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  1. What's the verdict on the new patch? Any ghost fixes for CE? I can only get on later tonight
  2. I haven't even entertained the thought of buying Halo 5. Frankly I'm much more excited about the upcoming MCC patch.
  3. He's gotta be trolling. Why else would someone come into a buyer's remorse thread to say that?
  4. The difference as I understand it between modern Bungie and 343i: Bungie produces shit intentionally. 343 can't help but produce shit. How depressing
  5. Say what you want about neo-Bungie and Destiny, but at least they are able to articulate their design philosophies: Links to this (lengthy, technical) article: https://www.bungie.net/en/News/News?aid=13147 Unless I'm missing something, it would be great if 343i could articulate their design philosophies (or lack thereof)...
  6. Yeah, that's where I can't really relate. The people I look to for feedback and discussion all have numerous maps under their belt and are pretty well-versed in level-design. However, if you're always asking others for fundamental design tips for every project, you're probably doing it wrong anyway. The truest feedback comes in the form of observation (in my experience).
  7. Of course, and no one should stop themselves from diving into some books. But the problem is that there really isn't much material on the subject. If you know some good level-design books, please share! I've never found a really good one. As far as feedback goes: in my experience, "beta tests" aren't really used as suggestion boxes, but more for observational purposes. When I said "concentrate on feedback during testing" I wasn't expressly talking about vocal/written feedback, but rather about observation in regards to how relatively high-level players are playing the map. The most valuable vocal/written feedback I've gotten has actually been from other level designers.
  8. This triggered me. It's simply not true. Keep in mind that I am absolutely not saying that making maps in Forge will lead to a career in level-design. Far from it. But to say that a degree is required to be knowledgeable and well-practiced on the subject is misinformation. There is no degree for level-design, and the level-design module of a more general game-design degree is just that - a module. The best route to take is to spend years doing what I think you meant (in a broader sense): Level-design aptitude isn't easily measured in knowledge of textbook concepts (especially since there is very little material on the subject of multiplayer level design, since the design principles vary from one game to another), but rather from experience. It doesn't have to be experience working for a developer on a AAA game, either. As long as a designer can articulate their philosophies and has experience designing levels for a variety of games, as well as a strong portfolio to show off, including measurable achievements and skills, they're easily as qualified as any self-proclaimed "level-design professional" with a so-called "level-design" degree. That being said, just churning out custom maps with whatever editing kit suits you won't automatically bestow a good understanding as to what makes a good level. A higher-level approach needs to be taken - concentrate less on the individual project, and more on your work flow and process. Focus on feedback during testing. Watch how highly-skilled players navigate your maps and manipulate their imperfections. Establish concrete tenets that you can use to form your own style of level-design. Use this acquired knowledge on your next project, and so on and so forth.
  9. @@GoldeNade I can't disagree with anything you've said - you are totally right about there not really being a "trick" to getting a job as a level designer for a specific developer (in this case, 343i). Just like with any job application, you'll have a much better chance of getting hired by leaving a lasting impression. What I was trying to do was give guidelines as to what skills and portfolio content could be helpful. From what I've seen, game design degrees are notoriously worthless in the job market. You've got a far better chance of impressing your potential employers by showing off. For example, show them you can speed-model (this is huge and is a directly-transferable skill that can be applied to level-making in any game), show them you've made many maps for games in the same franchise, show them stuff you've done on other games, and then finish by showing them that you're a well-known forger in the community that understands what makes a good map. Remember that consistency across your work will prove that you have a good work-pipeline (practice by setting deadlines for your projects and meeting them - Microsoft Project is great for this). Be able to articulate your design philosophies and ambitions. Don't get it in your head that it's nearly impossible to land a job as a level designer. That being said, don't limit yourself to Halo, because you might finally land your dream job at 343i only to realize it's actually a nightmare over there. You never know. If you truly have a passion for level design you should apply all over the place just in case.
  10. I spoke with Hardy Lebel (Multiplayer Design Lead for CE) briefly regarding what it would take to get into the industry, and his answer was fairly simple: make Halo maps. Regardless of what the "Careers" page says on 343i's website, they could take someone with a strong portfolio over someone with an arts degree. With that being said, Forge can only get you so far. Despite its limitations, it can still be a great stepping stone for learning about map flow, item placement, etc. However, 343i isn't going to hire someone based solely on Forge capabilities. I highly recommend getting into Halo PC map-making to start with. The tools used are the same as Bungie's, and it forces the designer to establish a solid workflow and design pipeline. If CE isn't your jam, all the better: it will take you out of your comfort zone and learn to design around different gameplay mechanics. You can find everything you need to get started at hce.halomaps.org. Alternatively, you could create maps for Halo 2 PC, however the tools are much more limited and much less documented. Another thing I would strongly recommend to beef up a portfolio is making maps for other arena-based shooters (Unreal Tournament, Reflex). Sometimes design philosophies from other games and tools can influence your own map-making process for the better. If you decide to get into CE map-making, feel free to PM me as I'm already experienced on the subject. The Halo PC editing kit is almost limitless when combined with all the 3rd party apps released over the years. As far as DLC goes, it truly would be great if we could somehow import some of the better custom maps as free DLC (but it's pretty much a pipe dream with the way 343i's been handling MCC).
  11. Hold up - OG xbox can output to 480p? Would this work with actual good-quality monitors? To get the improved image quality + the low input lag? Because that actually looks pretty fukn good if I do say so myself. How bad is the lag?
  12. Damnation is one of my favourites, love the verticality. Nade tricks help a lot if you're trying to get that top power position back, also you can spawn your teammate into green from shotguns. It's manageable.
  13. I use chumpp's iPad app "Halo 1 Timer," works perfectly. https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/timer-for-halo-1-mc-collection/id926077678?mt=8 EDIT: There's an Android version too https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.btcwiseops.TimerHalo1MCC&hl=en
  14. EagleBurn isn't completely off concerning the multiplayer being an afterthought - but it's not like it was put together by a bunch of interns. The design philosophy behind CE's multiplayer was established by a different Multiplayer Design Lead than the sequels. Sure it uses the same sandbox that was designed around the single player, but all the other elements of the multiplayer suit that sandbox quite nicely - you can even see from another of Hardy's blogs that there were certain aspects of the multiplayer environment that can be found in single-player (powerups on maps, plasma pistol tracking, etc). So SP/MP were never really mutually exclusive, but it does seem like the focus was mainly on the single-player sandbox. Oohhhh boy would he enjoy MCC then I know, I know - it's not necessarily the spread that's the current issue with the MCC pistol - but it sure as hell feels like it sometimes on Hang 'Em.
  15. If Xbox 360's backwards-compatibility is anything to go by, I wouldn't expect 360 games to run at 100% performance-wise on the Xbone. Even if the games are playable on XBL, it may not be worth using that route because of framerate problems and inevitable weird bugs that come with running old games on new hardware.
  16. I completely agree but those glitches apply only to CE, which don't get the publicity they should be getting. At the same time we have these design flaws that encompass the entire collection. On the subject of a "One Year Later" article, I would imagine that the problems that concern the whole package will naturally get more attention than CE-specific bugs (even though they are indeed major issues). I'm not downplaying the title-specific problems, only hypothesizing about the type of support we should expect based on what little we've seen so far.
  17. Unfortunately the most glaring problems with MCC are now design flaws (mixed playlists, XBL rep system, etc) which by definition have an even lesser chance of being addressed than glitches. Remember, with the exception of one patch, we haven't seen any major overhauls. For some reason I think that nothing would make them happier than people dropping MCC. A far more effective approach would be to encourage people to play MCC over Halo 5. That way, when the population inevitably drops and the player count is comparable to MCC, they'll still look like assholes for having left the game in its broken state while Halo fans continue to suffer through it.
  18. That H3 FOV isn't GOAT tho QFT (though I lost my 18 :/ )
  19. Add me for CE BTB customs: stunt man GMYF I got on the other night with a chill group and we ran Blood Gulch, Sidewinder, Ice fields, etc. Fun times.
  20. The maps themselves allow Banshees, but I've never seen them in the BTB playlist gametypes. Death Island should have banshees IMO, but maps like Sidewinder and Blood Gulch can do without them. I'm undecided on the matter of being able to drive with the flag in CE. On one hand, it makes for easy getaways. On the other hand, it demands a little bit more strategy in terms of defense. Personally I love CE BTB but I've been getting the impression that's an unpopular opinion on here.
  21. My opinion on this is that all games should have 1 ranked playlist with the established competitive settings. Playlist population be damned. I really couldn't care less whether they decide to rank/unrank other playlists, but for the fans of each game it's only fair that they can play their game's best gametypes with ranks (and without the stupidity of a ranked mixed playlist). The problem likely isn't playlist population as much as it is 343's matchmaking design. Just my two cents.
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