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  1. Yup it works with higher player counts. In earlier versions NHE would only engage for certain playercounts (ex: 5 players for 2v2, 9 players for 4v4, etc). I *believe* that now since we can toggle NHE modes in the gametype settings it can be forced on/off for any playercount. If you guys haven't seen/played training mode, you're in for a real treat. There's a new map called Atlas in v7. I watched people play on it for the first time during VA LAN and they were giving randoms and nading spawns thanks to the visual spawn points and "random" geometry. It's going to be great for speeding up the development of meta in these new maps, which is certainly the main reason that other new maps haven't been played widely.
  2. I say let 343 do whatever they want but at least release the source code to the older games that they won't be profiting from anymore. Let the playerbase take over what they have no interest in. The players like me that are still hung up on the older games are not the target demographic for their new stuff anyway.
  3. They need to release the source code for CE. If it was still in Bungie's hands we'd have it already (see Marathon, one of their earlier games). The game is old AF and they clearly don't have plans to use the code to fix MCC or do another release. They could regain standing with a lot of players that they lost with this whole MCC debacle.
  4. I haven't used a PS2 controller but you might want to look into a 3rd party utility to set deadzones for both sticks (XPadder works for left stick, but we use XBCD drivers + utility for the right stick, but it only works on OG and 360 controllers). There is some degree of this, but the amount you need to lead remains fairly consistent across servers because of the method used for lag compensation (aka the "no lead" mod, which doesn't really remove all leading, it just reduces the ridiculous amount of lead from vanilla Halo PC). Maybe don't aim quite as high? It's not exactly like OG but there is still an element of bullet magnetism. Just gotta play games and you'll figure it out. The pistol's characteristics are identical outside of player magnetism and to a lesser degree, bullet magnetism. Regardless of what your ping is, the amount you have to lead is approximately the same as another player, in any server. The method used for the "no lead" mod uses player latency to offset enemy player location. This is the same method used in most modern online shooters, but results in instances of getting shot after you've turned a corner (happens in MCC as well). I think I posted a description of the "effects sync fix" awhile back. This isn't yet present in the main servers (only in the testing server). Without the effect sync fix, your client reports false hits all the time. I suspect the same thing happens in MCC but can't be bothered to verify. Anyway since we got NHE beta v7 out the door I'll have more time to tie up some loose ends on PC. I haven't done an update in awhile because I'm juggling server issues, creation of a couple new maps, and some other stuff, but everything's looking up. This is where the PC version really shines. On PC, unlike MCC, players on wifi and players with rocky connections are punished rather than rewarded. On MCC if you're on wifi you're harder to hit, whereas on PC if you're on wifi you're going to have trouble landing shots. Although PC suffers from warping problems, with the effect sync fix and a good dedicated server, it's the best way to play CE online in terms of even-playing-field.
  5. All this talk about Halo Reach on Xbox One. I reinstalled if after the big update that was said to fix all the issues. I still get input lag. Noticeably better than before, but definitely worse than MCC. I can't be the only one...?
  6. I wouldn't consider COD4 a "classic" game by any sense of the word.
  7. Makes me sad there are no replies. If anyone reading this is a Halo player (any Halo) and you haven't played the original with the NHE mod - you're really in for a treat. It would be criminal to miss a chance to LAN with this bunch if you aren't too far. Any plans for a stream?
  8. I see what you mean about time constraints. A tournament setting is not ideal for introducing a bunch of new maps. A slow introduction (like adding Downrush as a veto map) is the best it'll get. However, what if it didn't take years for a map's meta to evolve? What if research and extensive testing were done prior to release, and they were released with all their spawns documented, nade tricks on video, etc.? I always hear people talking about how it's not worth their time to learn a new map, but what if it didn't take a long time? Obviously the map has to be good too, and some of the new ones are better than others, but I think people wouldn't be such strangers if there were a way for them to acquire knowledge of a map quickly, as opposed to letting meta evolve naturally and learning its tricks over a long period of time.
  9. Why Goosebumps? If I had to guess, I'd say it looks like they're going to use the anniversary of the release of the very game that justifies their existence as a marketing opportunity.
  10. Where did you get new sticks? From another controller? Or did @@Cujjer end up tracking down the manufacturer
  11. Great gameplay but there's a crazy echo on the commentary :/
  12. Who? EDIT: weird, for some reason I couldn't see the name in his post, but it's in the quote
  13. That's actually a bug from PC that carried over to MCC (shocking, I know). So the major difference between Xbox version's LAN and PC/MCC's online netcode is that on Xbox, nothing is predicted. On Xbox everything is synced in real time (which is why, if you have high latency on XBC/XLink, everything feels delayed), and on PC/MCC the client tries to "guess" certain things in an attempt to mitigate that off-host delay you get from the Xbox version. One of the things that doesn't sync between client/server on PC/MCC are the impact effects. So when you shoot someone and land a hit, you see a spark. The problem is that the spark is playing on your client and isn't necessarily indicative of whether or not you landed a hit on the server (the server is the authority when it comes to hit reg; server = host in P2P). This bug is probably why the PC version needed hit sounds. It's yet another effect of Gearbox trying to optimize Halo PC's netcode for 56k dial-up connections at the turn of the century -_- The aforementioned bug, coupled with a bug that's actually present in the original version, accounts for that. When you land a hit, two effects are supposed to play. One is the material response for when a projectile hits your shield. This is the spark mentioned above. This will play 100% of the time you land a hit, but will also play sometimes even though you didn't land a hit in PC/MCC. The other effect is the shield flare (your target's shield will light up all over the body). The Xbox version's bug (which is also present in PC/MCC) is that the second effect won't play under certain conditions related to the player's shield state when he picks up the OS. I'm not sure of the specifics, but I think if your shield is charging while you're picking it up, the shield flare effect won't play but the sparks will. But since the sparks aren't even always indicative of a hit, it's really hard to tell whether you're landing shots on an OS guy.
  14. Join the Discord via the link in my signature, I got u fam
  15. XLink seems to be unstable sometimes. There are some days where I have no problems and I can play several games back to back, and other days where it will crash mid-match every time. I don't know if it's a problem with someone in particular or if the system just isn't as stable on some days.
  16. Then they aren't part of the community. They're casual bystanders. The community is comprised of the passionate folk who find a way to play the best version of their favourite title. The rest of the playerbase are just, well, players. I've been working with the NHE team and I can assure you there is no shortage of passion or involvement where it matters.
  17. I think that's a bit of an overstatement, see Beach LAN and associated LANs
  18. http://www.egmnow.com/articles/news/phil-spencer-wants-to-make-original-xbox-games-backward-compatible/ inb4 no LAN
  19. I don't see it reported anywhere online? I'll try it when I get home
  20. I wouldn't describe the issues as "framerate" but more like "input lag". Is it playable now? I could hardly aim properly last time I tried.
  21. Do you think Oddball would play better on maps with an "abyss" if 1) the Oddball respawn time was reduced to 10 seconds, and 2) if the Oddball spawn point was randomized (think Crazy KOTH) ?
  22. On a sidenote, isn't it weird that Halo maps are supposedly tailored for all gametypes? For example, all gametypes work on all maps, at least on paper, right? Meanwhile you have games like Unreal Tournament and Counter Strike that have maps tailored for one specific gametype rather than catering to all gametypes. With this in mind, and taking into consideration the CE's weak points when it comes to objective gametypes, it makes me want to make some objective-oriented maps. The maps are certainly CE's biggest problem when it comes to objective gametypes. Minor nuisances like missing ingame clock and oddball physics are far from gamebreaking, and some other stuff can actually be fixed (such as preventing flag carrier from entering a warthog, for example) - on PC, anyway. What maps work best for Oddball? H2/H3 suggestions welcome.
  23. Let's drop the word "competitive" and see if we can all agree on something. I would say that CE objectively has the largest skill gap, from what I've seen. It has a wealth of predictable, exploitable elements that need to be mastered to be able to compete at the highest levels. There's lots of below-the-surface depth in the metagame - stuff that isn't immediately obvious and may need to be learned from outside sources. There are probably other things factors that lend CE its large skill gap, but those are the main ones. To say that CE doesn't objectively have the most competitive merit is to say that a large skill gap does not correlate with a game's competitive merit. Doesn't it?
  24. You should also consider the fact that off-host XBC or off-host on a bad LAN setup has a similar feel to a laggy TV. The point being that a good player might still win on the LCD setup just because he's better at playing off-host than the player(s) on the other team. So not necessarily proof that LCD and CRT are equal. You can get a more accurate result by doing a round-robin and making sure all players have played on both setups, I suppose.
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