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  1. Isn't 9GAG where the people who haven't discovered Reddit go to? Isn't reddit where the people who haven't discovered 4chan go to?
  2. It is an easy fix. I did it myself for Halo PC. Literally requires nothing more than changing a number in a tag file and typing a command to recompile the map.
  3. I wish I could share your optimism. I hope you're right. I'm just afraid that they'll get the matchmaking functional, fix the netcode across all games and call it a day.
  4. Exactly my point - these are relatively easy things to restore. It just proves that either: a) they're clueless, or b ) they simply don't care enough about maintaining fidelity to the original version.
  5. Shameless plug: It is now possible to play the OG version of Hang 'Em High in my Custom Edition server. Why am I posting this here? Just to prove that an unpaid modder with a vague interpretation of the meta-game and a little bit of spare time on his hands is able to restore the OG versions of the maps, while 343i with all their resources and pro players at their disposal haven't even addressed the issue. For those actually interested in playing: That's a Custom Edition server with several maps in the map-votes (not only HH), proper MLG gametypes (complete with 4-nade starts) and the no-lead mod. If any of you jump on there, please PM me with any issues you encounter (gametypes, maps and mapcycles are all constantly getting updated and improved - again unlike MCC).
  6. Yeah the pistol spread is identical across all versions. Here's a video comparison: http://youtu.be/dqCyPHW0KIw
  7. I just re ran the MCC vs OG test and it appears I WAS WRONG. First of all, my tests were conducted while holding down the trigger (I did them a couple days ago and the reason I tested it this way is because the guy that brought this to my attention mentioned it only worked when holding the trigger). Secondly, when I tested the real OG version tonight I didn't hold the trigger, but fired it like a semi-automatic - which is what made it appear much more accurate. So I apologize for the false alarm, but now I'm questioning my tests. The guy that I quoted in my other post (the guy who discovered all this) is very knowledgeable about the CE engine. I'll have to ask him to elaborate. Sorry guys, but look on the bright side: it seems like the pistol is in fact alright in MCC.
  8. Say wuttt EDIT: Tested again, pistol spread is identical across all versions. Here's a video comparison: http://youtu.be/dqCyPHW0KIw Going to re-test, I was using the Xbox 360 version. I'll try it with my OG disk (don't have an OG box but as long as I use the OG disk it should be the same). UPDATE: By God so it's true! Same test with the OG disk. (I'll upload a new pic another day) **BREAKING NEWS: PISTOL SPREAD IN MCC IS NOT IN FACT "JUST HOW YOU REMEMBER IT" ** I WAS WRONG I DIDN'T TEST CORRECTLY (I HELD TRIGGERS FOR ALL TESTS EXCEPT OG) I've edited my previous post to reflect these new findings.
  9. I shot from that very position (in front of the tombstone across and a bit to the right from the tombstone I was shooting at). Are you saying that because the bullet holes are at an angle? That's just because the bullet holes are decals and are applied parallel to the geometry.
  10. Sorry I didn't specify - for these tests I fired the pistol one shot at a time. I didn't test holding down the trigger because that's silly and no one plays like that anyway (in which case you have a point - if the difference only occurs when holding the trigger, it really doesn't matter). But it appears that when played normally, there is no difference between each version. ^^This is false, bad testing
  11. The third CE multiplayer webinar is going live at 6pm PST tonight GET HYPE (crickets) Seriously though, if there is anything you've been wondering about CE multiplayer maps, this guy will probably answer it. If you can't make the live session, post your questions here and I'll try to ask them to him (I'll be on that shit like white on rice).
  12. I feel the netcode is much too forgiving (too easy to 3sk, headshot with sniper). I mean I know I'm not bad, but I'm definitely performing better on MCC than on OG. UPDATE: Video comparison and proper testing shows that all versions have identical pistol spread at various fire rates: http://youtu.be/dqCyPHW0KIw IN OTHER NEWS: I decided to test Ifafudafi's theory about the pistol spread between all versions of CE. Not sure if this was the best way to test it, but here we go: (I fired the pistol like a semi-automatic aka I didn't just hold down the trigger, and I used two full clips for each test) I did in fact hold the trigger down for all these tests but I'm currently working on a video comparison which should clear up any confusion This is from the OG version: This is from Halo MCC on Xbone: This is from Halo PC (unaltered): This is from Halo PC (with the tags altered according to Ifafudafi's theory): ^^This is indeed from the PC version - I'm working on restoring the OG versions of the maps, thats why the lip in the trench is visible and the AR is positioned like OG. It appears that vanilla Halo PC's pistol spread is identical to the OG version and MCC. If I understood everything correctly, Ifafudafi may have been incorrect and MCC's pistol spread may be in line with the OG version after all. As you can see, the pistol spread in all non-OG versions is significantly different! **BREAKING NEWS: PISTOL SPREAD IN MCC IS NOT IN FACT "JUST HOW YOU REMEMBER IT" ** This is the tag setting that is supposedly changed upon map compilation (Jason Jones' last-minute adjustment): Unaltered: Altered:
  13. That guy is actually working with a team on a rather ambitious recreation of the Silent Cartographer campaign level. Those guys are seriously pushing the envelope in terms of what is possible with CE's rickety-ass engine. They're working on (and have showcased) advanced lighting techniques (directional lightmaps), new AI and enemy types, functional Reach-style VISR mode, among tons of other stuff. He probably just came across this stuff while he was doing his own research with Bungie's tags. It's fairly easy - the tools are publicly available along with all the PC game data, and the Xbox game data can be downloaded online. Anyway, The point of my post was that the MP pistol in the MCC might not even have the same stats as the MP pistol in OG Xbox. I don't intend to verify this claim at the moment, but judging from the fact that most of the game's code and content was ripped from the PC version, this is more than likely the case. ALSO: This is the reason that no one could figure out why the pistol in the PC version didn't feel the same. The way people have probably been checking this is: Rip Xbox pistol tags from an Xbox multiplayer map file Rip PC pistol tags from a PC multiplayer map file Compare the two - the values are identical though, because on the Xbox version the modification to the pistol's stats occurs when the map is loading, which alters the tag's value after the fact This is a bug that can be fixed rather easily, just requires re-compiling all the maps with the correct data in the tag. Will 343i do it? Who knows? Because if it comes to re-compiling the maps they're opening the door to fixing a shitload of other map-related issues. Can be fixed on PC though
  14. This was originally posted by Ifafudafi from the halomaps.org forums. Here's the link to a thread I made in a fruitless attempt to wake up and inspire the so-called "map makers" of Halo Custom Edition: http://forum.halomaps.org/index.cfm?page=topic&topicID=47736 **BEWARE: the halomaps forum is filled with all manner of shitposters, man-children, actual children, self-righteous content creators and self-proclaimed memes. Click on this link at your own risk*** HINT: At the time of this writing there is nothing else of value in that thread besides the post I have quoted above.
  15. HPC and H2V's lobbies being removed were two separate concerns. Custom Edition has always had enough players (right now its at ~650 but I've seen double that recently), H2V on the other hand I've never seen over 100.
  16. When I was young I appreciated the added weapons and vehicles in HPC. But the older I get, the more I appreciate the fact that they can be disabled in the settings.
  17. OG H1 KIDS BTFO! STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSES MOUTH! SIDEWINDER PORTS WERE SUPPOSED TO BE 2-WAY FROM THE START!! BASED GEARBOX WAS RIGHT ALL THIS TIME!! Joking aside I did find this very interesting. What if he would have said his biggest regret was that lip in the trench in Hang Em? I'm not saying HPC isn't a hot mess, but consider this: maybe the blind hate that some of the Gearbox-changes get isn't necessarily warranted. Hardy believed that two-way ports on Sidewinder were objectively better, and he messed up/changed them - but Gearbox "fixed" it. This could easily have happened on some of the other maps. By the way I'm just trying to start a discussion - I won't even attempt to debate which maps play objectively better - I don't play at a high-enough level for that. Thoughts?
  18. If I made your point, I'm not sure what point you're trying to make? I'm not discussing objective reasons why I believe one game is better than another (there are already countless posts in this very thread for your reading pleasure). I don't think it's even possible to make it more clear that I was stating my subjective opinion about my preference. To be quite honest the games never appealed to me, ever since launch day H2 never grew on me like CE did. If I wanted to start a debate about why one game is objectively better than another, I would have done so. I don't care enough to delve into what makes me dislike the games. I have enough on my plate already. Again, others have already done so numerous times and I feel it's ridiculous that people are expected to back up every single personal opinion with proof/citations/explanations and bring up the same stale arguments when it still always boils down to a matter of personal preference.
  19. Popular opinions aren't void, I'm just saying that logfish's opinions shouldn't be discredited solely on the basis that the bar under his name is red. I just never really liked H2, feels weird to me - and H2A has too much bloom and gimmicks and not enough content.
  20. On the topic of H2 vs H2A - what a silly debate! They're both shit! (in my opinion) ^ this mere line of text won't save me from getting negged, and it wouldn't have saved logfish from getting negged either. Some people are too sensitive about semantics and require such disclaimers at the beginning/end of every post lest they get emotional. Logfish exists in the form of a reality-check. I don't always agree with him, but he's a necessary evil that represents the voices of all the people who don't speak out for fear of the inevitable backlash from the circlejerk. *edited for formatting
  21. @@Stephander While I respect everything you said, 343i's questionable design decisions for Halo 5 aren't the motivating factors stopping me from buying Halo 5. The only reason I or anyone else needs to keep money away from 343i is the deplorable, shameful condition of MCC. With all due respect, I do not know what to say to any of you that are actually considering giving them more money after this debacle. I truly have no words. Godspeed to you.
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