can this negligible lag be perceived by players? I would argue that the testing method used in the first article doesn't necessarily apply to CE aiming.
  4. As long as it's after the split, it doesn't matter what cap card you use. The only time that matters is if you're using a cap card as a passthrough.
  5. I also have done some research on this. Let's get down to it: Can't comment on this unrealistic option, pockets not deep enough. Can you show me exactly where you see that there is 20-30 ms of lag with a component > VGA powered converter? Keyword: "powered". I haven't seen any comparisons between different splitters with actual numbers attached. I've used this solution and it's playable. A huge step up from using a flatscreen TV or similar. However I can't confirm with certainty that the lag is as negligible as you (and that smashboards article) make it seem. Again, need hard data about powered component > VGA converters. Can you elaborate on this? Specifically "modded xbox" and "Frosty VGA boot disc." Why is the DL link and vendor of the connector private? Is there any more information about this? Is a hard mod required? I can confirm that the BenQ RL2460HT's HDMI output only works with HDMI input. So you cannot do VGA > HDMI output. I have this model. Incidentally it has the same performance as the older Benq RL2455hm. I've gotten good results with my BenQ RL2460HT using a powered Startech VGA > Component converter: https://www.startech.com/ca/AV/Converters/Video/YPbPr-Component-to-VGA-Converter-with-Audio~CPNT2VGAA It's expensive but it seems to the job. I found out about it at the bottom of this article: https://www.reddit.com/r/smashbros/comments/1q487p/got_my_new_lag_testing_setup_aka_the_best_smash/ Here's more data: https://www.reddit.com/r/smashbros/wiki/lag (scroll down to the Adapters/Converters section) Now, all this being said, I spoke with some high-level Smash players in Montreal, and the general consensus is CRT or bust. High-level CE players will tell you the same, with some exceptions. I consulted Pacmayne on the matter last year and he told me that he used a CRT monitor with an X2VGA and it didn't lag at all. He said he had tried some other solutions as well but this was best. Meanwhile, this is my setup: The difference between S-video and component 480i is negligible in regards to visual quality, and s-video splitters/wires/etc are cheaper than their component counterparts. Also, s-video inputs seem to be more common than component inputs for CRT TV's, from what I've seen. There may be a near-perfect solution for playing CE on 480p but experiments on this subject are costly and accessories aren't getting any easier to find. I can't imagine the community adopting 480p as a new standard, especially if it requires ordering rinky-dink connectors from Germany and changing the soft-modding process that everyone uses. I'll be keeping an eye on this. If there's a simple solution that means I don't have to transport my 150 lb Sony Trinitron CRT's, I'm all ears.
  6. Don't blame fans of specific titles for 343's absolute garbage mechanic that is mixed playlists in ranked matchmaking. I've said it before and I'll say it again: mixed playlists have been a huge contributing factor to fans' negative experience in matchmaking since launch, and are a piss-poor, lazy design decision. We all have a favourite title in the franchise. 343 is forcing players to play a game they don't enjoy for the supposed benefit of "quicker matches". The only thing this design has done is pit different groups of passionate fans against each other in the pre-game screen. It's stupid and if you disagree with me I'll fight you.
  7. What the fuck. That's pretty terrible of them. Like it's not even a troll post, it's a legitimate suggestion to fix aspects of a broken game. It wasn't even written badly. Just when I thought I couldn't be more disgusted with these savages, I'm more disgusted.
  8. Join the Discord room in my signature and ask about Custom Edition in the main chat
  9. I was referring more to the playlist model than the playlist selections. Playlist selections can be corrected, but the playlist model can't be fixed by simply changing the selections. The model used in MCC could pass for a single title, but when you have 4 titles in a collection, that model should be reviewed and adapted. I'm not 100% sure how many playlists are in MCC, but I'll guess around 13. How many playlists were there in Halo 3? I'll guess probably around the same number. So now you have the same amount of playlist selections for one game as for a collection of 4 games. They may have taken the "just as you remember it" a little too far in this case.
  10. I think this this is one of the main issues. 343 probably can't officially support a modded version of the game. And even if they could, they would gain very little seeing as it would only open the discussion about CE on MCC, and they certainly aren't going to set themselves up to go down that road. @@McDick Keep 'em coming man. It's great to see CE getting treated with due professionalism and respect after all these years. Hopefully the community will only grow from here on out and we continue to see great events like Beach LAN pop-up year-round. EDIT: Hmm looks like no one posted the link to the finals yet:
  11. What evidence is there to the contrary? 343's list? The same 343 with the infamous 11%? All I can say is I played the hell out of that playlist and found matches quickly. Why remove it at all? People were playing in it... Is it because they can't code for shit and their list is limited to a certain number of selections? Or some high-level decision that decides that two CE playlists is too much? The playlist model in MCC is absolute horseshit
  12. Halo 1: Final is no longer in development. Focus has shifted to NHE. You can find some info here: http://www.halo1final.com/NHE/# Development discussions remain private due to their technical nature, and due to the fact that decisions are rapidly being made in order to progress. More frequent blog updates would be nice, but on the other hand there's value in keep things under wraps until there's something to show. If the discussions were more open Jeff, insidi0us and Dman would have encountered must more resistance from the community and they wouldn't have been able to actually release anything so quickly.
  13. I wouldn't blame the infrastructure for what bad server hosts put up in their mapcycles. I'm hosting three 2v2 servers and can get proper gametypes going when I need to thanks to the Discord group. I would take community-hosted dedicated servers over developer-ran "dedicated-servers-but-not-really" with whatever they decide are the best settings for the community. At least with community-hosted dedicated servers we can change/fix things, especially with an old game. How much support do you think Halo 5's or MCC's online platform is going to be getting 15 years from now? I honestly couldn't care less what other players want to play. Part of the whole issue with playlist-based matchmaking is that players are stuck with whatever the developer decides are the "right" gametypes to be played, since you can't just have playlists for every possible gametype variation. Players should have the ability to play whatever gametype they want, or at least have a large variety of gametypes to choose from. That being said, a playlist-based competitive playlist is the best model for serious games, but 343's and even Bungie's implementation could have been better. It would be cool to have a series-based playlist where players are matched together for a best-of-5 on a fixed mapcycle.
  14. I hate to beat a dead horse but they really should have included a custom games browser and included the option to enable join-in-progress
  15. Remember when 343 put in a 4v4 CE playlist and everyone loved it? And then they took it away? lol
  16. To be honest the biggest draw and the reason I prefer the PC version is because the dedicated servers actually provide an even playing field, whereas on MCC players with bad connections consistently have an advantage. Both MCC and PC play differently than the original version, pick your poison
  17. This weekend and next I won't be able to commit, but any weekend after that is free game. Are you in Montreal? Or just close? Do you know any other CE players in the area? I'm in Montreal. Man if you're in town I'll have to set up another LAN @@VinnyMendoza @@unheeding When's the festival?
  18. You gotta join the Discord and ask for games, people get on all the time. Just tag @Controller Master Race
  19. We've been testing the rest of the Halo 1.5 maps, bug-crunching and optimizing some of the fixes for better server performance. On the server side of things, I'm still working out optimal hosting and configuration before putting up the 4v4 & FFA servers (2v2 will always be the main focus). New stuff: the kill feed is now correctly being displayed via the blue text, instead of in the chat (like it is on Xbox). This is due to a new HAC2 update. Also included in the HAC2 update is the hac.dll timer fix that is listed in the OP. hac.dll is no longer required as long as your HAC2 got updated (you'll be able to tell fairly quickly by joining one of the servers - if the elapsed time counter is jumping all over the screen, you aren't running the latest version - but it should update automatically). Some other very exciting news is that the SAPP server mod is being updated again. Newest update features the inclusion of a timer fix that no longer requires the use of an external LUA script (the script is currently being used in Montreal, LA and Amsterdam servers). The LUA script has been known to cause issues (ex: Rat Race crashes upon load, also intermittent crashes may be related to this script) so once I do some testing we will be able to retire the script from the configuration, effectively simplifying the server setup which ultimately results in better stability and less downtime. I'm still waiting on a good teleporter shader fix. I also need to review the sound removal mod that is used in NHE (I applied the same mod to my maps but some sounds still seem to play - not sure if this is the case on Xbox as well, need to do some side-by-side testing). When I have some actual progress to report, I'll make a traditional update like I've been doing. Progress has slowed but hasn't halted. I've been busy (mostly LANing NHE) but fully intend to see this through. I doubt anyone here is aware of the event, but CE3 will be airing this weekend. It's a kind of a showcase for the Halo PC modding community. Most of the content is not geared towards CE's competitive demographic, but I had initially planned to produce a flashy promo video for the Halo 1.5 maps ports. I've since reconsidered and will not be presenting the project for CE3. When the time comes, appropriate promotional measures will be taken, but I do not intend to release a video with "Coming Soon" at the end.
  20. When are the tournaments taking place? Was there one last night? Caught P & L last night but the stream was shitting the bed
  21. Wait there was a spawn that was removed for Halo 1 Final? Which version do you feel plays better (if it even makes much of a difference)?
  22. MCC heavily favors players with bad connections, PC doesn't.
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