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  1. @@JordanB Neither the scope & ambitious nature of this project, 343's mediocre track record, nor 343's ties to Microsoft can or will excuse the poor handling of MCC post-launch.
  2. Despite CE's flaws in MCC, I get sucked into that playlist for hours every time I go on. I'm losing sleep to it. I know I can't speak for everyone but I've been getting fast matches and great games, and that's going in solo (people miraculously started using their mics I guess). I didn't play much XBC back in the day and its great to see what I've been missing all these years. All I could ask from them is to iron out the remaining bugs in CE and add join-in-progress for customs. A custom game browser would be ideal but at this point I wouldn't hold my breath. I think I can speak for a lot of people here when I say that I don't have as much time for video games anymore (probably too old for this anyway) and the success or failure of yet another sequel to the series that's been on a downward spiral for the last decade doesn't make a lick of difference to me.
  3. I am eagerly looking forward to watching the stream, hope it can happen
  4. I think it's way more likely that Frankie is out of the loop than MS's marketing team dropping the ball that hard. I mean, it's in the first row. That being said, I hope that if it does end up playable on Xbone that the framerate issues are somewhat alleviated - although this is wishful thinking considering that the 360 platform will likely be emulated...
  5. ITT: How to spot the people that pre-ordered Halo 5
  6. Very possibly not remembering properly. I'm either thinking of how you hold to swap a weapon but can tap to reload while standing over another weapon without picking it up, or I'm remembering from the PC version where enter/exit vehicle and reload are mapped to different keys. That being said, it's probably a good thing that it's no longer possible to reload the turret on the rocket hog, because that thing is OP as fuck.
  7. Montreal, QC here. Down for anything CE. Link up
  8. Gamertag: stunt man GMYF Customs/MM: customs Region: Montreal, QC (near NY) I think I already posted in here but wtv. I'm looking for mid-level CE players for custom 8-12 player CTF, add me & MSG me
  9. I didn't see it on the site and I can't seem to be able to register to log a bug on my ipad, but I noticed a little while ago that it is not possible to reload while in a vehicle. In OG you had to hold the action button to enter/exit and tap to reload, but in MCC everything registers as a tap so you always exit. Also the ghost sound is way too subdued, you can hardly hear it at all.
  10. Ran MCC CE all day, 4-box online and local and then jumped into the CE playlist with an XBL friend later on. Ran into very few issues, the most notable being an insanely laggy CE BTB match with the 4-box, but then we were able to match quickly and rock the vote for CE every time. Coming from someone who's been playing OG CE and then PC at a relatively low-level since they launched, the MCC version of the game feels much better than the PC version. I don't think they will ever get the game to feel like OG LAN, but the hit reg feels good (kill-times aren't too short compared to some previous patches and even OG as far as I can tell), and the fact that they restored the OG versions of the maps (pickup-wise, at least) and corrected the 2v2 gametype (4-nades) is much appreciated. Something that struck me today was how far the CE playlist has come - just recently all my games have been close and I'm matching less morons. That being said, I've been having a blast and I hope that in the next patches we see some fixes to the little things like team score totals in the post game report, and a fix for reloading while in a vehicle (it's no longer "hold button to enter/exit", so when you tap to reload you exit the vehicle). @@Frankie @@Sal1ent Guys if anyone wants to get a group together for CE BTB, let me know. I love 2v2 but a good 6v6 in Blood Gulch and Timberland with the right settings is lovely change of pace now and then.
  11. Hold the phone. Are you saying that the "transfer host" option actually works correctly now? Must've missed that, because last time I checked (quite awhile ago) passing host to someone just gave them control over the map/gametype, but the game was still hosted by whoever started the custom lobby.
  12. You clearly didn't read my post, or completely misunderstood it. You're not arguing the same thing as me. I wholeheartedly agree that people shouldn't be going in alone expecting perfect results. What I'm saying is that people should stop stating that playlists and party restrictions can't be added because of allegedly low population counts. Whether they should be added based on other criterion is up for debate, but people need to stop pretending they know how much of a population is required for a given feature, especially when we don't even know the populations per playlist. Keep fighting the good fight man
  13. I keep hearing people saying that this or that "isn't possible because of low population". May this serve as a daily reminder that unless you either: a) have some insider info on playlist player counts, or b) have a developer-level understanding of matchmaking systems and player counts necessary to merit a certain functionality, You are making a statement based on an assumption, which is flawed logic. The fact of the matter is that OG H3 and Reach have relatively low populations counts and the matchmaking in those games works miles better than in MCC. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm sick of seeing people blindly say "We can't have more playlists" or "We can't implement party restrictions" simply because they ASSUME that population counts are too low. Speculate all you want, but I keep seeing these assumptions stated as facts, which they most definitely are NOT. I think its MUCH more likely that 343i lack the skills to implement these features correctly.
  14. I started working on Lockout for Halo PC (with the intention of eventually porting it to OG Xbox), but the tools for ripping H2 map models are primitive and I have to redo all the texture mapping and shaders. I do believe that Lockout could be great with proper CE spawns and different weapon placement.
  15. How To Spot People That Blindly Preordered The Game: The Post. (check the negs) Seriously we're negging people now because they're rightly skeptical about a company who has yet to do the franchise justice?
  16. Concerning starting nades: this can be handled server-side on Halo PC, but only with a server mod (SAPP). I have it set up on my server, it's a simple event that goes something like: if maxplayers<5, when player spawns set nades to 4 frag. Again, just like the OG maps, unpaid Halo PC kids can do a better job than self-proclaimed AAA developer 343i.
  17. Agreed that matchmaking sucks. Is XBC really that good with a decent connection? My only experience with it was years ago and the lag was... bizarre. If I remember correctly, button-presses were super-delayed or something like that. Kind of like the coop-lag in H1A/MCC. If XLink works I may have to get my hands on an OG box... *starts searching craiglist* By the way, how many of you folks who are still playing OG version use the 1.5 map pack? The solution to this is so simple it hurts: server browser for custom games, matchmaking for ranked. 1 ranked playlist with proper settings per game, no mixed playlists. Such a missed opportunity. It's a crying shame.
  18. All Halo maps were designed around the amount of geometry that could be rendered on the title's respective hardware. The difference is that map design in the later titles seems like it got over-ambitious and less effort was put into maintaining the illusion. (I think I'm agreeing with you) On another note, and I know it's been said before, but RANKS HAVE NO PLACE IN A CROSS-GAME PLAYLIST. I'm fucking flabbergasted. This is the only word that comes to mind face to this decision. Flabbergasted.
  19. While I acknowledge that Bungie took the series in a shit direction, saying that Bungie is as bad as 343 is just ignorant. Bungie would have never shipped such a broken mess of a product. And if they ported the games for MCC you can bet your ass there wouldn't be SMG starts.
  20. Do you know off-hand if if it's possible on Halo PC? If so I'll have to fix it for my server
  21. I'd argue that the gametype settings are the real problem here, and not CE objectives gametypes + big maps as a whole. For example, 4v4 on some of those maps is indeed shit. And slayer on Danger Canyon blows. But Danger Canyon is great for CTF minimum 6v6 with vehicles set to respawn quickly (rocket hog disabled because it's OP) so you don't have to hoof it, and with touch-to-return-flag disabled and flag-at-home-to-score enabled. Same deal with Timberland. Of course, I can already see it now: swarms of noobs justing running around AR-ing and running each other over with vehicles. The real problem here is the fact that there's no easy & quick way to get into the games/gametypes you want. Everyone will always disagree on everything outside of 2v2. 343 really missed out on a great opportunity to put in a custom game browser. I love 2v2's but I also love a small FFA match, just like I appreciate a well-setup BTB match from time to time. And it's all possible but the way they set up the game doesn't make it easy for a lot of players to play what they want. Seriously if this game shipped with 1 ranked playlist for each title's most popular gametype + a proper custom game browser for everything else, I'd be in heaven.
  22. Are we talking about sharing it as it spawns? Or some trickery at a higher level than me? Because I'm certain I've shared OS on priz before...
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