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  1. While I absolutely share your disgust, your post is a little bit misleading... 343 have not flat-out confirmed that they have dropped MCC support. I know, I know - I'm not holding my breath. I'm not in denial. But before I clicked on that link I readied myself for the worst - only to find out that it was about the Arkham Knight ordeal. I bought this shitty excuse of a console solely to play CE online. And I'm able to do so, though not in the form I would like. I have a big old group of people online every night running customs and I can consistently get my fix. I'll bet the population isn't too bad, either (at least for CE). Still, it's with the MCC fiasco that my passion for gaming died. The only games I play nowadays are CE (all 3 versions, whenever I can), some Nintendo stuff and other games like Morrowind here and there. I'm not going to be buying into any more "big-budget" promises because I can't have my heart broken again like it was in November 2014. I'm not planning to stop playing CE on MCC anytime soon. Even its shitty netcode is better than PC's shitty netcode, and at least the skill matching works well enough to get me tight matches (for the most part). I'm not going to start singing 343's praises, though. The promise of what the collection could have been will forever haunt me.
  2. Check out Atlas Shrugged. *Liberal hate incoming* But, this tbh: Hard-mode: get through the monologue at the end
  3. Let me know if I misunderstood... But you're saying RIP to people that still play MCC? I say RIP to those who jumped on H5, good riddance.
  4. You should read Ayn Rand if you haven't already. I agree with you btw
  5. I could have sworn I saw a post about someone getting it to work with some sort of adapter or something. Here's all I could find on Google: http://www.cirrustheduck.com/how-to-use-original-xbox-controller-on-xbox-one/ Seems to me the person that got it working didn't have to use so many adapters...
  6. Is it safe to say that the population for H5 peaked on launch day? I've been able to find good matches quickly in the CE playlist for the last two nights. Crisis averted I guess?
  7. Look at the top-right of the site - there's an option to add your GT to the list. I'm guessing that the creator receives a list of anyone that submits their GT and logs onto his dummy account to add everyone. Not sure how it tracks players' levels, though...
  8. Not to mention weapon placement on almost all maps at launch reflected PC's weapon placements. Another thing: there's a small lag/connection icon that was introduced in the PC version that can be seen sometimes in MCC. I personally haven't seen it since launch (and I can't find an image of it right now) but it's the same thing that you get in a PC match if you lose connection (player is unable to move and the icon shows up in the bottom-right corner of the screen).
  9. I don't know about #1 but #2 is exactly what I'm worried about. I should have worded my question differently, what I'm saying is there is no good justification for removing it. This guy is saying LAN is holding back the evolution of technology: Which is nonsense. Evolution while cutting key features, making the game more restrictive? I'm not sure whether you're actually justifying it or not, but I don't think long-time features should be cut in the interest of "evolution." It would be a sacrifice/investment with no tangible return... Like you wouldn't throw away all your pens and paper just because computers and keyboards exist... They probably went over-budget with some stuff and had to cut whatever they couldn't get perfect. That or incompetence
  10. Genuinely curious: what's your main game/playlist? Call it wishful thinking but everyone I've come across (with a mic) in the CE 2v2 playlist said they aren't going anywhere. I can't imagine it being much different for the other games, except maybe H4.
  11. I don't see why the CE population would drop.. Maybe there'll be less AR warriors.. People didn't move on to H2/H3/Reach/H4 so why move on to H5?
  12. Watch the top screen xboxdvr.com/stunt+man+GMYF/a810aab6-4151-4498-9586-8b05e0231b10
  13. But how will you scratch your CE itch? Despite MCC's flaws, I can't see myself letting go of CE online for awhile yet. I live in Montreal and as far as I know there's no OG LAN scene here. For me, it's either MCC or PC, and MCC's netcode is better. Don't get me wrong, I'll never forgive them for missing the opportunity to make a great port, but it's still a better game at its core than anything else out there.
  14. Name one advantage of not integrating LAN functionality into the game. I'll be waiting.
  15. This guy gets it: I highly doubt anyone who plays CE on the regular will be jumping ship. So my CE MCC experience will likely stay the same: "Slightly frustrating but still leaps and bounds ahead of anything else that came out in the last 15 years in terms of skill gap and meta game"
  16. You hate split screen because a couple buddies were able to jump into a playlist and do well? Blame the playlist for allowing guests, not split screen lol
  17. On that note, I find it great when people who don't play CE start talking about the game in twitch chat and everyone starts shooting info at them. Gets people hooked. Contrary to how things were before MCC, the game is accessible now and people are actually showing interest. It's immediately obvious to new players/viewers that there's a massive skill gap that isn't present in the sequels. That 2v2 playlist will make or break new players, though. Sure it's brutal, but I wouldn't have it any other way. It's a grind that inevitably makes players better, since anyone matching rank 15 or higher needs to at least have some basic knowledge of the meta game to compete. Unpopular opinion: the ranking system works in the 2v2 playlist. I'm having trouble breaching rank 15 and I feel like it's directly related to my skill and not because I haven't logged x amount of hours/games. Of course, it isn't perfect and there are some players who magically made it to higher ranks while playing like shit, but for the most part I'm matching players relatively close to my skill level. It's a blast.
  18. Yeah I can understand that. Gets awkward fast. Anyway keep streaming, it's good to see CE getting views.
  19. Do you always go in with the intent to play solo? I always see you online and streaming and we're about the same rank. Party up?
  20. You're going to teach your kids to not buy products from companies that shit all over their hardcore fanbase? Sounds like good parenting to me. I think it's perfectly fine to express distaste about a product in a thread about one of the main issues with said product. That's just me, though. You can go ahead and spout whatever you need to in order to validate your pre-order purchase, but don't be upset when people don't share your enthusiasm, nerd. Did you even read the post he was replying to? It was childish. @@Aphex Twin @@reLIEgon
  21. I highly recommend the Halo 1 Timer app on iOS and Android (the one with the MCC icon), the simpler Youtube ones only state upcoming times (ex: "2 minutes in 10, 9, 8, etc" as opposed to "rockets in 10, 9, 8, etc"). The app lets you specify the map/gametype beforehand. Some will probably argue that it makes it too easy because players don't need to actually learn at what time-stamps certain weapons come up, but I really don't see any reason to use the Youtube one if you have a mobile device (besides tradition).
  22. http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/10644-bravo-343-is-thinking-about-adding-bg-to-ce-4v4-give-him-your-feedback/
  23. Might as well put it in there. It's not like it would be the worst gametype in there anyway. Personally I find it plays better with 6v6 but 4v4 works, we've ran it a few times in our customs group.
  24. Guys pls... frogposting on Team Beyond? You can't just save it for r9k?
  25. There's no LAN for the same reason they kept sprint and removed split screen. They want to get rid of the vocal minority that keeps giving them bad press and sell their game to an audience that doesn't care about these things, simplifying things for the next game and the next. EDIT: Whether it's completely intentional or not is up for debate, but they clearly don't prioritize the things that the vocal minority judge as essential to the experience.
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