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  1. Design one and I'll add it to my to-do list. I can model but I never thought about designing a H1 octagon.
  2. Hardy mentioned something interesting in one of his webinars about balance. He said something along the lines of: "You need to establish something fun about each weapon, and worry about balance later." What I got from that is that having a ton of different weapons all balanced against each other is lame. Everything lacks identity - there's isn't enough differentiation between some of the guns in Halo 5. CE did this very well, and less-knowledgeable players see this as unbalanced, but in reality I think most people don't have a solid understanding of what balance entails.
  3. Well yeah but it takes two to tango.
  4. I never thought about this. You're totally on to something. Of course, there are still a shit ton of people that solo-queue without mics, which I will never understand.
  5. Do you have an OG box? We're looking for more Xlink players
  6. When I tried it with someone in my town, the off-host player had lag similar to XLink/XBC, but we managed to get through a few levels. Not optimal but meh. EDIT: for CE
  7. Yeah, this. I think a better way to articulate it would be a "progression-based" experience rather than a "skill-based" experience. New games don't punish players for poor performance, but rather still find a way to reward them. It's the age-old debate of how much influence marketing should have on the fundamental design of a game. For example, the ultimate test of skill in an FPS is generally considered to be Quake. In Quake there are no REQ packs, or XP points, or unlocks. The skill gap is massive. Players eat shit for months or years until they get a good grasp on how the game is played. It's very punishing, which turns away a lot of gamers (read: sales). It's something that I suspect has been culminating ever since Halo 2, although to a lesser extent. The removal of most predictable/exploitable elements from the game is evidence of this. The skill gap is reduced, smoothing out the learning curve and making it more accessible to new players (read: sales). Hardy mentioned in one of his webinars that he intentionally distanced himself from Halo 2's multiplayer development. I believe this is the reason why. It's the same reason that a lot of people dismiss CE's game mechanics as outdated. This is only because modern developers have moved away from this approach in the interest of acquiring a wider audience. And maybe even to sell sequels to their game. I mean, who's going to buy the sequel when they haven't even mastered the first game?
  8. I've watched your stream, yeah I'll add you for some CE.
  9. I think I'll be down for about an hour tonight around 8pm EST.
  10. Please make a separate thread for this, 4000 pages deep in the Halo 5 thread may not be best for exposure.
  11. I can show you the ropes. There's lots of documentation floating around. 3ds max is very robust but once you get a handle on it you pretty much have total freedom in terms of creating a 3D space. Big step up from placing stuff in Forge, and probably faster too. Join my Discord group and we can chat about it, forums and PM probably isn't the best format to learn something so heavy.
  12. Consistency is something that shouldn't be expected from MCC unfortunately. In a whole evening of playing in the CE playlist, I usually come across all sorts of different connections. Some people warp, some people eat shots, some people you need to lead more. The only thing that is consistent across ALL matches of CE is the broken bullet magnetism. Sigh.
  13. Gotta interject. New Team Beyond member =/= new Halo player. And rep isn't an indication of anything, he's right about memes generating more rep than valuable posts.
  14. No we need the source codes to fix the games, not a stupid Windows 10 exclusive app.
  15. Add me I'll run CE with you. I linger around rank 15 because I solo queue. As long as you can plug in your mic and talk we can do some work in there. I try to get games in every night on MCC or on the OG version via XLink. PC version too.
  16. This is actually a point that's much-discussed by the team working on the new Unreal Tournament. The artist speak a lot about "visual clarity" and how important it is for the arena shooter genre. There's some old video blogs (I can't be arsed to find them for you guys) that talk about the design process of the Outpost map and all the iterations it went through before they decided on a specific look - what they decided would be a good balance between realism and what you describe as a "video game" look. It's a real tough sell for the vast majority of modern gamers, who expect to play games that immerse themselves in another world. The whole idea of immersion and a super realistic, hyper-detailed art style is very counter-intuitive to the simplicity of the arena shooter genre. High-budget single player campaigns are partly to blame for this. The problem is that publishers want their game to sell for a vast audience, so they try to cater to as many different demographics as possible. There are the players that want an enjoyable campaign experience, competitive multiplayer, etc, etc. By trying to accomodate to all these different groups, modern games suffer from a lack of identity (see: modern Halo).
  17. Thanks! I'd wait a bit longer before trying it out, though. The shooting is feeling pretty good with 18 ms lead and the new sync'd shield hit sparks (the latter only available in Hotbox so far), but there is still lots of warping around when you get hit by explosive splash damage (ex: nade jumps) or if you bump up against another player. Someone is looking into a way to smooth out that issue, so until then it's still a little rocky. We get games going anyway, though, and it is nice to be able to play the Halo 1.5 maps. On the subject of controller support: I can confirm that the OG S controller is compatible with Halo PC on Windows 10. I'll post a detailed guide for the configuration hopefully within the next few days. The benefit of using an OG S controller vs. Xbox One controller is that the XBCD drivers and setup utility allow for hardware-level customization of deadzones for BOTH sticks. On Xbox One, it is only possible to set a deadzone for the left stick (which was the biggest issue), but the right stick has 0% deadzone, meaning it picks up even the smallest movements. This can make it difficult to make corrections in aiming and also in lining up grenade tricks. With a slight deadzone on the right stick, the controller movement and aiming feel really close to OG, and I'm sure people will find even more accurate settings once more folks get this set up.
  18. Weird. You sure you set up your PC to have a static IP? Are you using a router or a switch?
  19. It's only absurdly laggy if you're playing on 100+ ping, which is madness. The only reason we don't have more variety is because everyone has the same attitude and avoids it. If we had more people online we'd have more choices in terms of host.
  20. Pretty sure the Halo 5 kids are playing Halo 5. It's all the new MCC players that are posting in here, I think. Which is fine, better CE MCC than Halo 5 in my book.
  21. 1. I don't get it. Most CE guys will deal with modding their Xbox but they can't get XLink to work? The documentation is detailed enough, I got it working first shot. 2. If people would bother following the instructions to get it set up we would have more people. It's a catch-22 without the catch. I'm sure anyone in the facebook group or the Discord would lend a hand to help anyone having trouble.
  22. What's wrong with XLink? It literally uses the same technology as XBC for LAN tunneling, so please don't say lag. I just got it set up and have been having good fun with it, despite the fact that I haven't played an off-host game at anything less than 75 ping I've been wondering, after how many quits do you start getting punished? I thought there was system in place to stop quitters from jumping back into matchmaking? That's the only reason I don't quit out of those 2v1's... The game should just end when someone quits out of a ranked match. Like how did they not think of this? I hate them so much.

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