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  1. Hence why I said "maybe." I was speculating due to your reasoning that you weren't a competitive player. Glad we're on the same page there then. What's bewildering then is your lack of spite for halo 4, 5, and the MCC. It's generally indicative of a casual player's attitude to be content with whatever is pushed forward with 'halo' in the title.

    I think there's no shortage of spite by anyone still bothering to post in this glorified "buyer's remorse" thread.


    That being said there's nothing to gain by stamping our feet. I think it's in our best interests to show 343 that they are doing good by returning their focus back to MCC.


    "Cautiously optimistic" is the name of the game. No one's bending over for 343 here.

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  2. Sounds like the project is coming along!  When is chimera being deployed to the public ones and how far are we out from having public rooms of 2v2 TS with same game settings as current MCC?

    The developer is still working out some kinks before he can release publicly (mainly fixing vehicle netcode and adding some minor features).


    I can't say exactly when this will be done, as the developer isn't getting paid and therefore doesn't adhere to any sort of schedule. He burned himself out a little bit working on this virtually all summer, but he assures me he's not done with it and will be back to it this month.

  3. Is playing on PC more similar to OG than MCC is right now?

    I don't have a straight answer for you. It's still not possible to split screen on PC. The shooting is different than both OG and MCC. We have the same map cycle as NHE on my servers, as well as some work-in-progress maps.


    If you really want to go over all the issues with a fine-tooth comb, visit http://halobugs.com and filter by PCE (the dropdown menu at the top) and you can see all of the bugs that have been resolved.


    PC doesn't suffer from some of the stranger MCC bugs. Bullet magnetism works in PC, there are no holes/invisible walls in my "xbox" map ports, and unlike MCC if you have a bad connection you will not have an advantage over others.


    As far as I'm concerned, there is no straight answer to what the best version of online Halo 1 is. MCC offers matchmaking and splitscreen and ranks, but the playing field is very uneven (host disadvantage, favors bad connections, etc). PC version offers guaranteed dedicated servers and a more even playing field, but is less feature-rich with no matchmaking/ranks (yet). And then there's XBC/XLink/XLAN with its massive host advantage and equipment requirements.


    So it depends what you value and expect from an online experience. I think people need to realize that as long as we're talking about online netcode and lag compensation, there's little chance that it'll ever feel 1:1 to Xbox LAN. The goal with the PCE project (unlike MCC) is to capture the general experience. Similar time-to-kill with the weapons, ensuring that the same gameplay tactics apply as on LAN, and bringing the feature-set up to par with NHE are top priorities. I wish I could say the same about MCC but all it's got going for it right now is accessibility and split screen (in my opinion).




    PS: I'm going to bomb this thread with an update that summarizes the developments that have occurred since January 2017 (main updates include fixed controller support that doesn't require external utility, 60 FPS animations, input method detection, new maps and more). It'll take me awhile to put together because so much has changed. Stay tuned

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  4. In the case of MCC, the answer is search preferences with checkboxes for each game.


    The result of this is the exact same as having multiple playlists per game. The only difference is how it's presented. Search times will still be slow for people that have a strict search criteria. Doesn't matter if the restrictions come in the form of playlist choices or search filters.


    I'm indifferent in regards to the approach, as long as I can specify my favourite Halo title and not have to gamble every time I want to play.


    PS: my point is that population and search times shouldn't limit accessibility and choice. I truly believe it's better to throw it all out there and let the playlist populations and search times speak for themselves. Any other approach will sacrifice total player count because if people can't play the title/gametype that they want, they simply won't play at all.


    The real self-fulfililng prophecy is that they limit choice by jamming a plethora of gametypes across titles into mixed playlists, then they sort these piss-poor playlists by order of population and say "hey look the top playlists are the mixed ones we did it right!". In reality people are only playing in those because it's the only way to get their gametype of choice. Sorting by population doesn't take into account the amount of incomplete matches caused by quitters who don't get the gametype that they want in the mixed playlists.


    Also, maybe instead of showing a population counter per-playlist, show an estimated search time next to the playlist.

  5. Forgive me I just skipped like 5 pages of nerds sperging out


    Are we talking about MCC playlists? Simple:


    Remove cross-game playlists
    Add gametype-specific playlists for each game

    What's the concern? That certain playlists will have low population? So what? The solution isn't to consolidate playlists. If people can't find a match in one playlist, they can just go to another (for the same game).


    There have been low-population playlists in every Halo game. Why is this a problem? Leave the low-population playlists alone, it's not like there are a finite amount of playlists possible, literally nothing is lost by having more playlist choices for users. If it's taking too long to find a match, the gametype you chose is just not that popular. I don't want to roll the dice every time I jump into matchmaking, praying to get the gametype I want.


    Build a playlist system that makes sense and the playerbase will grow. If my favourite gametype was 4v4 CE there's no way in hell you'd catch me in the mixed-game Slayer playlist, on my knees praying for CE.


    Mixed game and gametype playlists were a mistake.

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  6. i refuse to believe microsoft will not have online multiplayer for og xbox halo 2 after an announcement this big, could totally see them making something work for halo 1 aswell


    also halo 1 and halo 2 spotted infront of the left tv


    You're really setting yourself up for disappointment man.


    How people still have faith in Microsoft after they've dropped the ball so much is completely beyond me

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  7. Neither the developers nor the community have any interest in emulating its greatness.  Both would rather make Halo 2 clones or games that use Halo 2 as their foundation, over and over.


    I beg to differ


    EDIT: well I guess it depends on what you mean by "emulate"

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  8. Would it be possible to port NHE to PC? Also, what are some of the features you guys are working on now? 


    The actual "neutral host" nature of NHE is already present on Halo PC in the form of community-hosted dedicated servers. As far as the features of NHE, I am working on a map/server mod for PC (dubbed Halo PC: Evolved) and the goal is to include all the features of NHE :


    -talking timer (work in progress, almost complete)

    -on-screen timer (complete and available in my servers)

    -training mode (work in progress, almost complete. hung up on syncing nav points for all players)

    -custom maps (all are available as test versions, final releases pending completion of features)

    -pre-match countdown (similar 15-second grace period at the beginning of the match in my servers)


    Unfortunately due to bugs in the PC port a lot of development time that could have been spent on new functionality is being spent on fixing bugs. More info here:




    The thread I made detailing this project desperately needs updating, since the scope of the project has expanded and the team has grown:



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  9. warning: grapevine post


    when rumors circulated that 343 hired a halo PC modder to work on mcc, within a week, halo 1 got a ton of updates like SAPP. So my speculation is that your statement is true.

    Source pls. I want to know who this supposed Halo PC modder was pls thx


    Hang on are you saying that since this Halo PC modder got involved, H1 MCC got "updates like SAPP"? Or are you talking about the PC version?


    Because MCC certainly does not "have SAPP". It's a community-made mod and the creator of SAPP was not involved whatsoever in the development of MCC, to my knowledge anyway.

  10. I guess all of it. Why they wouldn't want to support something like this is beyond me. There is no doubt in my mind there is a big market for this if it were properly marketed/supported.

    The only thing we need from them in terms of support is the source code for the game so we can finally move it off dying hardware and bring the netcode into the 21st century.

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