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  1. What is this on-host/off-host nonsense? This game has had dedicated servers from the start - 90% of game are being played on dedis! :^)
  2. Any major improvements in Halo PC didn't come from the devs (which aren't even the same as MCC), but from the community. Sure there was custom edition (released in 2004) that added the ability to play custom maps, but all other major improvements (automatic map downloads, server join queues, server bookmarking, FOV adjustment, medals from other Halo games, etc) were all products of the community. Sorry to burst your bubble, but without the community's involvement Halo PC would only have basic functionality it shipped with (even the master server list isn't hosted by Bungie/Gamespy anymore) and the shot-lead would still be as ridiculous as it was when it launched in 2003. TL;DR - Your faith in the devs is misplaced, as the addition of Halo PC's greatest features came from the community, not Gearbox/Bungie (who had no hand in MCC anyway).
  3. Same here - I'm using Bumper Jumper and every time I'm in a situation that requires a quick and dirty melee, I clench hard and end up zooming before meleeing. Wasn't there a feature in one of the later Halo games called "anti-clench" that was designed to prevent this sort of thing from happening? No idea how it works, never used it.
  4. Let's take it a step further and ask: how is this even possible since "12 minutes" isn't even an option in the gametype settings? EDIT: oops assumed you were talking about CE
  5. @@ThreeShotPistol I feel the same way - very glad they fixed the shooting mechanics and camo. But I must disagree with you, good sir, about being okay with 343i not restoring the xbox maps. I'm working on doing it for HPC, and it's not hard and doesn't even take long (and that's without the original map model files, which they most certainly have access to). So yeah, fuck that, they should still 100% bring back OG xbox maps.
  6. I see what you're saying, but then again: there's "broken" and then there's MCC, which is on another level. As far as I know, this game has pushed the envelope in terms of the sheer amount of bugs that are still present nearly a month after launch. Not everyone that wants to play a video game on launch day has the sort of agenda and disillusion it takes to think that abstaining from preordering will somehow make the world a better place. People are getting fed up, and it's acceptable. Also, in other cases (Battlefield 4, GTA 5, Diablo 3, and World of Warcraft come to mind), developers were immediately transparent about the issues, whereas in MCC's case, the marketing campaign continued running full-force despite the fundamentally broken nature and extremely slow repair process. The worst example of this is the ridiculous Halo Bulletin that was put out on the Halo Channel on the Friday after launch. Your analogy about new cars doesn't really apply, either. A car is a much more expensive product, which if fundamentally flawed, would risk the lives of the driver and passenger. Many people buy new cars upon release because it's unthinkable that a car is released with fundamental design problems.
  7. As a filthy, quitting CE player I'll say this: my beef is not with the other players. It is unfortunate that your experience is being affected, but in my opinion this is acceptable collateral damage. There is a fundamental design flaw in MCC that is stopping players from getting the experience they desire. I'm not talking about bugs, I'm talking about lack of accessibility to the experience that the player bought the game for. I invite anyone that is upset about us quitting to go and complain on Waypoint, since that is the only thing that will raise awareness of insatisfaction, and with some luck 343i may do something about it (like produce a playlist selection that actually makes a lick of sense). You could even say that your complaints are proof that multi-game playlists are a terrible idea. They encourage quitting because it is highly unlikely that everyone will get what they want. What's so hard about going into different playlists after every match if you want a mixed-game experience? At least that way no one else's experience is affected. All the games are there at your fingertips for you to enjoy. Just because you believe you have the right to have it spoon-fed to you in the form of a mixed-playlist is not a good excuse for being mad at quitters, since the amount of players that want this spoon-fed mixed experience are certainly less numerous than those who boot up the game with a specific experience in mind. CORRECTION: I said "All the games are there at your fingertips," I should have written "all games except CE are there at your fingertips." TL;DR: Be mad at 343i, not the CE players that quit out.
  8. @@Vegan Elite @@ImperiumVII @@Rudzki @@FLuFFy On the subject of the mess that is matchmaking, what do you think of this idea? (I posted it a couple pages back)
  9. "Made an update to the high-level matchmaking flow that will reset lobbies after each match. Moving forward, players and party leaders need to press "B" after the post-game-carnage report, and select a playlist for their next match. This flow is consistent with previous Halo titles." Um wut? Can someone refresh my memory? I remember being able to stick with the same gang in previous Halo titles. On a side note, I've played one match in 50 minutes. After that match, I waited 15 minutes in Team Slayer. Since it was taking so long, I backed out to restart the search. Then the game crashed. This whole ordeal was ridiculous, then sad, then laughable - and now it's straight up fucking pathetic. Fix your fucking game 343i.
  10. I have an idea that 343i will probably never implement (because it makes far too much sense for them), but one can dream right? Instead of having multi-game playlists (which, let's face it, suck balls), why not have playlists for each gametype (ex: Doubles, Team Snipers, CTF/Objective, BTB, Rumble Pit) and leave them single-game, but have them rotate between games every week or two. For example: WEEK 1: Team Doubles: HCE Team Snipers: H2C CTF/Objective: H2A BTB: H3 Rumble Pit: H4 WEEK 2: Team Doubles: H2C Team Snipers: H2A CTF/Objective: H3 BTB: H4 Rumble Pit: HCE etc, etc This would allow players to experience more variety, while still satisfying the needs of the hardcore people how want to play a certain gametype in a certain game. They could likely automate the whole thing so it wouldn't take more than a press of a button, and there could be a playlist calendar posted on Waypoint or on the Halo Channel. Sure we won't be able to play 24/7 HCE doubles, but at least we would be able to play 24/7 HCE. Besides, if we really need a HCE doubles fix, we can hit up customs during the off-weeks. The only real downside to this system is how ranks would be handled. To fix this they could have a few separate, ranked single-game playlists with finely-tuned, community-approved competitive gametypes. Even with all the game's problems, my single biggest issue is the lack of thought put into the playlist selection. It seems I'm always playing the same gametypes on the same games and it makes me sick. What better way to fix this problem than to implement this carousel of single-game playlists and letting players get a taste of all the popular gametypes for each game, instead of only one or two?
  11. Halo 5 looks okay. But I ain't buying shit from 343i if they don't fix MCC.
  12. ^I noticed this as well, drives me crazy. I hope it gets fixed soon, though it's a netcode issue so I'm not going to hold my breath...
  13. If the texture coordinates stay intact, we're fucking golden. Can you convert to mesh and tell me whether everything has the same material ID? Because as long as I don't have to re-uv everything, I'd have no problem with setting up a material library and matching the materials to the level (through experience I know most of the stock shader/material names by heart). Also, 3ds max 8 is the last version with Blitzkrieg support.
  14. Not sure if both versions have the same number of spawn points (I'm going to look at the Xbox map data this weekend to confirm this), but yes it appears that some spawns are unusable because they are inside a wall (again, @@Mintograde suspects that at least two of the spawns I listed are indeed functional - I'll be posting some screenshots of the locations of these spawns if people want to see whether they work or not). Interesting, I didn't realize Sparkedit had that functionality. I'll give it a shot, thanks.
  15. @@Mintograde Not sure where these spawns are located (I didn't go to their locations to fix them, I just scrolled through the list in Sapien and repositioned the ones with red X's next to them) - if I have time I'll screencap their position in the map and post here. That being said, I'm fairly certain that the spawns I mentioned don't work, because like I said they were inside the level geometry. From experience, I can say that any item who's origin is placed inside collision geometry (including player spawns, weapons, scenery, etc) doesn't compile. Also, please read on - I would appreciate your insight with the following matter: @@insidi0us I looked into ripping .obj files from the Xbox maps in the past and had no luck with Arsenic (I was trying to port the Halo 1.5 maps awhile back, and I couldn't get in touch with anyone with access to the original model files...). If I understood you correctly, you mentioned that you were able to rip the .obj, but without the textures? If that is the case, please share your method, as I'd be able to restore textures with relative ease. If it turns out to be impossible to rip the models from the Xbox map files without a long investigation, I'll continue as I planned - making the tweaks manually with the Xbox version running at my side for precision's sake. I'm adept enough in 3ds max to replicate the experience - wait for it - Just as you remember it.
  16. I made more progress tonight. Differences range from the geometry of the trench to weapon rotations, to (and this the most glaring issue by far) broken player spawns. Here's the changelog up until now: **Format is as follows: [applicable gametype] Action taken (x,y,z coordinates)** I'm unfamiliar with the "official" callouts so I searched them on google but all I could find were the ones for High Noon from Reach. As you can see, I think I may have just opened a can of fucking worms. Rotated weapons are one thing, but broken spawns are far more serious a problem. These spawns were positioned within the BSP's collision geometry, making them invalid. And this is just one map, I'm afraid to even look at the others. When people used to say the PC maps were "broken," I always considered it a bit of an exaggeration. This is clearly no longer the case. This weekend I'm going to rip the Xbox scenario tag to compare locations of spawns and weapons more effectively. As for the geometry, I ripped the BSP from the PC version into 3ds max and made the modifications manually, with the Xbox version running simultaneously to make sure everything conforms. This is the final product: I believe this is the most significant geometry change in the maps, the only others that come to mind are the windows in Battle Creek and the teleporter rooms in Sidewinder. Should be a piece of cake.
  17. I'm working on restoring the stock maps in Halo PC to their original Xbox versions (so players on PC can play the real versions of the maps for the first time). Frankly I'm surprised no one has done it yet, seeing as we have all the tools we need to make it a reality. I'm going to use your site as a starting point for this project. I've already begun work on Hang 'Em High, and I've been doing side-by-side comparisons of all the weapon pickups (PC compared to OG Xbox) and ohhh boyyy... Let's just say it isn't only the rockets that have been rotated. As I progress I'm writing a detailed changelog of all the differences between the two versions. I'll use this to log additional bugs on your site when I'm done (or if you'd rather not wait, I can post it here whenever).
  18. **Disclaimer: I don't believe I've gotten lucky enough yet to have played any CE matches on a dedicated server** I wouldn't be so quick to call it an improvement. It's just different. While you definitely don't have to lead your shots quite as much, the amount seems to fluctuate wildly throughout a match, making it very unpredictable. And this is on top of game-breaking netcode issues such as "phantom fall damage," falling through the map, teleporters shooting you on top of a level, strange behavior of explosives, etc. I'm with you, though - if they can stabilize the lead and fix these other strange issues, the game will be solid as fuck. Until then, though, it would be a joke to play a serious match with the MCC netcode (too much unpredictable shit can occur that would disturb the match). I haven't yet gotten into a CE match where the shot-lead is anything like that first gameplay video on Hang 'Em High (IGN First). Again, I'm sure this is a P2P-related issue (as far as shot-lead goes, can't say about the other bizarre issues). Also, I'm not sure when you last played CE on PC, but the majority of servers are now running a server-side mod that fixes the shot-lead trouble the turn everyone from the game all those years ago. The only netcode problem that remains is rubberbanding when two bipeds (players) collide, but this is a minor issue compared to the ridiculously massive shot-lead that the game shipped with. All that being said, if I had to choose which version of the game I would scrim on (in their current states), HPC with the no-lead mod trumps MCC by a long-shot.
  19. So I thought I found another bug... But it turns out that in Halo 2 coop, when a player dies on legendary it's normal that it resets to the last checkpoint, Iron Skull-style. The last time I played Halo 2 coop legendary was a decade ago, so I'd forgotten about this detail. I guess we're going to have to git gud.... It's strange that this is the only game to have this functionality (iirc). H2 is indeed a strange beast...
  20. I see. The reason I assumed it wouldn't work is because there isn't a way to make it work with Halo PC P2P matches. But come to think of it, this is likely because we can't modify the actual PC game engine to the extent required - but this isn't an issue for 343i, so yes, I suppose it would be possible.
  21. @@insidi0us I hope you don't mind me using your site as a resource to fix the map-related problems in HPC I'll also be doing my own side-by-side comparisons for this project so I'll add any new findings to the list, of course.
  22. While I don't have in-depth knowledge of Halo's netcode workings, that method sounds quite similar to how the no-lead mod works in HPC. However, to my knowledge, this is a server-side mechanism and wouldn't work in P2P matches (aka customs). That being said, the netcode in MCC is clearly quite different from the netcode in Halo PC (one of the only differences, it seems...). I deduced this much from pure observation. In MCC, the issues are inconsistent shot-lead, phantom fall damage, player starting positions not behaving correctly, among others. In HPC, the main issues are rubberbanding and warping (tickrate issues, I believe). The shot lead, while massive, is at least consistent. What it comes down to is that it is hard to make an educated guess about netcode workings and implementation with so little understanding of what we're dealing with. It seems to me that if they even so much as based MCC's netcode off of HPC, the shot-lead would at least be consistent, which it most definitely isn't.
  23. @@overuled accidentally negged sorry! At this point I'm not playing the game anyway (CE's netcode at this point is significantly inferior to even HPC's, which I've been playing in the meantime). So if they took the MP offline, or even significantly limited it, I couldn't care less as long as it meant that this mess would be sorted out more quickly!
  24. Makes me wonder why I bought a shitbox when we've had all that on PC for a decade, and with better netcode too (than mcc's current state at least). Sure Halo is meant to be played with a controller, but at least PC we can mod the maps back to their OG geometry/weapon spawns, we can enable/disable join-in-progress, and even choose to use the medal-sets from other Halo games (with a simple mod). I feel like we only go backwards.
  25. Well fuck me I guess. I thought I was going to be able to play a variety of gametypes from the classic, tried-and-true, platinum-selling Halo games. Instead looks like I'm limited to like 2 gametypes per game except for 343i's new baby. EDIT: Seriously they could fix so much of this game by having customs on dedis and making a server browser.
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