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  1. Played some awesome CE custom games last night. The game handled surprisingly well off-host with 10+ players. Host migration worked properly too.
  2. Sure, if you don't play split-screen. Or Remnant
  3. I'm not too worried about MCC's population post-H5 release. For some reason I don't think the CE population will be jumping ship to H5.
  4. This is exactly my problem with it. I don't want/need to be forced to play anything. Like many of us, my time to play Halo is limited and I really don't need 343 to spoonfeed me a platter of samples from all the Halo games. We all have our favourite title and it's a damn shame that we're either limited to 1-2 gametypes for that game's dedicated playlist, or we have to roll the dice in one of these shitty mixed-game playlists. All it does is promote quitting because everyone's seeking their ideal title/gametype, and if they don't get it once, maybe they'll stick around and hope it gets voted next. But after 2-3 times of playing something they weren't going for, people are going to quit out. All it's doing is making people pissed off at each other on the voting screen. It's stupid.
  5. Mixed playlists are a cool but ultimately counter-intuitive idea. The whole purpose of matchmaking is supposed to be to match players up on a level playing field. By including other games in the mix, more times than not one team will be at a disadvantage just because the game chosen wasn't "their game." I really wish they would implement a custom server browser. They could then remove all the unranked playlists and keep 1 ranked playlist per game. Players would finally be able to play the game/gametypes they want.
  6. Concerning SAPP's no-lead mod (straight from the horse's mouth - sehé°°, SAPP's creator): "The no-lead mod isn't strictly related to netcode. First of all, Sapp makes a copy of the player and the vehicle objects every "thread cycle" (30 times a second, since Halo's physics is set to 30 "FPS"), and stores them for up to 1 second. Then, every time Halo does a collision check, depending on the ping of the player whom the projectile belongs to, Sapp reverts back the objects of the other players. For example, if your ping is 200 ms, Sapp restores the state (position, animation, etc.) of the objects of the other players from 6 "tick" ago (200 / 33.333...), so they will reflect the client side state aka what the player actually saw. Note that you still have to lead for the bullet speed, as I demonstrated it in this video: " No idea how MCC's no-lead feature works, as this method almost certainly requires a dedicated server to work. Follow-up from sehé°° (I asked him if it requires a dedicated server to function correctly): "No, it would work with a normal game executable too, in fact, the "dedicated server" is just a stripped down version of the game (without DirectX etc.). Oh, and I forgot to add that the same "adjustment" is done for the bullet magnetism too."
  7. @@beamimpact @@Teapot That may very well be the case with the XIM on Xbone, however the discussion started on the subject of a PC version of Halo and whether cross-platform play was viable or not. I firmly stand by the opinion that, in this hypothetical PC version, using a mouse-and-keyboard setup that's actually optimized would give players a significant advantage over other players using controllers. As for kb/m on Xbone and whether or not it should be considered cheating: like Teapot said, it really doesn't look like you just plug it in and suddenly you can control your player as if you were in a Quake match. In fact if there is an advantage to using it, I'm sure it's rather insignificant since the look controls were designed from the ground up for controllers. It really boils down to a matter of preference. I'd be interested to hear how it handles look acceleration and deadzones, but I don't see myself investing in anything like that for a game that wasn't designed around it.
  8. Concerning H2V controller players doing well against kb/m players: there are a couple possible flaws in that statement. Firstly, I think it's safe to say that it's no surprise that the savages on these forums could dominate the players who just picked up the game for PC, regardless of control schemes. I'm not saying kb/m necessarily guarantees a win in any situation - the advantage is there, but it's not like instant-win mode or anything. Secondly, the mouse control in H2V is complete shit, so that doesn't help much. I believe that in a controlled environment where players with similar skill-levels and knowledge of the metagame can compete, where one team uses controllers and the other uses kb/m, in a game where the actual kb/m controls aren't crap, that the kb/m players will win more times than not. Even with auto-aim on controllers, the speed at which a high-level player can turn around and place his reticle on someone's face is just night-and-day compared to joysticks. Again, it wouldn't be easy to test all this out. Kb/m players would never be able to catch up to the controller players in terms of hours logged on their control scheme. Like you, I won't comment on things I haven't tried. So I don't know about Shadowrun but I feel like some of the things I mentioned may apply to that game as well. As for Halo PC: I haven't tested it, but I have a pretty good idea after having played it since launch (as well as the Xbox version) that the game plays completely differently. Kill-times are certainly shorter for the same reason that I mentioned above - experienced players can turn around and land crazy headshots and flickshots that are considered exceptional on Xbox. I'm not downplaying high-level Xbox gameplay, either - in fact I'm certain that Patch and Legend could go into Halo PC with controllers (assuming the controller worked the same way on PC, which it doesn't) and absolutely dominate pretty much everyone (with the possible exception of the highest-level PC players). But would they win because they're using controllers? Not at all - they'll win because they know more about the game than their opponents. The accumulated knowledge of CE's metagame is virtually absent from Halo PC aside from a few private scrim servers. With proper kb/m controls you can do a 180, melee the guy passing you in the back and face forward in literally less than a second. I wish there was a way to test this because again, I'm certain that kb/m would win more games on average than controller players, if everyone was of equal skill and practice.
  9. Uhh I personally don't believe that all-vehicles and 16 players necessarily automatically makes for a good BTB game, no. I can understand however that for some people it's nice to jump into a gametype where wacky things can happen and where you don't need to put as much thought into the meta. However a tight 5v5 on a map like Sidewinder or Blood Gulch (or even Timberland) with proper gametype settings (touch to return flag OFF, flag at home to score ON, non-instant respawn times - can differ depending on map, and only certain vehicles enabled ex: no Rocket Hogs/Scorpions/Banshees) has it's own meta and can demand (arguably) as much coordination and concentration as a mid-level 2v2 match in CE. Only difference is that there's little to be done about spawns, and the meta-game revolves around pushing and pulling rather than timing and manipulating spawns. Anyway, opinions... This was attempted with Halo 2 Vista (apart from cross-play) and having lived that experience, all I can really say is that it could work, but it would have to be set up in a way that players using controllers would only play against players using controllers, and kb/m versus kb/m. Mixing the two makes for... weird games. In Halo CE PC, the fundamental difference is in the kill-times. Kb/m players experience much shorter kill times at a high level than console players and it really changes the flow and meta of the game. So it would be really important to segregate these two playerbases. The only thing that a PC version would really benefit from is the creation of custom content, and (if they pull their heads out of their asses) proper dedicated server support (ranked MM playlists as well as a custom games browser). So TL;DR: if they find a way to separate kb/m and controller players, and add solid additional functionality that isn't possible in MCC, yeah it could be great. But judging from MCC's state, this isn't to be expected and I'd rather not get another blunder like Halo 2 Vista. Also: REMINDER that Halo Online's kb/m controls apparently feel like crap and the only thing going for it is the addition of new maps that should've been in MCC from the beginning -_-
  10. Can't tell if serious. I can't stand Halo 4 BTB and its all-vehicle mayhem. Maybe with the proper settings it could be redeemable, but from what I've played in the 360 and MCC playlists, it's just not for me. Then again I'm a big fan of (unpopular opinion incoming) CE BTB. With the right gametype settings and non-16-playercount, it's a blast.
  11. Guys that's the trick to getting dedicated servers - just make sure both teams are 2-boxing
  12. GOAT's are streaming: http://www.twitch.tv/asklegend
  13. If both teams are timing weapons/powerups, map movement WILL follow. Just try to stay on top of the things coming up (usually every 30-60 seconds).
  14. Yeah I must say - of all the times I've 2-boxed in the CE playlist, I've only started a couple of matches late. Maybe the match only starts late if you have 2 accounts logged in but only 1 is in the MCC roster?
  15. While I agree that the PD port could be better, I think it's safe to say that this is the doing of some over-ambitious artist that insisted on putting his "touch" on everything. Aside from those inaccuracies, the game looks great for the most part and is a true pleasure at 60 fps. Now if only they didn't botch multiplayer settings and all that stuff
  16. Just because they weren't colossal failures doesn't mean they were anywhere near comparable to the quality of the previous games in the series. Again, I'm talking about polish and attention to detail and NOT design decisions. EDIT: @@Hard Way's post demonstrates more concrete examples with H4, though less eloquently :P But please, do whatever helps you sleep at night. Just like I'll keep on checking this thread everyday while clinging to a glimmer of hope that I'll see some beefy patch notes with the words "fixed" and "added" instead of "improved" and "removed."
  17. I guess you would say that if you aren't interested whatsoever in CE's or H2C's multiplayer.
  18. If I recall correctly, this was actually stated publicly. I wonder if 343i has been practicing some sort of similar philosophy and have thus decided not to give the multiplayers aspects of MCC any more attention for fear of compromising the H5 MP population. inb4 @@Moa tells me to take off my tinfoil hat - it was done once before with HCEA and it would surprise very few people if history repeated itself here. Bad business practices all around. Say what you will about Bungie's design philosophies but their business practices (besides DLC pricing) are top-notch in my book.
  19. I'm much more frustrated by the broken shaders in the classic version that made their way to HCEA and then MCC from the PC port (jackal shields, covenant dropship energy thing, teleporter, etc). I'm a big fan of the original artstyle, and while technically impressive, the new graphics just don't do it for me. @@JordanB The quality of a product should NEVER suffer in the interest of sustaining the population of an older product, nor should it suffer due to the impending release of a new product.
  20. @@JordanB @@VinnyMendoza While everyone is entitled to their opinion, and while I personally didn't like HCEA, it's all beside the point. Even if Halo 4 was your favourite game ever, even if Halo 5 becomes a huge hit and system-seller, even if HCEA would have shipped with the multiplayer and people sung the praises of 343i on the rooftops - MCC is/was still being handled like a hot sack of shit and continues to lack the attention it deserves with respect to the games that the company itself was built upon.
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