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  1. So wait let me get this straight: they added yet another H2A playlist? Here is a breakdown of the playlists per game (iirc): H1 - available in 2 playlists, including zero dedicated playlists H2 - available in 3 playlists, including 1 dedicated playlist H3 - available in 3 playlists, including 1 dedicated playlist H4 - available in 2 playlists, including zero dedicated playlists but that's quite alright H2A - available in 4 playlists, including 3 dedicated playlists Even in the midst of this shitfest, they really aren't going to stop shoving H2A down our throats. Is H2A really what the majority of the population wants more of? Oh yeah 343i said that H2A is the most popular, and I guess we'll take their word for it because there are no population counters (for "reasons"). That's real convenient for them that their new multiplayer mode is more popular than any of the other platinum-selling titles. I don't believe one stinking word of it. That's three times more dedicated playlists for H2A than any other of the titles. H2A MP isn't bad, but I'm fairly confident that it wasn't the reason we all dished out $500.
  2. State evidence, never saw any mention of this If true, what punishment? I already can't get into fucking matches anyway and ranks are shit so what's next? They gonna ban me? 343 please do me a fucking favor please ban me, my blood pressure will finally regulate and I'll go back to playing Halo PC which actually fucking works. If the punishment has anything to do with increased matchmaking times I'll probably throw this shitbox into the river and rid myself of the worst gaming experience I've ever had. On a side note, I finally got into a match. 6v2 Wizard. Ok, I can take these kids I probably have at least a decade on them. Nope, "Match Incomplete" after less than 3 minutes. There is no excuse. "Ohhh they're so ambitious with their big project" "Oh it's not their fault, Azure servers" "Oh I don't have any bugs, it's just you" "Oh you shouldn't quit you're part of the problem" "Oh when the game works it's so fun" "Oh they'll fix it" "Oh it's normal with any software" "Oh the patch just came out, tomorrow will be better" Goodnight. @Beyond mods: look I'm sorry for the excessive profanity but there aren't any nicer or more respectful words that accurately depict my current opinion, and I know 343 monitors this thread so I don't want to downplay my frustration.
  3. What the fuck. My experience post-patch is as follows: Jump into BTB because I haven't gotten a good match in there yet. Searches for about 3-4 minutes, then finds about 7 players. Then it hangs for 2 mins. People start leaving. Eventually it is just me and two others. So I hit back and try again. Then I waited 10 minutes with no luck. Quit to dashboard, try my luck in Team Slayer. Matches me after 4 minutes with 7 others. They all vote H2A. Fuck that, I want H1 (I'm strongly against mixed playlists so if I don't get H1 I quit - fuck me right? No fuck mixed playlists - stupidest idea ever). So I quit. Then quit to dashboard before trying again. Now I just get that popup window that says "Downloading Matchmaking data." Quit back to dashboard. Open Team Slayer, still get "Downloading Matchmaking data". It's been going for about 8 minutes now. This is fucking bullshit. I checked all my network settings. NAT is open, along with all relevant ports. No one else is using my connection. The only thing I noticed is that it looks like more people from my friends list are actually showing up in my roster (but still not all - there are still 3 that are playing MCC that don't show up in the roster). So what the fuck did I just download?
  4. Guys no joke, just finally got matched in BTB. Votes were h2a, h4, and h2a. People voted h4, but at least it was a dlc map I had never played before. This was the first time I've actually played h4 in MCC. I noticed right away the framerate was all over the place. The map looked pretty cool. Then the game crashed to dashboard. FFS 343
  5. I totally agree. Let me take it a step further - I daresay that if CE isn't fixed on MCC I will personally take it upon myself (as a Halo PC modder/mapmaker) to recompile all the stock maps with original Xbox weapon placement, player spawns, geometry and - if possible - weapon spawn times. This process wouldn't even be very difficult - the geometry changes are minor and therefore easy to reverse in 3ds max, most weapon placement issues are just a matter of rotating the item in Sapien, and as far as player spawn locations go there are some in the Halo PC version that are invalid because they are inside the level's collision geometry (very few). It would be great if the modding community could figure out a way for the controller to behave like the Xbox version, but I'm not sure it's entirely possible. Anyway, that's a worst-case scenario...
  6. I'd just like to point out that the no-lead mod on PC is server-side, so in the off-chance that 343i actually listens to reason and uses this method, it will only work in dedicated servers. That being said, MCC's current P2P netcode (in my opinion) is still better than XBC. I would much rather that latency be compensated by shot-leading than by button-presses, which just feels nuts (anyone else notice that this is how CE coop currently runs? Feels a lot like XBC off-host). I'm absolutely not saying that it's acceptable, just a statement directed towards the people who think XBC's "netcode" trumps MCC's. On a final note, I think the CE netcode has a much better chance of getting fixed than a lot of the map-specific issues, considering they delayed the CE playlist for this reason (hopefully among others). @@Patch Stay The player's interpretation of movement speed is definitely affected by the FOV change (which, contrary to popular belief, was changed on fullscreen as well as splitscreen - a result of the game going from 4:3 to widescreen). It will definitely take some getting used to - I noticed the same thing about jumping to rox on Chillout. Also, I'm a bit rusty on my nade tricks (weapon grabs), but it's possible that the player's interpretation of throwing nades is related to the FOV changes as well. If someone that is adept at nade tricks could test some of these out, we would be able to tell for sure whether the nade throwing arc has been altered. And you're not the only one that's having issues with fall damage. Just the other day I was in a situation where I was near a ledge and dodging shots, dancing a jig, and upon jumping and landing on the same level I got fall damage. This is absolutely a netcode problem where the server isn't tracking player movement properly. It will be interesting to see if this problem is as apparent on dedicated servers as on P2P, as I believe it may be caused by an inadequate tickrate (basically the rate at which the host and clients synchronize data - for example player coordinates). This is also likely the cause of rockets not killing players, etc. All that to say - Halo PC in its current state plays much better than this. The only significant improvement that was made to the netcode is the nearly complete elimination of rubberbanding (and there seems to be much less warping, which leads me to believe that the tick rate is indeed better than on Halo PC, but it still isn't optimal).
  7. I'd definitely start by making sure your NAT is open. My friend's was "moderate" and he was having way more trouble than me. inb4 naysayers that believe NAT has no effect on games played on dedicated servers: I'm confident that an NAT that isn't "open" negatively impacts matchmaking and session-joining (in the roster). My reasoning comes from an entire weekend of troubleshooting and headaches :/
  8. Hello all, I thought it would be a good idea to start this thread in the hopes of compiling all of our workarounds and fixes in one place. While I don't believe there is a single golden rule, there are definitely some things that have gotten me into games and into friends' lobbies somewhat more consistently. Here, I'll kick it off: As Frankie already posted, if you are in matchmaking and it doesn't read "In lobby" at the top of the roster, you will not join a game. In this case, exit out of matchmaking and restart the search until it reads "In lobby." If you are trying to play with friends, make sure everyone's NAT is OPEN. There are a couple ways to do this. Some routers require only that upnp be toggled on/off, while others require the ports to be forwarded manually. Click here for more information: http://support.xbox.com/en-CA/xbox-one/networking/network-ports-used-xbox-live When trying to join matchmaking with friends, if it is taking a very long time (even when the header reads "In lobby"), I noticed that simply restarting the search doesn't always help. In this case, it is best to completely quit the game by going to the dashboard, highlighting the MCC tile, pressing start, and selecting "quit." Upon reopening the game, the first search is undoubtedly more likely to work (no promises, but in my case I found this to be true almost every time, at least for the Team Slayer playlist). I read somewhere (I believe it was on the waypoint forums) that in order to find a game more quickly in the BTB playlist, you can navigate to the custom games menu, choose halo 2 classic, proceed all the way to the end, and right before clicking "start match," back all the way out and jump back into matchmaking and choose the BTB playlist. No one will believe this, but I tried it twice and got good results twice. Others were also experiencing success with this method. The OP broke down his logic and posted a hypothesis about the reason this works. I can't find the link atm. So there you have it: there may not be a method to this madness, but hopefully these tricks will help ease the frustration we're all experiencing. I invite you all to pitch in with your tricks and observations! And mods, please don't merge this thread! These tricks, while temporary, seem to work for some people and it would be a shame to lose them in the 1000+ page monster general discussion thread.... I'll update this OP with more tricks as they are posted. Thanks
  9. All the time. Also often throw a grenade when jumping (ultra-sensitive triggers). I do consider the xbone controller to be a marked improvement (I love the sensitivity of the sticks) over the 360 controller, and for the moment I chalk these mistakes down to old habits and muscle memory. If I'm still making these mistakes in a few months I'll swallow my words.
  10. I'm concerned about the off-host shot lead. I got used to HPC's shot lead years ago, but that doesn't make it right. Man I was really banking on customs being on dedis because I knew they wouldn't be able to get the netcode right. Btw guys it's not just shot lead, it's melee lead, vehicle splattering lead, nade lead, etc... It's global
  11. If those clips were in HD you would be able to see sprint just as clearly. If you think sprint may have a place in Halo, then that's another argument in itself... But we're skeptical and people should be allowed to voice their opinions and concerns about the next Halo game, considering Bungie/343's track record and the fact that Halo isn't nearly as relevant as it used to be in the competitive scene.
  12. And those leaked clips... They aren't the game being played? Looks like gameplay to me. "The longer you wait, the longer you wait." Eventually it's going to be too late to make fundamental changes to the gameplay (Riot's point about maps being built around sprint is the most glaring example) and we're going to be stuck with something we didn't want. But hey, 343i will sponsor tournaments for it! Halo's back! We back! I'd much rather see people's panties get in a bunch and they turn out wrong than seeing no one complain about anything and get stuck with something unenjoyable. inb4 if you don't like it, don't play it: I'd love to play a brand new Halo game with the same high standard of gameplay as the early entries. But it seems like the devs are going to have to listen to the community because it doesn't seem like they have a grasp of what makes Halo a superior competitive shooter.
  13. I agree that if we have to choose, I'd like to see 2v2, no doubt about it. But why should we have to choose one over the other? Why can't we have both? Playerbase segregation? If that is actually a concern for them, maybe there won't be as many MCC sales as we are hoping... The news that custom matches are going to be P2P really worries me. I don't know how many of you have seen some H1 customs streams, but the netcode is terrible (slightly better than vanilla Halo PC, but the shot-lead is crazy). It worries me further that 343i seem to have recently added the hit-sound. The reason it was added to Halo PC was because there was so much shot-lead that players needed an actual indicator to tell them if they hit their target (if you *almost* hit a target, the shields still gives off a hit effect, to some degree, so it can be unclear sometimes). It seems more and more likely H1 isn't getting the justice it deserves, yet again. I already have an xbone and MCC preloaded. I'm going to play. So I guess they win, but I find it a bit silly that it's easier to get the Halo experience I desire from Halo PC or XBC, but I can't get it from MCC which was specifically marketed as "the Halo experience as you remember it."
  14. Lol I got better things to do than fake vids, but yeah I forgot I had player_magnetism enabled. Feels good tho, you should come join my server! We're all playing with controllers. Yeah usually me too, but I'm prepping for MCC :P The movement kind of sucks, though, I hope someone figures out a fix for it (I made a thread on halomaps about it).
  15. Ok, we get it, you like mouse & keyboard. We're discussing controllers here. Nah, I'm talking about Halo 1. Here's a vid to prove it: http://youtu.be/3Yvw6QDUr5o
  16. There is definitely aim assist present. I didn't do any special configuration - it's the movement that's a bit fucked up (no walk, only run so it seems sensitive). Aiming feels very similar to Xbox.
  17. No, they don't see the password-protected servers because they didn't spend the time to read and set up the game correctly. These kids won't play a game unless it can be delivered to them on a silver platter and fully functional on their first playthrough. If anyone's interested this is what you need to do to get the most out of the game: 1) Get Halo Custom Edition (halomaps.org) 2) Get HAC2 (MANY more servers, FOV fix, server bookmarks, etc) (blog.haloanticheat.com) 3) Get into a good server on your favourite map/gametype (type /info upon joining to see if the no-lead mod is ON - truly fantastic in my opinion) 4) Get rekt
  18. As a long time Halo PC Custom Edition player I can say these allegations of no good servers existing is false. Why are you joining servers with tanks on Blood Gulch 24/7? There's a list with far more selection than you'll find on XBC or even MCC at launch. Even the shot lead (with the no lead mod) is much truer to the original than the stream I just watched (be prepared for massive MCC shot lead, at least on P2P). I'm looking forward to playing CE in MCC as much as the next guy, but to start blasting Halo PC because you didn't join the right server grinds my gears a bit, I've had great competitive matches in that game, you just have to play with the right people in an actual good server. With that said, me and my buddy will be in here likely for the whole afternoon: We'll be using controllers (on PC movement is overly sensitive but aiming is just like on xbox) and going through solid gametypes (twl and mlg gametypes included) on classic and custom maps (don't worry purists - only classic weapon set is allowed here). Original xbox shot lead, map votes, Chicago host. Come join the fun (unless your anti-PC stigma is real)!
  19. How about adding another CE playlist? I'm glad we're getting 2v2's but it would be nice to have more than one option. CE's hardly ever going to get voted on in mixed playlists
  20. It must be nice having a big brother to set up all your xbox mods for you so all you have the do is drag and drop. The point that you're making me simplify into a pulp is that the engine wasn't designed for it therefore it may not be easy for them to implement it.
  21. Bro I'm sure it was as easy as "copy paste" too right?
  22. "Literally nothing" is a pretty strong confident statement about something that eludes you. "Copy and pasting" the map files sounds nice and easy but in reality this means recompiling the map files with new settings and adding them to the map list. The CE engine wasn't built like the later games where you can have multiple variants for each map. All the map-specific stuff is hard coded into the map files. Something else: original Xbox CE wasn't able to run custom maps - that was only possible much later with Custom Edition on PC. So, if 343i didn't use the code from Custom Edition, adding multiple versions of each map (aka custom maps) might not be in the cards. That was a lot of "if's" but it really may not be as simple as copy pasting map files.
  23. For what it's worth, in Halo PC the hit sound is completely client-based, and can only be toggled on/off with a console command. It is unlikely that they will create a server functionality that forces clients to deactivate the hit sound. It's more likely they'll remove it altogether if enough people put on the pressure. Also in Halo PC there is an option in gameplay settings for the weapon set: There's no reason for them to remove that weapon set from game, so we'll likely at least have that option in customs (fingers crossed that MM doesn't use these - the fuel rod gun is ridiculous and spawns very often in most maps) Starting grenade count on the other hand is not set in the gametype settings, but in the globals tag file. This file controls settings that are global to all gametypes, such as player movement speed, jump height, and: During the creation of a map in CE, the values in the globals tag can be modified before the tool actually builds the map. During the build process, the data is collected from the globals tag and used in the map file. So, it is possible to alter the starting grenades on a per-map basis. However, that's not what we want - what we're looking for is to alter starting nades on a per-gametype basis. What it comes down to is if they decide to change the starting grenade count, it's going to be global across all gametypes, and not just 2v2's. Sadly that alone may make them decide against changing it :/ Someone said before that custom matches on dedis in Titanfall were only added after a patch - maybe this is going to be standard practice because they want to see if it's worth it, and if so, set up a sufficient amount of servers to deal with the demand. I hope they add it :P As a PC server host I can say with confidence that the best matches take place on good servers in a decent location relative to all players. P2P and host advantage haven't crossed my mind in years - I wouldn't have it any other way.
  24. Here's the data from Guerilla, Bungie's tag editor: It's pretty clear the timing offset is unintentional and I hope it's something that can be patched. This is probably the best way to get all your weapon timings, though. The tag data for all the stock MP maps is all available on halomaps.org.
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