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  1. Yeah I'll be uploading a bunch hopefully every night.
  2. Chiron! What do you want next? (it'll have to wait till tomorrow night)
  3. Hey folks, I figured with that since it seems 343i is basing CE off of the PC port, why not check out the spawn positions? Here's Hang 'Em High: These screenshots were taken from the Halo Editing Kit from the PC version. The spawn point widgets can be seen through geometry. Sorry for the low quality pictures. On that note, if anyone knows a good image hosting site, I'll re-upload the pics in higher quality. Otherwise I believe you *might* be able to view them in HQ in the photobucket album (no time to figure it out now). Sidenote: There are different spawns for different gametypes (i.e.: Slayer, CTF, etc.) Oh I'm also taking requests for other maps.
  4. I don't think there is a gaming site that exists that has less integrity than IGN. So please don't let anything they publish affect either your blood pressure or wallet.
  5. That's an unacceptable compromise. Let's look at the facts. There are two models used in online first person shooters: matchmaking and server browser. Each have their pros and cons. For example, matchmaking is best suited for competitive play, since players are always playing against others with approximately the same skill level. However, this comes at the cost of accessibility - in a server browser, you can be in a match of your choosing within seconds. However, with a server browser it isn't always possible to join a match with players of the same skill level. So, let's say 343i decided to just go the matchmaking route. As can be seen above, the primary purpose and advantage of matchmaking is to ensure competitive play and therefore ranks. There are 12 playlists at launch. My problem with whatever committee makes these decisions is that 5 out of these 12 playlists are cross-game. The very idea of a crossgame playlist is completely counter-intuitive to a competitive ranking system for what I believe are fairly obvious reasons. So that leaves us with 7 playlists. 3 of these are Halo 2 anniversary only. I mean sure H2A looks cool. However (and I can't speak for everyone) I'm fairly confident that the majority of players aren't dishing out $500+ to play H2A multiplayer (at least from what I've seen here). So we're left with 4 actual competitive, single-game playlists (5 if you include eSports which is probably H2A). That's 1 per game. And people will defend this.
  6. Add me folks! Non-raging semi-pro Halo PC player/custom map designer. Been playing Halo since it first came out on Xbox. GT: killdill101 See you on priz
  7. Ideal HCE playlists imo: 8-12 player FFA, 2v2 TS & 4v4 TS + objective.
  8. Hopefully a server list. While I agree that it can be a blast to play with a tight group, that doesn't mean that the game shouldn't be more accessible. It's an extra step in what should otherwise be a quick and painless process for players to get into a match of their liking. Why keep that from the players? I don't get it.
  9. Dude I know. It's goddamn ridiculous. They know damn well that many people (probably the majority tbh) are buying MCC for one game in particular, yet they insist on all these multi-game playlists. I really can't wrap my head around the logic of including so few playlists at launch, and even worse, so few single-game playlists. 1 playlist for CE? And its 4v4. What's next, AR starts and radars? Let's take a step back and try to look at this logically. Why is it so important for them to shove these multi-game playlists down our throats? How do they even get away with making a multi-game playlist ranked? I know everyone is sick of menial complaints coming from everyone, but this is an accessibility issue, not some little nitpicking remark about the colour of Lockdown or the visibility of ranks. This shit is important. People are buying consoles for this game (and let's not kid ourselves, MCC is just about the only thing Xbone has going for it), myself included. When they drop support in a year or two after the next big thing, are they going to leave us with about the same lacking playlist selection as we started with? It is not a technical limitation that is limiting the playlist selection - it's all running on Azure servers. This is much more likely a marketing decision, which scares me because it means they are trying to herd us to some unknown end by making us play their whack playlists. All we've heard are promises. I'll admit, 343i is starting to gain my trust a little, but I was always told "forgive but don't forget." I'm legitimately worried that they won't include a custom server list (again - why wouldn't they? what is there to lose?) and I'll be forced to play the same gametypes over and over again because there are only one or two playlists running the game I want to play. My blood pressure, 343i, please bring it down - I need to save my strength. PS: Maybe I'm wrong about all this (there's a lot of speculation above) but the approach they are taking is alarming. I do hope I'm wrong and more (not different - additional, as in more than 12) playlists are released within a reasonable amount of time. Otherwise I'll have to go back to Halo CE on PC to play varied gametypes (please noooo).
  10. I swear that surprise they have waiting for us had better be a custom game browser, otherwise so many of these original creations will go unplayed. Imagine: scrolling through the list, seeing a map you've never played, joining the match and discovering your new favourite map/gametype. IMAGINE!!!
  11. It seems clear after Hardy's posts that shot-leading was incorporated at the design level. However, starting with Halo PC, the shot-leading increases due to the way the netcode handles latency. On the original Xbox release of Halo, the netcode handled things differently - latency was not "offloaded" to shot-leading, but rather to button presses. This is because the game wasn't designed to handle the amounts of latency (delay) introduced by long-distance communication between hosts (machines), but rather for local LAN play (minimal, nearly unnoticeable delay). So the real question is: how will latency be handled in MCC? Shot-leading or button-presses? Or maybe they'll optimize the netcode so there won't be a significant impact on either?
  12. In my wildest dreams they will add a server list. However, in reality all I expect is at least a few more playlists per game. The following logic just does not make sense to me: Implement 12 playlists at launch, generally 1-2 per entry in the series plus a bunch of playlists that cover multiple entries There aren't playlists per entry for fear of dividing the playerbase B-but you can join customs.............. With no custom server browser -_- They might bring back CE in all its glory - perfect netcode, original Xbox spawn times, the whole kit. But if players aren't able to get the experiences they've been longing for, seems like wasted potential to me...
  13. While I understand that too many playlists could fragment the playerbase, I think we can agree that only having one dedicated playlist for any one of the entries in the series is a bit lacking. I'm sure I'm not the only one buying this game for one entry in particular (in my case, H1, in many others' cases, H2 or H3) and it just seems that their answer is cross-game playlists. Instead, they still could have launched with 12 playlists - 3 per game (dedicated). The cross-game playlists should be the exception, not the rule, since most people will likely stick to one game at a time. What do you think will happen when people are bent on getting the gametype they want, but people vote for another option (another game) in the lobby? Quitters. Of course with a custom game lobby none of this matters, as the player who wants to FFA Snipers on Chillout can easily find it in the list. I mean even the supposedly god-forsaken PC port of Halo CE has a server list (for both dedicated and P2P servers). I don't see how this isn't a no-brainer for 343i.
  14. Hello folks, My concerns: Small amount of playlists per game in the Master Chief Collection: Since everything is running on dedicated servers, I don't see any reason why there shouldn't be more dedicated playlists for each game (i.e.: H1 Rumble Pit, 2v2, 4v4, BTB, and more or less the same sets for the other games).No viable alternative besides searching for custom games: If they stick with the old P2P model of joining custom games through the friends list, I'll be disappointed. It ought to be easier for the player than making friends or looking through a custom games thread. This is a great opportunity for 343i to implement a custom game browser (even if customs aren't hosted on dedicated servers the addition of a game list would be most welcome).I am worried that we will once again be faced with the problem H4 had: decent maps/gametypes that go unplayed by the masses, simply because they never come up in matchmaking. I've been a daily lurker since the early days of that massive MCC discussion thread and TBH I'm quite surprised this isn't a hot topic. I know everyone's happy just to be able to play H1 and H2 online, but let's be realistic here: why are we settling for an online gaming model developped 7+ years ago for P2P-based matchmaking when we could have more choice and variety? I'm not saying we're entitled to anything - in my eyes, 343i has my respect just for bringing back H1 - but I'd like to play something other than 4v4's in H1. And let's be honest - cross-game playlists? So we'll have to sit through matches in other games to get to the map/gametype we're after? What do you think? Are you content with being served a small slice of Halo pie that 343i chooses for you? Wouldn't you rather be granted more options? Or at least some sort of custom game browser as an alternative?
  15. When you say Halo PC do you mean Halo 2? Or Halo 1? Because Halo 1 was recently updated by Bungie to ensure the survival of its server list after the big Gamespy shutdown (May 31st iirc). Halo 2, on the other hand, is still online. They said twice they were going to shut it down but she's still up and running :-D
  16. After experiencing the freedom of creating maps with an actual 3d modelling program and a robust editing kit, I could never change over to Forge. If they include a terrain editor, I'll try it out, but it's highly unlikely that anything they release with a console game will come close to being able to get the vision in my head out and into the game with 100% fidelity. Hopefully this changes with the improved processing power of the Xbone, but my hopes aren't very high. Maybe I'm just old and bitter :s EDIT: Actually with CE (specifically, Custom Edition on PC) you can rip any .map file with a third party tool. From there you can open the .scenario (the main tag where all the spawn/weapon locations are stored) with the official Halo Editing Kit (by Bungie/Gearbox), and move/remove/create anything placed in the map (even teleporters!). Going deeper, you can use the same method to change spawn times, jump height, running speed, basically everything that Forge and gametype editors in the later games can - and more. When you're done, you can save-as the .scenario as something else (ex: hangemhigh-v2) and recompile it under the new name (so as not to replace the original). Of course, anyone that wants to play the map with you will need to download it and put it into their .maps folder - but if everyone has HAC2 (allows automatic downloading of maps upon joining servers) and you submit your map to the HAC2 map server, then all the dirty work is done for you. Unfortunately the only thing that people use this functionality for is to make shitty H2/H3/Reach/H4 mods on Blood Gulch, but the option is there. I'd love it if the competitive scene would take up the opportunity, but not everyone is able to tolerate H1 after years of newer-gen engines and stats-tracking and all that. On that note, if anyone is willing to try this I would be more than happy to help you learn the ropes. I host a 10-slot dedicated server (Chicago) and would be glad to host competitive scrims using your ideas
  17. I'm working on a legit-as-hell lockout remake (among other things), hope I can still have the gold star :/ I totally know where you're coming from, though - too many shitty H2/H3/Reach/H4 remakes with crappy weapons and strange/poorly executed choices. And I'm not sure what you mean, you aren't a fan of areas in maps that are only accessible by jumping? And could you elaborate on the H1's jumping mechanics? I'm under the impression that the only difference is the jump height (shorter jump height in H1 compared to the rest of the series). Unless you're talking about the netcode (a whole other can of worms)? EDIT: to elaborate on my Lockout remake - it will use H1's weapons, but the map itself will look as close to H2 as possible. I've ripped all the shaders (including skybox and weather effects) using Entity, but many adjustments will have to be made to achieve visual fidelity. I have yet to see a well-balanced replication of H2's weapon set, and until that day comes I'll only be creating maps that use the stock weapon set, in order to maintain the competitive nature of the game and my server.
  18. As a map maker for H1:Custom Edition, I'd like to thank you all for this holy grail of notes on map design. I'm much obliged. Since I am not limited with Forge pieces/budget/FPS issues, I have the freedom to make whatever I want in my map, but sometimes I am at a loss. It is interesting to hear what competitive players like to see in their maps, for these are exactly the maps I constantly strive to create. To add to this: >Though it's not for everyone, I always like a couple of curve-balls. For example, in a map I'm working on, I have an elevated platform over a void that works really well for KOTH (see below). I added a hole in the middle of it after some play testing because it was slightly too easy to hold it down. With the hole, it is harder to land a frag nade on the hill (H1 nades don't explode after bouncing - they must land). Also, while defending, it is important to watch your footing or you will fall through. Players new to the map always call it out - saying they don't like it - but after they get used to it, they always change their minds :-) inb4 "ew ugly map git gud", this is the only pic I had to demonstrate, and it's very old. Looks much more polished now :-) >Jumps for the parkour aspect Without them, maps can become too linear and boring. Watch out, though, because too many of them can compromise the flow of your map. Perfect example: H2's Lockout. Using simple jumps to cut corners and surprise other players makes all the difference. Bad example: Guardian. Specifically, getting into that damn tree trunk with the Oddball and profiting -_- >I also have to agree about sightlines: it's as if the testing process for the maps in H4 wasn't effective. As previously stated, it's like they decided to block certain sightlines after the BSP (core level geometry) was completed, and had to rely on scenery objects to cover up their mistakes (I'm looking at you, Abandon!). This is what happens when I get horny and skin (map the textures to) the map because I'm sick of looking at my crummy alpha texture plastered all over walls. This takes time, and once it's done, I don't want to go back and redo it, so afterwards when someone says that they would change so-and-so, I try to argue away from it, if only out of ignorance and laziness. I've learned a lot from this and it seems clear that the testing team wasn't involved enough in the development process of some of the maps (not all, of course) >Due to the ability to create custom terrain, I have to add something that might not REALLY apply to you Forgers out there: when designing terrain for use with vehicles, ALL vehicles need to be taken into consideration (or at least both the warthog and ghost). A perfect example is the ice in Sidewinder and Icefields (HPC exclusive). Warthogs, which are generally more dominant in most maps, require more focused driving on these maps in order to avoid getting trapped on the ice while a Ghost strafes circles around you, laughing. It's not just a question of the ground material, though. In Danger Canyon (another HPC exclusive), the terrain isn't terrible, but Ghosts have a significant advantage due to the bumpiness of the main path between bases, and can use these bumps to hide and re-position/dodge. It also doesn't help that some of the bumps aren't smoothed out enough, and even skilled drivers can be caught flipping over in the heat of the moment. This is one of the challenging parts of creating a vehicle-focused map. Can't wait to see more, this thread is very informative
  19. Hi folks, I'm stunt_man, and I joined this lovely community in my search for high-level Halo PC (Custom Edition) players to match up with. I know this board mainly revolves around the later entries in the series, but with the new patch that Bungie just put out (in order to save the server list, which was powered by Gamespy), and with a couple of revolutionary add-ons to the game (HAC2 and SAPP, namely), I figured there might be some of you still playing this timeless classic. I'm interested in playing semi-competitively, or full-on scrims. On my server I host the classic maps as well as select custom maps that are tailored for competitive play (ex. no custom weapons/vehicles, or any of that rubbish). There is a max of 10 players for the server - 16 is too much and gives the game a bad name (ex: all those public servers hosting 24/7 blood gulch ctf). All gametypes are tested before they enter the mapcycle, to ensure smooth balanced gameplay, which I find is generally neglected by the majority of server hosts. Oh, almost forgot - I also create maps for the game. I have 3 upcoming releases, and I was hoping to get in touch with some of the better montage editors to see if they are interested in editing teasers/trailers to build hype and spread awareness of the maps. Looking forward to hear what you all think!
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